10,000 Maniacs-Earth Pressed Flat '991413-11 Chefinspektor
100% Loungin' Urban Sound for Modern Living1708-10 Midnight
100% Pure Poison-Coming Right at you '741014-03 Windiges C
1000 Mexicans-Music While You Work '83-861510-11 Jesus
122 BPM (The Birth of House Music) CD1 Mix1113-06 TCB
122 BPM (The Birth of House Music) CD2913-08 Jacko
122 BPM (The Birth of House Music) CD31013-10 Spank Kelly
2001-A Space Odyssey (OST)806-04 Zarathustra
2Raumwohnung-Es wird Morgen '041514-12 called Johnny
2Raumwohnung-Kommt Zusammen '011613-12 Rejoice
5th Dimension-Definitive Collection '67-691214-01 be Tough
5th Dimension-Definitive Collection '701113-05 Millie
5th Dimension-Definitive Collection '71-751313-06 Endspiel
9 Lazy 9-Electric Lazyland u.a907-05 Rising Top
A Camp-A Camp '011406-06 Mister T
A Flock of Seagulls-A Flock of Seagulls '821115-02 Schach
A Flock of Seagulls-AFOS (Bonus+Demos) '81-821015-02 Schach
A Flock of Seagulls-Listen '83914-04 Beyonder
A Flock of Seagulls-Listen again1014-04 Beyonder
A Flock of Seagulls-Metro Boston (live) '831408-01 Duji Trax
A Flock of Seagulls-The Story of a young Heart '841106-06 Beng Beng
A Guy called Gerald-Automanikk '901213-04 love America
A Guy Called Gerald-Essence '001605-05 Crazy Dia
A Guy Called Gerald-Hot Lemonade '881213-02 Manoeuver
A Guy called Gerald-The Peel Sessions '89413-04 Sandstorm
A Guy Called Gerald-Voodoo Ray EP '88513-05 let me go
A Taste of Honey-Anthology '77-811506-09 Oogie Taxi
A.C. Acoustics-O '021207-07 Hollywood
Abbey Lincoln-Talkin' to the Sun '83711-05 Allright Emma
ABC-Alphabet City '871215-04 King Crown
ABC-Alphabet Mixes (The Suburbs of)915-04 King Crown
ABC-Beauty Stab '831208-02 dkdent
ABC-How to be a Zillionaire! '851509-01 Millionare
ABC-How to be Maxi1109-01 Millionare
ABC-The Lexicon of Love+ '822107-10 Acid Trax
Absolute Beginner-Bambule (Boombule Remixed) '001615-11 The Nile
Absolute Beginner-Bambule '981615-05 Word Up
Absolute Beginner-The Early Years '92-94815-01 Pervy Ohm
Abwärts-Der Westen ist Einsam '821013-06 TCB
Accountability (Future Underground Nation) '971205-05 Crazy Dia
Acid can you Jack '85-951107-04 Viereck
Acid Mysterons Invade the Jackin’ Zone '86-931214-08 Steppin' Twiggy
Acid Rain (CD1 - The Birth of Deep House)1014-01 in my Eyes
Acid Rain (CD2 - In The Dark We Live)814-01 be Tough
Acid Rain (CD3 - Children of the Night)1014-01 Green ever
Acid Rain (CD4 - No Way Back)814-01 Zeitmaschine
Acid Rain (CD5 - Work The Box)814-01 Dirty Robot
Acid Thunder CD1 (Deep House Foundations)1114-09 Kung Fu
Acid Thunder CD2 (Spiritual House Music)814-10 Chosen
Acid Thunder CD3 (Club Kids Jack Attack)1314-09 Stockwerk
Acid Thunder CD4 (Tribute to Frankie)1014-10 Dumb Girl
Acid Thunder CD5 (People of all Nations)1014-12 called Johnny
Acido Amigo (Westside Rec.) '881311-06 Branded
Acieed Inferno Vol.1 '881015-05 Word Up
Acieed Inferno Vol.2 '89915-05 Prozent
Add N To (X)-Add Insult to Injury '001305-07 Getaway
Add N To (X)-Avant Hard '991207-04 Release me
Adeva-Adeva Mixes I '88-891011-10 Housequake
Adeva-Adeva! '891411-10 Respect
Adrian Sherwood pres. Master Recordings1406-08 Cosmic
Adrian Sherwood pres. Master Recordings1414-03 fine now
Adriana Evans-Adriana Evans '971206-11 Roy's Cafe
Adriano Celentano-Und Immer Azzurro (Part1)1005-08 UFO's
Advanced Chemistry-Welcher Pfad u. a. '93-961111-07 Mr Lee
Africafunk Vol.1 (The Original Sound of 70's)1106-08 Massage
Africafunk Vol.2 (The Original Sound of 70's)1206-08 Hip Rouge
Afro Baby (Evolution of Afro-Sound in Nigeria) '70-791105-08 Rosensaat
Afrotronic Vol.1 (Afro flavoured Club Tunes) CD11006-06 Beng Beng
Afrotronic Vol.1 (Afro Flavoured Club Tunes) CD21211-10 Number 1
A-ha-Headlines & Deadlines (Best of) '86-911506-03 Sanctuary
A-ha-Hunting High & Low '851806-07 Handle it
A-ha-Lifelines '021506-03 Can U feel it
A-ha-Minor Earth, Major Sky '001913-05 get enough
Ahmad Jamal Trio-The Awakening '70812-12 born slippy
Ahmad Jamal-At the Pershing-But not for Me (Live) '58814-07 Crazy Kym
Ahmad Jamal-Nature (The Essence Part 3) '97906-12 Peacelove
Aimee Mann-Magnolia OST '991008-04 Collapse
Air-10,000hz Legend '011112-02 Black Byrd
Air-Moon Safari '981013-10 Spank Kelly
Air-Talkie Walkie '041011-10 Ausland
Air-The Virgin Suicides OST '001313-03 Suizid
Akasha-Cinematique '991107-01 Vasco
Al Green-Back Up Train '671315-11 The Nile
Al Green-Call Me '73905-11 Call Leno
Al Green-Everythings OK '041205-11 Mother
Al Green-Explores your Mind '74907-08 Shalala
Al Green-Gets next to you '711005-07 Planet
Al Green-Green is Blues '691114-05 So What
Al Green-I'm still in Love with you '721115-06 Stadtbau
Al Green-Let's Stay Together '721114-05 Carbon 9mm
Al Jarreau-Heaven & Earth '981007-12 Amnesie
Al Jarreau-Spirits & Feelings (Bill Whiters)1007-11 Caravan
Al Wilson-I've got a Feeling '761213-11 Chefinspektor
Alan Parsons Project-Ammonia Avenue '84907-08 Juicy
Alan Parsons Project-Eye in the Sky '821006-02 Underground
Alan Parsons Project-I Robot '771013-01 Pleasure Ride
Alan Parsons Project-Tales of Mystery & Imagination '761111-11 Der Rabe
Alan Parsons-Eve '79906-05 BasicDispo
Alan Parsons-Pyramid '78906-07 Was geht
Alan Parsons-Turn of a Friendly Card '80606-02 Time Out
Alanis Morissette-Under Rug Swept '021113-11 Real Thing
Alex Gopher-You My Baby & I '991011-06 Polyester
Alexander O'Neal-Alexander O'Neal '851306-04 Caravan
Alexander O'Neil-Hearsay (All Mixed Up)1206-05 Fake it
Alexander O'Neil-Hearsay '871906-05 Fake it
Alexandra-Legende einer Sängerin (Part 1) '67-701314-05 like dat
Alice Russell-Under the Munka Moon '041315-11 Jericho
Alice Russel-My favourite letters '051107-02 Peaceful
Alicia Keys-Songs in a Minor '011605-09 Spirit
Alicia Keys-The Diary of Alicia Keys '031511-03 Dickschädel
Alison Moyet-Hoodoo '911113-12 Rucker
All Seeing I-Pickled Eggs & Sherbet '991605-10 Hanging
Allen Toussaint-Allen Toussaint '711512-03 Jazz Corner
Allen Toussaint-Motion '781106-01 Mondwolke
Alliance Ethnik-Simple & Funky '951708-05 Winter US
Aloof-Sinking '961308-07 One Night
Alphonse Mouzon-The Man Incognito '76906-05 Jump Reno
Alphonse Mouzon-The Sky is the Limit '83806-07 Handle it
Altered Beats (Bill Laswell)-Knowledges of Remanipulated '961407-07 Brainwash
Amiga A Go-Go Vol.1 (DDRare Grooves)1913-11 Chefinspektor
Amiga Schlager Best of1405-11 Ego Futter
Amon Tobin-Permutation '981205-10 Forest
Anansi-Anansi '84805-08 Anansi
And One-Aggressor '031209-10 Batmobil
And One-Nordhausen '971211-03 Time now
André Brasseur-Early Bird '60-70er1606-05 Sun Mad
Andrea True Connection-More '76609-05 Pagan
Andreas Dorau-70 min. Musik ungeklärter Herkunft '971607-10 Whistle
Andreas Dorau-Neu! '941406-10 Stumpf
Andy Bey-American Song '041016-01 Obvious
Andy Williams-Andy Williams '581214-05 Thin Line
Andy Williams-Andy Williams sings Steve Allen '561212-11 Underwater
Andy Williams-Danny Boy '621211-09 unfinished
Andy Williams-Days of Wine & Roses '631206-01 Grasgrün
Andy Williams-Dear Heart '651215-05 Prozent
Andy Williams-Golden Highlights1108-09 Love Story
Andy Williams-Love, Andy '671114-06 Back Stabb
Andy Williams-Moon River '621216-04 Waves
Andy Williams-Music to fall in love by (live)2206-04 Ecstasy
Andy Williams-Sings Rodgers & Hammerstein '581215-03 Phuture
Andy Williams-The Very Best1406-10 Mabuse
Andy Williams-Two Time Winners '591214-08 Maybe
Anita Baker-Compositions '90914-06 TV Revolution
Anita Kerr Singers-Bert Kämpfert '601211-08 Polaroid
Anitek-Luna '153315-12 No Flowers
Ann Sexton-Anthology (Part1)1107-02 Chant 42
Ann Sexton-Anthology (Part2)1208-03 Drowning
Anne Clark-Changing Places '831212-01 Vincent
Anne Clark-Joined Up Writing '84713-05 Earth Boot
Anne Clark-The Sitting Room '82712-02 Black Byrd
Anne Clark-Unstill Life '911312-04 thankful
Annie Lennox-Diva '921113-04 Da Funk
Aphex Twin-Ambient Works Vol.2 CD1 '941212-11 Underwater
Aphex Twin-Analogue Bubblebath Vol.4 '94505-08 Anansi
Aphex Twin-Donkey Rhubarb & Girl Boy EP '95-961016-01 Running
Aphex Twin-I care because you do '951305-12 Scratch
Aphex Twin-On EP+Remixes '93805-08 No Stop Us
Aphrodite's Child (Vangelis)-666 '712312-03 The Ghetto
Apollo 440-Gettin' High on your own Supply '991610-07 Thriller
Aqua-Aquarius '011207-12 Rock Boat
Aqualung-Still Life '031015-01 Wattstax
Archie Bell & the Drells-Best of '67-701205-10 War World
Archie Bell & the Drells-Best of '73-791012-04 Hyperactiv
Archie Bell & The Drells-Dance your Troubles away '75712-05 Pseudo
Archie Bell & The Drells-I Can't Stop Dancing '681305-12 Choo Choo
Archie Bell & the Drells-Tighten Up '681316-03 Strings
Aretha Franklin-Aretha's Gold '67-691507-05 Rising Top
Aretha Franklin-Love all the Hurt away '811007-10 want Ride
Aretha Franklin-Sparkle '76814-08 Put Asunder
Aretha Franklin-What a difference (Best of)1610-05 not Fair
Arling & Cameron-Music for Imaginary Films '002207-10 Wiener
Arling & Cameron-We are A&C '011914-01 Dirty Robot
Armand Van Helden-Killing Puritans '001313-05 Nassau
Armando-151 (The Remixes) EP '92614-01 Are People
Armando-Essential Tracks1113-10 Confusion
Arnold Jarvis-12'' Auslese (Part 1)1015-10 Time Out
Arnold Jarvis-12'' Auslese (Part 1)916-03 Time Out
Arnold Jarvis-12'' Auslese (Part 2)916-03 Angel
Arnold Jarvis-12'' Auslese (Part1)1006-02 Time Out
Arnold Jarvis-12'' Auslese (Part2)806-03 Hurt so Bad
Art of Noise-Who's Afraid of '841105-11 Afraid
Arthur Conley-Shake, Rattle and Roll '671006-01 Nobody Luv
Arthur Conley-Sweet Soul Music '671006-01 Fun 4 Iko
Artistics-(I want you to) Make my Life over '701008-08 1000Tränen
Ashford & Simpson-A Musical Affair '80811-08 Sesam Box
Ashra-Blackouts '77615-01 Face it
Asian Dub Foundation-Enemy of the Enemy '031215-09 Dusty
Asian Dub Foundation-Rafi's Revenge '981213-06 Endspiel
Atlantic Unearthed-Soul Brothers '67-731608-04 Warfare
Augustus Pablo pres. Rockers Intern. Vol.2 '74-751506-09 Oogie Taxi
Augustus Pablo's Classic Rockers '74-78912-04 like Blood
Aurra-Anthology CD1914-05 Pipeline
Aurra-Anthology CD21414-06 Speak Shout
Aux 88 pres. Electro Boogie '981811-09 yourself Go
Avalanches-Since I Left You '011905-07 Schläger
Average White Band-Aftershock '88911-10 Housequake
Average White Band-AWB '741115-05 Südpol
Axiom Collection II-Manifestation '931211-09 Ripple
Ayo-Joyful '061209-11 Disco2Disc
Azure Ray-Burn and Shiver '021306-02 Shit Radio
B.B. & Q. Band-Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens Band '81708-09 Love Story
B.E.F.-Music for Listening to '811415-11 The Nile
Baby Huey-Baby Huey Story-The Living Legend '71815-04 King Crown
Babylon Circus-Dances of Resistance '04181612 The Crutch
Babylon Circus-Musika '97914-04 Babylon
Back to Mine Vol. 06 Everything But The Girl '011115-05 Rockin'
Back to Mine Vol.02 Dave Seaman '991005-09 Johnny
Back to Mine Vol.04 Groove Armada '001406-07 Handle it
Back to Mine Vol.09 MJ Cole '021407-10 Face it
Back to Mine Vol.13 Underworld '031506-02 Honigbusch
Back to Mine Vol.14 Tricky '031606-02 CopaSpirit
Bad Manners-Eat the Beat '881614-02 Regentropfen
Bad Manners-Return of the Ugly '891314-03 Key Life
Baia Sound (Soul, Funk, Disco) Vol.4705-08 Fast Foxx
Balanescu Quartett-Possessed (Kraftwerk) '92912-04 Hyperactiv
Balistic Brothers vs Eccentric Afros-Vol.1 '97915-05 Prozent
Balkan Beats-Balkan Funk Vol.1 '052207-02 Peaceful
Bam Bam-Best of Westbrook Classics '88-90907-06 Magnum
Bar Kays-Black Rock '71806-03 Can U feel it
Bar Susu-The Other Side of Midnight (House v.A.) CD1907-10 Whistle
Barbara Mason-Love's the Thing '751007-11 Domino
Barbara Morgenstern & Robert Lippok-Tesri '051205-06 Ladyshave
Barbara Morgenstern-Fjorden '001216-03 Geisha
Barbra Streisand-Duets1915-12 No Flowers
Barbra Streisand-Ultimate Coll. '70-811606-06 Mister T
Bar-Kays -Flying High on your Love '77905-11 NipponCom
Bar-Kays-Gotta Groove '691111-03 Mr. T.
Barrett Strong-Love is you '88810-07 Thriller
Barry White-Barry & Glodean '811005-06 Somebody
Barry White-Beware! '811015-09 Dusty
Barry White-Can't get enough '74813-05 get enough
Barry White-I Love to Sing the Songs I Sing '79716-02 Valley
Barry White-Is this whatcha wont '76516-01 Obvious
Barry White-Just another way to say '75707-02 Groove Bus
Barry White-Let the Music play '76715-01 Ecstasy
Barry White-Sheet Music '80716-03 Angel
Barry White-Sings for Someone you Love '77906-04 Ecstasy
Barry White-Staying Power '991113-04 Da Funk
Barry White-Stone Gon' '73709-02 HideUself
Barry White-The Man '78907-12 Love Turns
Barry White-The Message is Love '79705-06 Ladyshave
Basement Jaxx-Kish Kash '031412-05 Drums speak
Batucada Vol.1 '021107-11 Caravan
Bauhaus-Burning from the Inside '831405-12 Renegade
Bauhaus-Mask+ '811505-12 Hausbau
Beach Boys-Golden Greats '62-691714-01 Silencio
Beach Boys-Pet Sounds '661607-10 want Ride
Beady Belle-Cewbeagappic '031306-02 Shit Radio
Beady Belle-Closer '05905-07 Black Ray
Beady Belle-Home '011413-08 Jacko
Beastie Boys-Check your Head '921706-07 Was geht
Beastie Boys-Hello Nasty '982215-01 Ecstasy
Beastie Boys-Ill Communication '942606-10 Sabotage
Beastie Boys-In Sound from Way out '961307-05 Future
Beastie Boys-Paul's Boutique '891507-02 Peaceful
Beat at Cinecittà Vol.1 60-70er1705-07 Planet
Beats International-Let them Eat Bingo '901805-07 Getaway
Beaujolais Band-Mind How you Go '90914-02 Tune in
Beautiful South-0898 '921207-10 Acid Trax
Beautiful South-Blue is the Colour ‘961209-05 Pagan
Beautiful South-Gaze '031211-12 Tainted
Beautiful South-Quench '981309-04 Perfect10
Bebel Gilberto-Tanto Tempo '001413-12 Rejoice
Beck-Guero '051415-03 Luxury
Beck-Midnite Vultures '991213-05 Millie
Beck-Mixed Bizness MCD '00613-05 Millie
Beck-Mutations '981313-08 Love Cat
Beck-Sea Change '021211-06 Polyester
Beginning of the End-Funky Nassau '71913-05 Nassau
Bell & James-Bell & James '78807-04 Lisa Light
Belle & Sebastian-1st Three EP's '971213-05 Galaxy
Belle & Sebastian-Dear Catastrophe Waitress '031213-06 TCB
Belle Stars-Belle-issima! The Singles (Part 1)1206-01 Fun 4 Iko
Belle Stars-Belle-issima! The Singles (Part 2)1306-01 Expo
Belouis Some-Some People+ '851711-03 Mr. T.
Benefit for Black Caucus War (Live) '74616-03 Time Out
Benjamin Wild-Wie es sein wollte '031205-11 Ego Futter
Benny Golson-Tune In, Turn On '671208-05 Renee
Bentley Rhythm Ace-For your Ears Only '001508-03 Drowning
Beretta 70 (Italian Police Films)1405-08 No Stop Us
Bernard Edwards-Glad to be here '83706-12 Peacelove
Bernd Kistenmacher-Wake Up in the Sun '87406-03 Sanctuary
Best of House (Serious Records) '87-881206-05 Seriös
Best of House Vol.1-2 (The House Story so far... )1115-01 Wattstax
Best of House Vol.3-4 (The House Story so far... )1015-01 Pervy Ohm
Best of House Vol.5+Megamix 1 (House Story so far... )1015-01 Ecstasy
Beth Gibbons & Rustin' Man-Out of Season '021007-03 to Give it
Beth Orton-(Other Side of) Daybreak '031005-07 Synchron
Beth Orton-Daybreaker '021008-01 Sexual
Betty Davis-Betty Davis '73907-06 Melody
Betty Wright-Betty travelin' in the Wright Circle '79807-03 Skate Roll
Biddu Orchestra-Blue Eyed Soul '75905-09 Muttersohn
Big Audio Dynamite-Planet Bad (Greatest Hits)1507-11 Caravan
Big Cheese Records pres. The Meltdown813-08 Love Cat
Big Country-Crossing Maxis '82-841311-06 Wonderland
Big Country-Steeltown '841505-08 Rosensaat
Big Country-The Crossing '831111-06 Wonderland
Bill Laswell-Deconstruction CD21006-10 Stumpf
Bill Withers-Manegerie '771105-07 Schläger
Billie Holiday-Best of (Guilty) Part11311-11 Der Rabe
Billy Cobham-A Funky Thide of Sings '75814-12 Last Tango
Billy Idol-Greatest Hits1605-12 Neunzehn
Billy Joel-Greatest Hits Vol2 '80-851112-04 thankful
Billy Joel-Kohyept Live in Leningrad '871710-11 Jesus
Billy Joel-The Stranger '77907-01 Just Way
Billy Paul-Got my Head On Straight '75911-02 Metapher
Billy Paul-Live in Europe '74406-02 CopaSpirit
Billy Paul-The Very Best of1214-10 Dumb Girl
Billy Paul-War of the Gods '73607-09 Love Money
Billy Paul-When Love is new '75714-01 Love Cost
Bjork-Debut '931706-05 Sun Mad
Bjork-Family Tree Box CD1 Greatest Hits1314-01 Keep Hope
Bjork-Family Tree Box CD2-3 Roots '80-011006-05 Fake it
Bjork-Family Tree Box CD4 Beats '91-97606-05 Jump Reno
Bjork-Family Tree Box CD5+6 Strings '99-00907-04 Release me
Bjork-Medúlla '041414-08 Put Asunder
Björk-Post '951116-03 Hyperchaz
Björk-Post Mixes816-03 Hyperchaz
Bjork-Selma Songs (Dancer in the Dark OST) '00707-02 Groove Bus
Björk-Telegram (Post Remixed) '961414-02 Tune in
Bjork-Vespertine '011206-09 Hit and Go
Black Box Recorder-The Facts of Life '001311-08 Sesam Box
Black Britian-Obvious '871016-01 Obvious
Blackalicious-Blazing Arrow '021713-07 Amboss
Blackbyrds-City Life '75805-10 Big Noise
Blackbyrds-Flying Start '74812-04 Reese Shit
Blackbyrds-The BlackByrds '74913-11 Strangelove
Blackbyrds-Unfinished Business '76714-04 Phoenix
Blade-The Lion Goes From Strength To Strength '932115-09 Dusty
Blancmange-Believe you me '851113-10 Lose ur Love
Blancmange-Believe you Mixes813-10 Lose ur Love
Blancmange-Happy Families '821016-04 Waves
Blancmange-Happy Mixes1016-04 Waves
Blancmange-Mange Tout '841016-03 Mange
Blancmange-Mange Toutz (Maxis+B-Sides)1616-03 Mange
Blastmaster Radio (Keep the Frequency Clear)1 '881108-03 Frequenzy
Blastmaster Radio (Keep the Frequency Clear)2 '881208-04 Collapse
Blaze pres. by Soulheaven CD2 '051505-08 UFO's
Blaze pres. by Soulheaven CD3 '051106-04 TEE Musik
Blaze pres. James Toney jr-Natural Blaze '011206-03 Elevation
Blaze pres. United Dance Artists for Life-Keep Hope alive '041214-01 Keep Hope
Blaze-25 Years later '902811-04 Fast Blaze
Blaze-Basic Blaze '971206-05 BasicDispo
Blaze-Blaze Productions Auslese Vol.1706-07 Austern
Blaze-Blaze Productions Auslese Vol.2607-01 Vasco
Blaze-Blaze Productions Auslese Vol.2908-02 Good Time
Blaze-Blaze Productions Auslese Vol.3908-07 One Night
Blaze-Found Love Mix Compilation '041606-04 Ecstasy
Blaze-Lovelee Dae Maxis '97-981408-01 Lovele Dae
Blaze-Many Colours of Blaze '991506-03 Vielfarben
Blaze-Paradise Regained NY Vol.21005-06 Somebody
Blaze-Pure Blaze '87-961109-08 Lauren Eye
Blaze-Spiritually Speaking '021711-09 Bells toll
Blaze-The Instrumental Project '04906-03 Sanctuary
Blechreiz-Which side are you on '931114-01 in my Eyes
Blood, Sweat & Tears-Child is Father to the Man '681506-03 Hurt so Bad
Blue Bossa (Blue Note Records)1007-12 Amnesie
Blue 'n' Groovy Vol.2 Mostly Modal1008-01 Lovele Dae
Blue Note-Town Hall Concert NY '85508-04 Warfare
Blues Brothers-Soundtrack '801114-03 Key Life
Blumfeld-Ich-Maschine '911214-07 the Rainfall
Blumfeld-Jenseits von Jedem '031109-02 HideUself
Blumfeld-Old Nobody '991108-08 1000Tränen
Blur-Greatest Hits (The Singles) '91-941105-07 Schläger
Blur-Greatest Hits (The Singles) '95-991105-07 Getaway
Blur-The Great Escape '951515-06 Stadtbau
Blur-Think Tank '031316-04 Waves
Bob James-The Essential Collection '74-771007-07 Brainwash
Bob James-The Essential Collection '76-79907-04 Viereck
Bob James-The Essential Collection '82-85609-08 Lauren Eye
Bob Marley & the Wailers-Survival '791013-03 Suizid
Bob Marley-Best of1509-01 Millionare
Bob Sinclair-III '031615-03 City Live
Bob Sinclair-Paradise '981614-06 TV Revolution
Bobbi Humphrey-Blacks and Blues '73707-09 Girl need
Bobbi Humphrey-Fancy Dancer '75707-10 Whistle
Bobbi Humphrey-Freestyle '78807-05 Heidi
Bobbi Humphrey-Satin Doll '74807-09 Zing Train
Bobby Davis Orchestra-Hit 'Em Hard OST '721514-12 called Johnny
Bobby Timmons Trio-In Person '611006-07 Austern
Bobby Womack & J.J.Johnson-Across 110th Street ST1805-08 Treibsand
Bobby Womack-Lookin' for a Love again '741111-03 Stare Jesus
Bogenermayr & Zuschrader-Bergpredigt '82906-11 Up Egypt
Bohren & Der Club of Gore-Black Earth '02905-11 Who is it
Bomb the Bass-Clear '951406-04 Ghettofrau
Bomb the Bass-Into the Dragon '881406-04 Caravan
Bomb the Bass-Unknown Territory '911806-05 Nacktfoto
Bongo Maffin-Bongolution '011007-08 U Fake it
Booker T & the MG's-And Now '661214-09 Kung Fu
Booker T & the MG's-Green Onions '621214-06 Zwiebel
Booker T & the MG's-Hip Hug-Her '671115-05 Word Up
Booker T & the MG's-Melting Pot '71814-08 Put Asunder
Booker T & the MG's-Soul Dressing '651205-03 Ask Lord
Booker T & the MG's-Soul Limbo '681115-01 Pervy Ohm
Booker T & the MG's-Uptight '681005-07 Black Ray
Boomkat-Boomkatalog One '031409-01 Millionare
Boomtown Rats-Loudmouth-Best of '77-821114-04 Teardrop
Bootsy's Rubber Band-Stretchin' Out In '76710-12 Erotic
Boozoo Bajou-Remixes '031407-02 Chant 42
Borghesia-No Hope, No Fear '87607-10 Face it
Bowery Electric-Beat '961015-01 No Good
Boyd Rice & Frank Tovey-Easy Listening for the... '841209-11 Disco2Disc
Boytronic-Autotunes '021306-10 Stumpf
Boytronic-The Continental (Replace) '851506-02 Beat goes
Boytronic-The Heart and the Maschine '921207-05 Rising Top
Boytronic-The Working Model (Boyzclub Rmx)806-03 Can U feel it
Boytronic-The Working Model (Reverse)806-02 Time Out
Boytronic-The Working Model '83906-02 Time Out
Brain Eno-Here come the Warm Jets '731014-12 called Johnny
Brainstorm-Stormin' '77907-07 Brainwash
Bran Van 3000-Discosis '011707-05 Erstaunt
Brand New Heavies-Heavy Rhyme Experience Vol.1 '921008-08 1000Tränen
Brand New Heavies-Shelter '971606-01 Nobody Luv
Brand Nubian-One For All '901613-10 Confusion
Brass Construction-I '75606-02 Time Out
Brenda & Tabulations-I keep Coming for more '76705-08 UFO's
Brenton Wood-18 Best (Little Sign) '60s1815-10 Time Out
Brian Auger's Oblivion Expr.-Best of CD21211-09 Promised
Brian Eno & David Byrne-My Life in the Bush of Ghosts '811111-03 Time now
Brian Eno-Another Green World '751406-03 Faden
Brian Eno-Before and after Science '771006-02 Time Out
Brian Eno-Nerve Net '921207-06 Click Ali
Brian Eno-Talking Tiger Mountain (by Strategy) '741005-11 Ego Futter
Brian Eno-Thursday Afternoon '85105-11 Afraid
Brian McKnight-Superhero '011514-05 Carbon 9mm
Brick-Waiting on you '801012-08 Gurke
Brighter Side of Darkness-Love Jones '721311-01 Basketball
Brigitte Bardot-Best of BB (Part 1)1015-01 Face it
Brigitte Bardot-Best of BB (Part 2)1013-11 Strangelove
Brigitte Bijoux-Le Fleuve Profond '03514-03 fine now
Briskeby-Jeans for Onassis '001109-12 Slipping
Brit Funk 12'' Classic Groove '78-831106-07 Life's Gas
Bronski Beat-The Age of Consent '841705-08 Bullit
Brook Benton-The Best of (Part1)1206-02 Shit Radio
Brook Benton-The Best of (Part2)1006-02 Honigbusch
Brooklyn Funk Essentials-In The Buzzbag '981008-01 Get Busy
Brooklyn Funk Essentials-Make them like it '001308-05 Winter US
Brother to Brother-Shades in Creation '771113-04 love America
Brothers Johnson-Best of1105-10 Mondflug
Brothers Johnson-Light Up the Night '80905-05 Crazy Dia
Brown Sugar ft. Clydie King-Brown Sugar '731013-06 Endspiel
Bryan Ferry-Boys & Girls '851105-08 Fast Foxx
Bryan Ferry-Boys and Girls '851311-04 Love is a House
Bryan Ferry-Taxi '951010-09 Take 5
Bud Powell-The Very Best '49-581108-11 Wake Up
Buddha Bar Vol.1 CD2 (Buddhas Party) '991306-05 Sun Mad
Buju Banton-Inna Heights '98211706 Shaft
Burning Spear-Dry and Heavy '77914-01 Keep Hope
Burt Bacharach & Elvis Costello-Painted from Memory `981314-04 Babylon
Burt Bacharach-At this Time '051105-11 NipponCom
Burt Bacharach-Butch Cassidy & Sundance Kid '69914-02 Regentropfen
Burt Bacharach-Make it Easy on Yourself '691207-06 Guy Jose
Burt Bacharach-One Amazing Night '981214-03 fine now
Burt Bacharach-The Rare (CD1) '56-783014-04 Fingers
Burt Bacharach-The Rare (CD2) '56-782314-04 Teardrop
Busters-Pork Pie (Live) '021807-12 Love Turns
Butch Cassidy Sound System-Butches Brew '041014-05 Thin Line
Byron Stingily-The Purist '981714-03 fine now
Cabaret Voltaire-Hai! (Live in Japan) '82610-09 Take 5
Cabaret Voltaire-Johnny YesNo '83616-02 Valley
Cabaret Voltaire-Micro-Phonies '861110-03 come in2
Cabaret Voltaire-Red Mecca '81905-05 Crazy Dia
Cabaret Voltaire-The Crackdown '83914-04 Babylon
Cabaret Voltaire-The Voice of America '81101706 Shaft
Cabaret Voltaire-Three Mantras '80214-12 called Johnny
Café del Mar-Dreams905-08 Anansi
Café Sputnik (Electronic Exotica from Russia)1806-05 Sun Mad
Cal Tjader-Soul Burst '661011-03 Stare Jesus
Cal Tjader-Soulful Vibes '63-671511-04 Love is a House
Calexico-Feast of Wire '022013-03 Suizid
Calexico-Garden Ruin '061107-05 Rising Top
Cameo-Cameosis '80715-11 The Nile
Cameo-She's Strange '84915-11 Jericho
Cameo-Single Life '85914-09 Stockwerk
Cameo-Word Up '861215-05 Word Up
Camouflage-Sensor '031412-05 Los Ninos
Camouflage-Thief MCD '99512-05 Los Ninos
Candi Staton-Chance '79611-10 Housequake
Candi Staton-House of Love '78805-09 Spirit
Candi Staton-I'm just a Prisoner '701115-11 Jericho
Candi Staton-Stand by your Man '711015-03 Luxury
Candi Staton-Young Heart run free '76906-10 Sabotage
Cane and Able-Cane and Able '72713-08 Jacko
Cannonball Adderley-African Waltz '611208-02 Good Time
Cannonball Adderley-Best of (Part 1)1015-07 Klagelied
Cannonball Adderley-Best of (Part1)705-08 Rosensaat
Cannonball Adderley-Nippon Soul '63705-07 Schläger
Cannonball Adderley-Somethin' Else '58605-06 Somebody
Captain Rapp-Bad Times 12'' '83314-03 Caroline
Cardigans-First Band on the Moon '961111-03 Stare Jesus
Cardigans-Super Extra Gravity '051106-01 Mondwolke
Carl Carlton-Everlasting Love '74916-04 Waves
Carl Hancock Rux-Apothecary RX '041215-01 Pervy Ohm
Carl Hancock Rux-Rux Revue '991214-04 Beyonder
Carlinhos Brown-Omelete Man '981514-08 Maybe
Carlos Peron-Gold for Iron '891108-11 Wake Up
Carlos Peron-TranceTrueMental '931011-09 Sign O
Carol Douglas-Come into my Life '79612-05 Drums speak
Carol Williams & Salsoul Orch-'lectric Lady '761205-12 Infiziert
Carpenters-Yesterday Once More '70-831407-03 to Give it
Carpenters-Yesterday Once More CD11309-11 Disco2Disc
Cassandra Wilson-Love Phases Dimensions '86-901214-01 Alien Zoo
Cat Power-You are Free '031407-02 Chant 42
Cat Stevens-Buddha & the Chocolate Box '74908-03 Drowning
Cat Stevens-Catch Bull at Four '721015-07 Klagelied
Cat Stevens-Foreigner Suite '73605-08 Fast Foxx
Cat Stevens-Foreigner Suite '73611-05 Fade2Grey
Cat Stevens-Harold & Maude ST (`71)913-04 Maude
Cat Stevens-Matthew and Son '671605-11 Call Leno
Cat Stevens-Mona Bone Jakon '701012-10 Trouble
Cat Stevens-Tea for the Tillerman '701111-03 Dickschädel
Cat Stevens-Teaser and the Firecat '711013-04 Da Funk
CeCe Rogers-Never Give Up '911113-05 get enough
Central Line-Choice '841107-10 Wiener
Cerrone-Hysteria '021414-01 be Tough
Cerrone-IV The Golden Touch '78414-07 the Rainfall
Cerrone-Love in C-Minor '76316-01 Running
Change-Change of Heart '84807-06 Melody
Change-The Glow of Love '80907-07 Brainwash
Charles Fambrough-The Proper Angle '911114-05 Carbon 9mm
Charles Lloyd-In Europe (Live in Oslo) '66611-09 Ripple
Charles Wright & Watts 103rd-Express Yourself '70713-12 xpress
Charles Wright-The Watts 103rd. St. Rhythm Band '681213-05 Millie
Charlotte Gainsbourg-5.55 '061207-06 Melody
Chas Jankel-Chas Jankel '80916-03 Hyperchaz
Chemical Brothers-Come With Us '021114-06 Back Stabb
Chemical Brothers-Exit Planet Dust '951107-12 Rock Boat
Chemical Brothers-Push the Button '051115-03 Luxury
Chemical Brothers-Surrender1106-07 Life's Gas
Chicago Jack Beat by Rob Olson's '861009-12 Slipping
Chicago Trax Vol.1 (LP1)1408-01 Sexual
Chicago Trax Vol.1 (LP2)1408-01 Duji Trax
Chicago Trax Vol.1 Part11106-10 Want ya
Chicago Trax Vol.21108-01 Get Busy
Chicago-The Story '69-731211-07 Mr Lee
Chicago-The Story '74-881811-08 Polaroid
Chicks On Speed-99 Cents '031411-08 Nu aber
Chico Debarge-Chico DeBarge '861111-01 Basketball
Chico Hamilton-El Chico '65806-02 Honigbusch
Chic-Risque '79908-02 Good Time
Chi-Lites-Chi-Lites '731116-02 Valley
Chimes-The Chimes '901207-08 U Fake it
China Crises-Flaunt the Imperferfection '851105-07 Black Ray
China Crises-Working with Fire & Steel '831605-07 Planet
China Crisis-Diary of a Hollow Horse '891113-11 Real Thing
China Crisis-Difficult Shapes & Passive Rhythms '821513-12 xpress
China Crisis-What Price Paradise '861112-04 Reese Shit
Choclate Milk-Action speaks louder than Words '751014-01 Zeitmaschine
Chocolate Milk-Comin' '771115-12 No Flowers
Chosen Few-Night and Day (In Miami) '741011-07 pres. Dionne
Chosen Few-Soul Classics in Reggae Style (Trojan)1514-10 Chosen
Chris & Cosey-Pagan Tango ‘911509-05 Pagan
Christian Bruhn-Captain Future OST '811808-07 One Night
Christian Prommer-Drum Lesson Vol.1 '081408-05 Winter US
Christians-Happy in Hell '921305-12 Väthish
Christians-The Christians '871413-05 Nassau
Christopher Franke-Epic '91-991615-01 Wattstax
Christopher Franke-Pacific Coast Highway '911209-07 Moda
Chuck Brown & Soul Searchers-Bustin' Loose '79912-09 Bustin
Chuck Stanley-The Finer Things in Life '871007-07 Hollywood
Cibo Matto-Super Relax EP '97914-05 Pipeline
Cincinnati Pops Orchestra-Mancini's Gr. Hits2412-03 Jazz Corner
Cinematic Orchestra-Man with a Movie Camera '031714-05 So What
Clash-London Calling '792111-09 unfinished
Classic Loungin' Tunes1506-10 Sabotage
Claudine Longet-Best of906-07 Shot Eric
Client-City '041314-09 Kung Fu
Client-Client '031807-01 Vasco
Climie Fisher-Everything '871110-12 Erotic
Clock DVA-Advantage '821205-11 Who is it
Clock DVA-Man Amplified '921213-01 Pleasure Ride
Club Blaou (Die Hits der Clubs)811-09 Ripple
Cluster-Großes Wasser '79611-10 Respect
Cobra Killer-76 77 '041405-07 Synchron
Cocteau Twins-The Pink Opaque '851014-01 Are People
Coldcut, Double Dee & Steinski-No Rights Given or Implied '861007-05 Echo Beach
Coldcut-70 Minutes of Madness '963505-08 Treibsand
Coldcut-Let Us Play '971416-03 Time Out
Coldcut-More Beats & Pieces EP '97705-10 Mondflug
Coldcut-Some like it Cold '90906-07 Austern
Coldplay-A Rush of Blood to the Head '021105-11 Who is it
Colonel Abrams-Colonel Abrams '851707-05 Rising Top
Combustible Edison-Schizophonic! '961305-09 Johnny
Comfort Fit-Use it or lose it EP (tdr05) '05505-08 Rosensaat
Comfort Zone Vol.3 '011406-01 Fun 4 Iko
Coming Home (... warming up your living area) '021207-08 Shalala
Commodores-Caught in the Act '751015-09 Dusty
Commodores-Hot On The Tracks '76909-12 Slipping
Commodores-live '771208-03 Frequenzy
Compost Records906-11 Roy's Cafe
Compost-Records-Compilation '991306-02 Underground
Computerjockeys-Plankton '011806-03 Sanctuary
Con Funk Shun-Con Funk Shun 7 '81815-01 Face it
Con Funk Shun-Electric Lady '85814-03 Gloria Joy
Con Funk Shun-Spirit of Love '801014-06 Zwiebel
Console-Reset the Preset+ '031605-09 Muttersohn
Controllers-In Control '77714-08 Maybe
Controllers-Next in Line '79713-11 Strangelove
Cool Vibes Vol.3 '991307-01 Vasco
Coolio-My Soul '971506-05 Sun Mad
Corduroy-Dad Man Cat '951209-04 Perfect10
Corduroy-High Havoc (A Concept Album) '931416-03 Mange
Corduroy-Out Of Here '941306-08 Hip Rouge
Cornelius Claudio Kreusch-Féfé '021314-09 Stockwerk
Cornelius-Fantasma '971314-03 Caroline
Cornelius-Point '021114-01 Silencio
Cosmic Baby-Thinking about Myself '941205-10 War World
Crammed Global Soundcrash Elektrowave '80-892205-11 NipponCom
Crash-Melodrama '041205-07 Getaway
Crash-Wildlife ‘011109-08 Lauren Eye
Creative Source-Who is he '731305-08 Fast Foxx
Creative Source-Who is he '731311-05 Allright Emma
Creatures-Boomerang '891606-01 Superwoman
Criminal Element Orch.-Locked Up '891313-10 Spank Kelly
Cristian Vogel-Body Mapping '96914-06 Zwiebel
Cristian Vogel-Dungeon Master (CD1) '03905-10 Big Noise
Crown Heights Affair-Dance Lady Dance '79913-04 love America
Crown Heights Affair-Dream World '781413-05 Galaxy
Crown Heights Affair-Dreaming a Dream '751411-11 Der Rabe
Crusaders-Chain Reaction '751011-06 Polyester
Crusaders-Crusaders 1 '721214-01 Love Cost
Crusaders-Those Southern Knights '76713-05 let me go
Cuebism-Circle EP '03514-01 Dirty Robot
Culture Club-Spin Dazzle (Best of) '82-871407-09 Girl need
Culture Club-Spin Dazzle (Best of) '88-911007-09 Zing Train
Cure-Bloodflowers '001213-11 Chefinspektor
Cure-Boys don't Cry '801712-11 Underwater
Cure-Carnage Visore Soundtrack '81115-05 Südpol
Cure-Faith (Deluxe CD2) '80-811416-03 Strings
Cure-Faith '81916-03 Strings
Cure-Japanese Whispers (Singles & B-Sides) '82-83813-08 Love Cat
Cure-Japanese Xtras813-08 Love Cat
Cure-Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me (Deluxe) '86-871807-06 Magnum
Cure-Kiss me Kiss me Kiss me 12''+B-Sides1407-06 Magnum
Cure-Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me '871807-06 Guy Jose
Cure-Pornography (Deluxe CD2) '81-821405-10 Hanging
Cure-Pornography '82805-10 Hanging
Cure-Seventeen Seconds (Deluxe) '79-801505-10 Forest
Cure-Seventeen Seconds '801305-10 Forest
Cure-The Head on the Door '851013-10 Confusion
Cure-The Head on the Door Mixes '85-901113-10 Confusion
Cure-The Top (Deluxe Edition) '82-841707-08 Juicy
Cure-The Top '841307-08 Juicy
Cure-Wild Mood Swings '962113-12 Rucker
Curiosity killed the Cat-Keep Your Distance '871310-08 Whole Moon
Curtis Hairston-Curtis Hairston '861607-12 Amnesie
Curtis Mayfield & Linda Clifford-Right Combination '80706-06 Beng Beng
Curtis Mayfield-Back to the World '73807-05 Future
Curtis Mayfield-Curtis in Chicago (Recorded live) '73913-06 TCB
Curtis Mayfield-Curtis+ '701405-08 UFO's
Curtis Mayfield-Curtis-Live! '711306-10 Stumpf
Curtis Mayfield-Give, get, take and have '76906-03 Can U feel it
Curtis Mayfield-Got to find a Way '74605-09 Muttersohn
Curtis Mayfield-Jamaican Tribute (I'm so Proud)2014-01 Dirty Robot
Curtis Mayfield-Mayfield Remixed '051115-02 Schach
Curtis Mayfield-Never Say You Can't Survive '77805-11 Mother
Curtis Mayfield-New World Order '961311-08 Polaroid
Curtis Mayfield-Roots '71806-02 Underground
Curtis Mayfield-Short Eyes '77805-12 Renegade
Curtis Mayfield-Superfly (OST) '72908-06 Pusherman
Curtis Mayfield-Superfly '72 (Alternate Tracks)1208-05 Renee
Curtis Mayfield-Sweet Exorcist '74914-09 Kung Fu
Curtis Mayfield-There's no Place like America today '75815-10 Billy Jack
Curtom Records Story (CD1) '66-701014-02 Sunshine
Curtom Records Story (CD2) '66-70915-01 Ecstasy
Cybotron-Clear Classics1305-08 Anansi
Cymande-Cymande '721214-07 Crazy Kym
Cymande-Promised Heights '741115-01 No Good
Cymande-Second Time Round '731114-12 Last Tango
Cypress Hill-Till Death Do Us Part '041613-11 Strangelove
D&B Auslese Vol.31007-05 Heidi
D.K.Dent-Easy Life Arena '03514-07 the Rainfall
D.K.Dent-Easy Life Arena '03711-05 Allright Emma
D.K.Dent-Easy Life Arena '03713-05 let me go
Da Weasel-Re-Definições '041813-01 Pleasure Ride
DAF-Alles ist Gut '801014-05 Some Guys
DAF-Gold & Liebe '811205-07 Synchron
Daft Punk-Daft Club (Discovery Remixes) '031313-05 Galaxy
Daft Punk-Daft Club (Internet Bonus Remixes)713-05 Galaxy
Daft Punk-Discovery '011712-03 The Ghetto
Daft Punk-Homework '972213-04 Da Funk
Daft Punk-Human after All '051014-07 Crazy Kym
Daktaris-Soul Explosion '981006-04 Ecstasy
Dalbello-Whomanfoursays '84911-10 Respect
Dalbello-Whore '951007-05 Erstaunt
Dälek-Abandoned Language '071108-01 Get Busy
Dan the Automator-Bombay the Hard Way '981514-08 Steppin' Twiggy
Dance Mania Records (Hardcore Traxx) '86-911414-03 Caroline
Danielle Dax-Dark Adapted Eye '882106-10 Stumpf
Darker than Blue (Soul from the Jamdown) '73-80161612 The Crutch
Das Bo-Alleine (Best of III) `041613-08 Love Cat
Dave Brubeck Quartet-Time Out '59913-04 Maude
Dave Gahan-Paper Monsters '031011-03 Mr. T.
Dave Samuels-Tribute to Caj Tjader '981105-07 Synchron
David Bowie-Best of Bowie '67-821006-03 Vielfarben
David Bowie-Black Tie White Noise '931405-11 Call Leno
David Bowie-Let's Dance '83905-08 UFO's
David Bowie-Outside '951914-04 Phoenix
David Bowie-Reality '031111-06 Branded
David Bowie-Ziggy Stardust '721613-06 Ziggy
David Byrne-uh-oh '921211-09 Sign O
David Holmes-Lets get Killed '971314-06 Speak Shout
Days of Fate-Home-Made Cake of the Day '031208-01 Duji Trax
Dazz Band-Let the Music Play '811015-04 King Crown
De La Soul-3 Feet High & Rising '892314-09 Stockwerk
De La Soul-3 Feet High & Specials1614-05 Thin Line
De la Soul-AOI Bionix '011913-06 Endspiel
De La Soul-De La Mix Tape (Remixes Rarities & Classics) '041412-04 like Blood
De La Soul-De La Remix '88-911606-06 Beng Beng
De La Soul-Stakes is High '961716-03 Strings
De Phazz-Death by Chocolate '011509-02 HideUself
De Phazz-Detunized Gravity '031306-10 Mabuse
Dead Can Dance-Wake (Best of) CD2 '83-981207-09 Girl need
Dead Can Dance-Wake CD1 '031408-05 Winter US
Deadline (Dibango, Laswell)-Down by Law '85605-12 Renegade
Deep Heat 1 (26 Hottest House Hits) '891611-08 Polaroid
Deep Heat 11 (The Spirit of Ecstasy) '911814-03 fine now
Deep Heat 2 (The Second Burn) '891412-05 Los Ninos
Deep Heat 3 (The Third Degree) CD1 '891113-05 Nassau
Deep Heat 3 (The Third Degree) CD2 '891013-05 get enough
Deep Heat 4 (Play With Fire) CD1 '891513-11 Chefinspektor
Deep Heat 4 (Play With Fire) CD2 '891013-06 Ziggy
Deep Heat 5 CD1 '901408-11 Wake Up
Deep Heat 5 CD21309-01 Millionare
Deep Heat 6 (The Sixth Sense) CD1 '901013-11 Real Thing
Deep Heat 6 (The Sixth Sense) CD2 '901314-03 Windiges C
Deep Heat 7 (Seventh Heaven) CD1 '901614-05 So What
Deep Heat 7 (Seventh Heaven) CD2 '901314-06 Zwiebel
Deep Heat 8 (The Hand of Fate) CD1 '901215-03 City Live
Deep Heat 8 (The Hand of Fate) CD2 '901414-08 Put Asunder
Deep Heat 9 - Ninth Life (Kiss The Bliss) CD11215-11 The Nile
Deep Heat 9 Ninth Life (Kiss The Bliss) CD2 '901616-03 Hyperchaz
Deep Heat Vol.1 & DeConstruction1608-09 Love Story
Defectors-Turn me on '041114-05 Some Guys
Definition of House Vol.2 ('94)1814-03 Gloria Joy
Deichkind-Bitte ziehen sie durch '001814-01 Alien Zoo
Déjà-Made to be Together '891014-12 called Johnny
Delfonics-La la means I love you '681107-06 Guy Jose
Delores Hall-Hall Mark '731113-10 Confusion
Deltron-Deltron 3030 '002106-08 Massage
Deluge-The Metapop Complex (thn069) '051005-10 Hanging
Demented are Go-In Sickness and in Health '861415-01 Pervy Ohm
Demented are Go-The Best of1214-04 Fingers
Dennis Brown-Visions '781005-09 Johnny
Deodato-Deodato 2 '73908-04 Collapse
Deodato-Happy Hour '82707-12 Rock Boat
Deodato-Knights of Fantasy '79511-10 Number 1
Deodato-Motion '84607-12 Amnesie
Deodato-Night Cruiser '80611-08 Nu aber
Deodato-Prelude '72706-04 Zarathustra
Deodato-Whirlwinds '74613-02 Manoeuver
Depeche Mode-101 (Live) '892014-10 Chosen
Depeche Mode-A Broken Frame '821314-07 the Rainfall
Depeche Mode-A Broken Framez Maxis714-07 the Rainfall
Depeche Mode-Black Celebration '861114-02 Sunshine
Depeche Mode-Black Celebration Mixes1614-02 Sunshine
Depeche Mode-Construction Time again '831214-05 Pipeline
Depeche Mode-Constructions Mixed again814-05 Pipeline
Depeche Mode-Enjoy the Silence (The 12 Inches) '90714-01 Silencio
Depeche Mode-Exciter '011405-03 Ask Lord
Depeche Mode-Exzited Mixes Vol.11305-03 Ask Lord
Depeche Mode-Music for the Masses '871213-11 Strangelove
Depeche Mode-Music for the Maxis '872013-11 Strangelove
Depeche Mode-Personal Funky Beats1306-03 Hurt so Bad
Depeche Mode-Some great Remixes1214-01 Are People
Depeche Mode-Some great Reward `841014-01 Are People
Depeche Mode-Speak & Spell '811214-06 Speak Shout
Depeche Mode-Speak & Spezials1114-06 Speak Shout
Depeche Mode-The Classic Techno Mixes Vol.2 ('92)910-07 Thriller
Depeche Mode-Ultra '971415-01 No Good
Depeche Mode-Ultra Mixed1315-01 No Good
Depeche Mode-Violated Maxis914-02 Regentropfen
Depeche Mode-Violator (2000 Special DJ Edition)1210-07 Utopisch
Depeche Mode-Violator '901111-09 unfinished
Depeche Mode-World in my Eyes (The 12 Inches) '90914-01 in my Eyes
De-Phazz-Godsdog '991906-11 Roy's Cafe
Derrick Carter-Choice a Collection of Classics CD1 '031405-11 Call Leno
Derrick Carter-Choice a Collection of Classics CD2 '031306-01 Nobody Luv
Derrick May-Innovator (Best of) '87-901506-05 Nacktfoto
Derrick May-Innovator (Best of) '91-981514-01 Wunderbar
Desmond Dekker & The Specials-King of Ska '911414-01 Silencio
Des'ree-Supernatural '981108-04 Collapse
Devon Russel-Darker than Blue (Tribute to Mayfield) '941514-01 Zeitmaschine
Dewey Redman-Look for the Black Star '66513-11 Chefinspektor
Diana Krall-Live in Paris '021213-06 TCB
Die Sterne-Irres Licht '021116-03 Mange
Die Sterne-Themenläden und alle Remixe '97907-05 Heidi
Die Sterne-Von allen Gedanken '971106-01 Abstrakt
Die Zweite Reimattacke '951413-06 Ziggy
Digable Planets-9th Wonder MCD '94515-03 Phuture
Digable Planets-Blowout Comb '941315-03 Phuture
Digable Planets-Reachin '931714-05 like dat
Diggin' Deeper (Roots of Acid Jazz) Vol.3-41406-09 Oogie Taxi
Dimitri from Paris-Cruising Attitude '041606-07 Shot Eric
Dinah Washington-Anthology '451412-12 born slippy
Dinah Washington-Best of '54-591305-12 Infiziert
Dinah Washington-Best of '54-591316-03 Time Out
Dinah Washington-Best of the Roulette Years Vol.11805-12 Choo Choo
Dinah Washington-Best of the Roulette Years Vol.21905-10 Big Noise
Dinah Washington-Best of the Roulette Years Vol.31805-12 Scratch
Dinah Washington-Drinking again+In Love (Roulette) '62-631415-05 Südpol
Dionne Warwick-Presenting Dionne Warwick '631211-07 pres. Dionne
Dionne Warwick-Valley of the Dolls '681011-08 Sesam Box
Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy-Hypocrisy is the Gr. Luxury '921306-02 Beat goes
Dissidenten-Live in Europe '98814-01 Wunderbar
Dissidenten-The Jungle Book '931307-09 Love Money
DJ Food-A Recipe for Disaster '951514-01 Dirty Robot
DJ Food-Div. Ninja Tunes1106-10 Sabotage
DJ Gruff & Menhir-Pecorino Sardo '031415-05 Rockin'
DJ Hell-Munich Machine (incl. Copa 12'') '981306-02 CopaSpirit
DJ Kicks -Kruder & Dorfmeister '961707-01 Just Way
DJ Kicks-Daddy G (Massive Attack) '041605-10 War World
DJ Krush-Zen '011213-10 Lose ur Love
DJ Linus-Fantasmagorique '971111-09 Promised
DJ Pierre-Classics915-07 Klagelied
DJ Pierre-Pfantasy Club and other Classics1015-04 King Crown
DJ Pierre-Phortune Classics '87-89815-05 Südpol
DJ Rampling's House Mix '991306-01 Expo
DJ Rogers-On the Road again '76121706 Shaft
DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist-Product Placement '01214-12 Last Tango
DJ Shadow-Endtroducing '961408-10 Midnight
DJ Shadow-The Private Press '021715-01 No Good
DJ Vadim-USSR Life from the Other Side '992714-09 Kung Fu
DJ's Greatest '90s1507-06 Magnum
DKDent-Soundtracks to Improve your Life '02708-02 dkdent
Don Ray ft. Cerrone-Garden of Love '78613-05 Earth Boot
Donald Byrd & 125th Street-Love Byrd '81711-10 Housequake
Donald Byrd-Black Byrd '73712-02 Black Byrd
Donald Byrd-Places and Spaces '75907-11 Domino
Donald Byrd-Stepping into Tomorrow '74806-01 Fun 4 Iko
Donald D.-Let the Horns Blow '911809-11 Disco2Disc
Donavon Frankenreiter-Move by yourself '061106-12 Peacelove
Donna Lewis-Blue Planet '981411-03 Time now
Donna Regina-A Quiet Week In The House '021211-11 Der Rabe
Donna Regina-Follow the Sea '961111-06 Wonderland
Donna Regina-Late '031012-08 Gurke
Donna Regina-Slow Killer '051006-02 CopaSpirit
Donna Summer-Best of (Part 1)1211-09 Sign O
Donna Summer-Best of (Part1)1005-07 Black Ray
Donna Summer-Best of1312-10 Trouble
Donna Summer-Love to Love you Baby '75705-03 Ask Lord
Donnie-The Colored Section '021514-03 Gloria Joy
Donny Hathaway-Everything is Everything '701012-03 The Ghetto
Donny Hathaway-In Performance '77606-01 Grasgrün
Donny Hathaway-Live '72806-01 Expo
Donny Hathaway-Live in Hollywood & NY '72607-06 Click Ali
Donny Hathaway-These Songs for You, Live '71-73706-01 Superwoman
Doobie Brothers-Minute by Minute '781009-11 Disco2Disc
Doors-Absolutely Live '702115-07 Klagelied
Doors-In Concert CD12005-12 Renegade
Doors-Morrison Hotel '701111-09 yourself Go
Doors-Strange Days '671011-09 Bells toll
Doors-The Doors '671114-08 Maybe
Dot Allison-Afterglow '991006-06 Beng Beng
Dot Allison-We are Science '021106-05 BasicDispo
Double Exposure-Ten Percent '76715-05 Prozent
Double Exposure-Ten Percents more715-05 Prozent
Down to the Bone-Urban Grooves-Album II '991214-09 Kung Fu
Dramatics-The Dramatic Way '80807-06 Magnum
Dream Warriors-The Master Plan '961612-05 Pseudo
Drum & Bass 100 Percent CD1 '93-981405-07 Schläger
Drum & Bass 100 Percent CD2 '961306-03 Faden
D-Train (James Williams)-In your Eyes '881105-10 Big Noise
D-Train -Miracles of the Heart '86805-12 Scratch
D-Train-You're the One For Me '821407-09 Zing Train
Dubstar-Disgraceful '951307-07 Brainwash
Dusty Springfield-Cameo '731111-06 Polyester
Dusty Springfield-Dusty in Memphis (Bonus) '681405-06 Somebody
Dusty Springfield-Dusty in Memphis '681115-09 Dusty
Dusty Springfield-Reputation '901005-06 Ladyshave
Dusty Springfield-The Best of '64-661105-09 Johnny
Dusty Springfield-White Heat '821013-05 Millie
Dynamite! 100% Vol.11215-04 King Crown
Dynamite! 200% Rock Steady1605-03 Ask Lord
Dynamite! 400% Rock Steady1315-01 Wattstax
Dynamite! 500% Rock Steady1014-12 Last Tango
Dynamite! 600% Rock Steady1716-03 Geisha
Eagles-Very Best of '72-74814-07 Crazy Kym
Eagles-Very Best of '75-79914-12 Last Tango
Earl Grant-Best of916-04 Waves
Earl Grant-Earl Grant '701015-02 Schach
Earl Grant-One for my Baby '691013-11 Strangelove
Earl Grey-Purveyors of the New Groove '971006-01 Nobody Luv
Earth Wind & Fire-All n' All '771014-01 be Tough
Earth Wind & Fire-Earth Wind & Fire '71714-02 Regentropfen
Earth Wind & Fire-Faces '801514-03 Key Life
Earth Wind & Fire-Head to the Sky '73614-01 Love Cost
Earth Wind & Fire-Open our Eyes '731514-01 Green ever
Earth, Wind & Fire-Gratitude (Live) '751214-06 TV Revolution
Earth, Wind & Fire-Gratitude (Studio) '75614-06 TV Revolution
Earth, Wind & Fire-I am '79914-06 Speak Shout
Earth, Wind & Fire-Last Days and Time '72814-04 Phoenix
Earth, Wind & Fire-Need of Love '71514-02 Tune in
Earth, Wind & Fire-Spirit '761014-06 Back Stabb
Earth, Wind & Fire-That's the Way of the World '751015-03 City Live
EBM-Club Classics1808-02 Good Time
Ebonys-Ebonys '73907-04 Lisa Light
Echo & the Bunnymen-What are you going to do with your Life '99906-10 Sabotage
Echo Beach-Far away in Time '981406-05 Fake it
Ed Motta-Ao Vivo (live) '911006-03 Sanctuary
E-Dancer-Heavenly '981415-12 No Flowers
Eddie Harris-Best of '67-73706-03 Hurt so Bad
Eddie Harris-Mean Greens '66805-12 Hausbau
Eddie Harris-Silver Cylcles '68905-12 Väthish
Eddie Harris-The In Sound '65605-12 Infiziert
Eddie Harris-The Tender Storm '66605-12 Neunzehn
Eddie Henderson-Sunburst '75808-05 Renee
Eddie Holman-A Night to remember '77806-04 Zarathustra
Eddie Kendricks-People...hold on '721107-09 Girl need
Eddy Grant-Greatest Hits '77-801307-08 U Fake it
Eddy Grant-Greatest Hits '81-821107-08 Shalala
Eddy Grant-Greatest Hits '84-991107-09 Love Money
Eggstone-Ca Chauffe en Suede '991912-01 Vincent
Egyptian Lover-On the Nile '841115-11 The Nile
Egyptian Lover-Pyramix '931005-10 Forest
Einstürzende Neubauten-Ende Neu '96807-11 Domino
Einstürzende Neubauten-Halber Mensch '851005-11 Ego Futter
Einstürzende Neubauten-Silence is Sexy '001516-03 Angel
Einstürzende Neubauten-Supporter Album #1 '03909-12 Slipping
Einstürzende Neubauten-Tabula Rasa '92914-06 Speak Shout
Electric Music (Karl Bartos)-Electric Music '981206-08 Cosmic
Electric Soft Parade-The American Adventure '03905-11 Call Leno
Electronicat-21st Century Toy '031205-12 Hausbau
Electronic-Electronic '911106-02 Shit Radio
Elektric Music-Esperanto '93807-05 Heidi
Element of Crime-Weißes Papier '931108-09 Love Story
Elke Voltz-Melinja '001011-10 Number 1
Elkie Brooks-'Round Midnight '931611-06 Polyester
Emergency-This is Emergency '73813-08 Love Cat
En Vogue-Best of '90-94911-09 unfinished
En Vogue-EV 3 '971611-09 Ripple
Endgames-Building Beauty '83913-06 Endspiel
Endgames-Building more Beauty '82-831013-06 Endspiel
Endgames-Natural '85914-03 Windiges C
Engelbert Humperdinck-Greatest Hits1907-04 Release me
Ennio Morricone-Spiel mir das Lied vom Tod '691313-05 Earth Boot
Enter the Rap Zone Vol.2 '89912-11 Underwater
Enya-A Day without Rain '001213-12 Rejoice
Enya-Paint the Sky (Best of)1114-04 Beyonder
EPMD-Out of Business '991513-06 TCB
EPMD-Strictly Business '881206-07 Shot Eric
Erasure-Other People's Songs '031214-01 Wunderbar
Eric B & Rakim-Follow the Leader '881114-01 Silencio
Eric Clapton-Timepieces '70-781105-10 War World
Eric Gadd-Floating '951414-06 Zwiebel
Eric Gale-Part of you '79611-09 unfinished
Eric Mercury-Love is Taking Over '731216-01 Running
Erick Sermon-Double or Nothing '951706-08 Hip Rouge
Ernie Watts Encounter-Wonder Bag '72905-07 Getaway
Errol Dunkley-OK Fred (The Best of) '63-721507-02 Groove Bus
Errol Dunkley-OK Fred (The Best of) '73-791007-02 Peaceful
Erykah Badu-Baduizm '971407-05 Erstaunt
Erykah Badu-Live (Baduizm) '971414-07 the Rainfall
Erykah Badu-Mama's Gun '001611-12 Tainted
ESG-A South Bronx Story '81-911613-05 get enough
Eskobar-There's Only Now '011105-06 Ladyshave
Essential Jazz CD11105-08 Treibsand
Essential Jazz CD21005-08 No Stop Us
Essential Underground Vol.5 Angela Flame (Singapore) '022206-02 Time Out
Esther Phillips-For All We Know '76710-12 Erotic
Esther Phillips-What Diff´rence a Day makes '75905-03 Ask Lord
Ethiopians-Engine 54 (Let's Ska & Rock Steady) '681214-03 Windiges C
Etienne de Crecy-Superdiscount Vol.2 '041114-05 like dat
Etienne de Crecy-Tempovision '001213-06 Ziggy
Etienne de Crecy-Tempovision Remixes '021006-01 Grasgrün
Etta James-Changes '801008-01 Duji Trax
Etta Jones-75 (Love Theme) '75806-10 Mabuse
Eugen Cicero Trio-Und jetzt spielt Cicero1214-05 So What
Eurythmics-Be yourself tonight '85914-03 Caroline
Eurythmics-Greatest Hits '83-891409-01 Millionare
Eurythmics-Peace '991115-10 Billy Jack
Eurythmics-Sweet Dreams are made of this '831112-04 like Blood
Eurythmics-Touch '83912-08 Gurke
Eurythmics-Touch Bonus712-08 Gurke
Evelyn ''Champagne'' King-Best of (Part1)1005-11 NipponCom
Evelyn ''Champagne'' King-Best of (Part2)1205-11 Who is it
Evelyn Champagne King-So Romantic '84809-11 Disco2Disc
Everlast-Eat at Whitey's '001405-11 Afraid
Everlast-Whitey Ford sings the Blues '011906-04 Paper Doll
Everybody Dance (Remixed Dance Classics) CD11005-12 Hausbau
Everybody Dance (Remixed Dance Classics) CD21305-12 Väthish
Everything but the Girl-Language of Life '901008-06 Pusherman
Everything But the Girl-Temperamental '991014-05 Pipeline
Everything but the Girl-Walking Wounded '961207-02 Chant 42
Facts of Life-A Matter of Fact '78907-04 Viereck
Facts of Life-Sometimes '771111-08 Polaroid
Fad Gadget-Fireside Favourites '801206-07 Was geht
Fad Gadget-Gag '841408-04 Collapse
Fad Gadget-Under the Flag '821511-09 Bells toll
Faithless-Irreverence (Remixes of Reverence) '96913-08 Jacko
Faithless-Outrospective '011213-05 Earth Boot
Fantastic Plastic Machine-The Fantastic Plastic '981707-12 Love Turns
Fantastischen Vier-4 Gewinnt '921805-10 Hanging
Fantastischen Vier-4.99 '991707-11 Caravan
Fantastischen Vier-MTV Unplugged '001612-04 thankful
Farley Jackmaster Funk-Funkin' with the Drums again '851111-05 Fade2Grey
Farley Jackmaster Funk-No Vocals Necessary '881309-05 Pagan
Farley Jackmaster Funk-Trax Classix Vol.11207-09 Zing Train
Farley Jackmaster Funk-Trax Classix Vol.21207-10 Wiener
Farley JM Funk & Darryl Pandy-Love can't turn around (Mixes)907-12 Love Turns
Fast Eddie-Housemasters div1112-03 The Ghetto
Fast Eddie-Jack to the Mixes '88811-07 pres. Dionne
Fast Eddie-Jack to the Sound '881211-04 Fast Blaze
Fast Eddie-Jack to the Sound '881505-08 Fast Foxx
Fast Eddie-Straight Jackin '911414-04 Babylon
Fat Freddys Drop-Based on a true Story '061007-02 Chant 42
Fat Larry's Band-Feel it '761006-05 Sun Mad
Fat Larry's Band-Off the Wall '78908-01 Get Busy
Fatback Band-So Delicious '85912-05 Los Ninos
Fatback Band-Yum Yum '75912-05 Drums speak
Fatboy Slim-Halfway between Gutter & Stars '001110-12 Erotic
Fatboy Slim-You've come a long Way '981305-08 Anansi
Fauna Flash-Fusion '011105-11 Mother
Faze Action-Moving Cities '021107-05 Echo Beach
Fehlfarben-Knietief im Dispo '021206-05 BasicDispo
Fela Anikulapo Kuti & Egypt 80-Live in Amsterdam '83313-01 Pleasure Ride
Fela Anikulapo Kuti-I.T.T. ’79115-01 Ecstasy
Fela Anikulapo Kuti-Original Suffer Head ’81215-01 No Good
Fela Anikulapo Kuti-Upside Down '76215-05 Word Up
Fela Anikulapo Kuti-Yellow Fever '76214-02 Sunshine
Fela Kuti & Roy Ayers-Music of Many Colors '79214-08 Put Asunder
Fela Kuti-Afrodisiac '73416-03 Angel
Fela Kuti-He Miss Road '75313-10 Confusion
Fela Kuti-Open & Close '71316-01 Obvious
Fela Kuti-Red Hot + Riot (Hommage) '022012-10 Trouble
Fela Ransome Kuti-Confusion '75114-01 Keep Hope
Fela Ransome Kuti-Expensive Shit '75212-04 Reese Shit
Fela Ransome Kuti-Gentleman '73314-01 Dirty Robot
Fela Ransome Kuti-Na Poi '76214-03 fine now
Fergie-The Dutchess (London Bridge) '061707-01 Vasco
Fetisch Park-Alluvial '981013-11 Chefinspektor
Fetisch Park-Instinktverlust '96713-12 xpress
Fettes Brot-Auf einem Auge blöd '951809-10 Batmobil
Fettes Brot-Aussen Top Hits, innen Geschmack '961412-11 Underwater
Fettes Brot-Demotape '011813-01 Pleasure Ride
Fettes Brot-Fettes Brot für die Welt CD1 '001615-01 Face it
Fettes Brot-Fettes Brot lässt grüssen '982014-06 TV Revolution
FFRR Silver on Black '891211-12 Tainted
Fiction Factory-Throw the Warped Wheel Out '841415-05 Rockin'
Film Academy Award Winning Songs1213-06 Endspiel
Film Themes (Ferrante & Teicher u.a.)1212-09 Bustin
Fine Young Cannibals-FYC '851305-09 Johnny
Fingers Inc.-Another Mixes '86-881214-04 Teardrop
Fingers Inc.-Another Side '881414-04 Fingers
First Choice-Delusions '771214-08 Put Asunder
First Choice-Dr. Love (Remixes)514-08 Put Asunder
First Choice-Hold your Horses '831010-03 come in2
First Choice-Let No Man Put Asunder (Remixes)814-08 Put Asunder
First Choice-The Player '741210-07 Utopisch
First Touch-First Touch '091009-04 Perfect10
Fischer Z-Red Skies over Paradise '811307-04 Lisa Light
Fisher-Any Way '051506-06 Beng Beng
Flash & the Pan-Flash Hits1511-09 yourself Go
Flatz-Love & Violence '001613-08 Love Cat
Fluke-Risotto '971205-12 Hausbau
Fontanelle-Fontanelle '00606-05 Nacktfoto
Fontanelle-Styledrift '02706-05 BasicDispo
Force MD's-Step to me '901014-05 like dat
Force MD's-Touch and Go '87811-04 Love is a House
Foreigner-Very Best & Beyond '77-921711-10 Ausland
Four Tops-Catfish '76807-10 Whistle
Four Tops-Live & In Concert '741014-01 in my Eyes
Four Tops-Nature Planned It '721107-12 Amnesie
Fourplay-Between the Sheets '931115-10 Billy Jack
Frank Heiss-presents 370 Degrees '97813-12 Rucker
Frank Popp Ensemble-Ride On '011306-08 Hip Rouge
Frank Sinatra-Best of (Part1)1408-01 Lovele Dae
Frank Sinatra-Best of (Part2)1308-01 Get Busy
Frank Tovey & the Pyros-Worried Man In Second-Hand Suits1107-06 Magnum
Frank Tovey-Civilian '88905-12 Scratch
Frank Tovey-Snakes & Ladders '86915-03 Luxury
Frank Tovey-Snakes & Mixes815-03 Luxury
Frankfurt Trax Vol. 3 (The House of Phuture) '921714-05 Carbon 9mm
Frankie Bones & Lenny Dee-Looney Tunes II '901614-06 TV Revolution
Frankie Knuckles & Jamie Principle-Classix807-10 want Ride
Frankie Knuckles-Beyond the Mix '911307-10 Whistle
Freak Power-Drive thru Booty '951114-02 Tune in
Freak Power-More of Everything for Everybody '961514-03 Windiges C
Fred Hughes-Baby Boy '691015-01 Wattstax
Freda Payne-Payne & Pleasure '74912-04 Hyperactiv
Freddie Hubbard-First Light '71711-11 Der Rabe
Freddie Hubbard-Liquid Love '75706-01 Nobody Luv
Freddie Hubbard-Red Clay '70611-04 Fast Blaze
Freddie Hubbard-Straight Life '70308-11 Wake Up
Freddie Hubbard-The Black Angel '70507-07 Brainwash
Freddie Hubbard-The Body & The Soul ´63907-08 U Fake it
Freddie Jackson-Greatest Hits '85-871011-03 Stare Jesus
Freddie Jackson-Greatest Hits '88-921011-03 Time now
Freddie North-Friend '711206-02 Beat goes
Freddie Rodriguez-La Versatilidad '671313-10 Spank Kelly
French Alternative Pop-Le Pop Vol.1-21606-03 Faden
French Alternative Pop-Le Tour Vol.1-21706-03 Elevation
Front 242-05'22'09'12 Off '931608-04 Warfare
Front 242-Backcatalogue '81-851815-03 Phuture
Front 242-Official Version '871313-05 Nassau
Front Line Assembly-ReWind (CD1)705-11 Ego Futter
Front Line Assembly-ReWind (CD2)1005-11 Afraid
Front Line Assembly-Tactical Neural Implant '92812-10 Trouble
Front Line Assembly-The Initial Command '871015-04 King Crown
Fugees-The Score '961707-04 Lisa Light
Fun Boy Three-Waiting '831406-02 Beat goes
Fun Lovin' Criminals-Loco '011306-11 Roy's Cafe
Fünf Sterne Deluxe-Neonow '002005-07 Planet
Funk Drops Vol.1 Breaks, Nuggets & Rarities '68-741415-10 Billy Jack
Funk Essentials Further906-11 Roy's Cafe
Funk Inc.-Superfunk `73609-07 Moda
Funk Inc-Hangin' Out '73607-02 Groove Bus
Funkadelic & Parliament1409-02 HideUself
Funkin' on the One (Part 1)1712-02 Black Byrd
Funkstörung-Appetite for Disctruction '001105-09 Spirit
Funky Collector Vol. 101313-11 Real Thing
Funky Collector Vol. 13912-04 like Blood
Funky Collector Vol.121413-11 Strangelove
Funky Collector Vol.151313-12 xpress
Funky Collector Vol.21111-09 Bells toll
Funky House Trip-2nd Trip Part1 '961005-12 Renegade
Future Loop Foundation-Conditions for Living '981005-09 Johnny
Future Lounge Vol.1 '981006-04 Zarathustra
Future Lounge-Vol.3 '981507-07 Hollywood
Future Sound of London-Lifeforms (CD2) '941115-05 Prozent
Future-Journey (Electronic Underground) `971409-08 Lauren Eye
Gabor Szabo-The Best of '66-671306-02 Beat goes
Gabor Szabo-The Best of1206-05 Nacktfoto
Gabrielle-Rise '991112-09 Bustin
Gabrielle-Rise Maxis612-09 Bustin
Galliano-4 '961606-02 CopaSpirit
Galliano-In Pursuit of the 13th Note '912112-04 Hyperactiv
Galliano-Joyful Noise unto the Creator '921513-05 Earth Boot
Gap Band-The Gap Band II '79807-05 Heidi
Gap Band-The Gap Band V (Jammin') '831107-05 Echo Beach
Garbage-Garbage '951611-09 Bells toll
Garland Jeffreys-Don't call me Buckwheat '911309-12 Slipping
Gary Bartz Ntu Troop-Juju Street Songs '72508-09 Love Story
Gary Bartz-Music is my Sanctuary '77806-03 Sanctuary
Gary Numan-Dance '811114-01 Dirty Robot
Gary Numan-Sacrifice (Dawn) '941105-09 Spirit
Gary Numan-Strange Charm '861314-03 Key Life
Gary Numan-The Skin Mechanic Live '891113-06 TCB
Gary Numan-White Noise-live (CD1) '851006-02 Beat goes
Gary Numan-White Noise-live (CD2) '85906-03 Hurt so Bad
Gato Barbieri-Last Tango In Paris (OST) '724014-12 Last Tango
Gebrüder Blattschuss-Die Geräusch Hitparade1512-10 Trouble
Gene Chandler-When you're No.1 '79711-10 Number 1
Genf-Import Export '971008-05 Renee
Geno Washington & Ram Jam Band-Hand Clappin' Foot Stompin '661306-03 Vielfarben
Geno Washington & Ram Jam Band-Hipsters, Flipsters, Finger Poppin '671306-03 Elevation
George Benson-Absolute Benson '001012-04 Reese Shit
George Benson-Bad Benson '74910-09 Take 5
George Benson-Blue Benson '67808-02 dkdent
George Benson-Body Talk '73613-05 Earth Boot
George Benson-Give me the Night '801105-12 Neunzehn
George Benson-In Flight '77609-05 Pagan
George Benson-Other Side of Abbey Road '69611-03 Dickschädel
George Benson-Shape of things to come '68711-06 Wonderland
George Benson-Space '78512-05 Los Ninos
George Benson-White Rabbit '72513-07 Amboss
George Duke-Don't let go '781007-10 Face it
George Duke-I love the Blues, she heard my cry '751009-12 Slipping
George McCrae-Rock your Baby '74906-06 Mister T
George McCrae-We did it! '78913-08 Jacko
George Michael-Faith '871111-02 Metapher
George Michael-Listen without Prejudice '901014-08 Steppin' Twiggy
George Michael-Songs from the Last Century '991012-04 Hyperactiv
Geraldine Hunt-No Way '811207-08 U Fake it
Gerhard Heinz-Melodies in Love - The Erotic World '68-74910-12 Erotic
Gerhard Heinz-Melodies in Love - The Erotic World '76-791011-01 Basketball
Get Lost CD2 '96906-07 Handle it
Gherkin Jerks-1990 '89512-09 Bustin
Gherkin Jerks-Stomp the Beat EP '88612-08 Gurke
Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson-1980 '80907-10 Acid Trax
Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson-Bridges '77911-03 Mr. T.
Gil Scott-Heron-Free Will '721212-10 Trouble
Gil Scott-Heron-Pieces of a Man '711114-06 TV Revolution
Gil Scott-Heron-Spirits '941006-02 Shit Radio
Gil Scott-Heron-Winter in America '74908-05 Winter US
Gil Scott-Herron-Real Eyes '80814-05 Some Guys
Gilbert Bécaud-His Greatest Songs (deutsch)1215-01 No Good
Ginger Baker & the DJQ2O-Coward of the County '99815-01 Wattstax
Gino Soccio-Outline '79607-12 Amnesie
Gipsy Kings-Compas '971513-05 Galaxy
Gipsy Kings-Este Mundo '911213-07 Amboss
Gipsy Kings-Love & Liberte '931313-11 Real Thing
Gipsykings-Luna de fuego '831009-08 Lauren Eye
Gitte & Otto Hänning-Songs for my Father '011608-01 Get Busy
Gitte Haenning-My Favorite Songs '981306-08 Cosmic
Gladys Knight & the Pipes-All I need is Time '73911-07 Mr Lee
Gladys Knight & the Pips-2nd Anniversary '75905-08 Bullit
Gladys Knight & The Pips-A little Knight Music '751014-04 Teardrop
Gladys Knight & The Pips-Knight Time '741114-03 Key Life
Gladys Knight & the Pips-Touch '81913-10 Confusion
Glenn Lewis-World Outside my Window '021506-07 Austern
Glenn Underground-Atmosfear '96814-01 Alien Zoo
Glenn Underground-Lounge Excursions '001011-05 Allright Emma
Gloria Coleman Ltd.-Sings and Swings Organ '71814-02 Regentropfen
Gloria Gaynor-Experience '75808-04 Warfare
Glove-Blue Sunshine (Deluxe Edition CD1) '831507-08 Shalala
Glove-Blue Sunshine (Deluxe Edition CD2) '831607-08 Shalala
Go-Betweens-16 Lovers Land '881014-03 Gloria Joy
Godchildren of Soul-Anyone can Join '94906-06 Mister T
Goldfrapp-Black Cherry '031306-02 Honigbusch
Goldfrapp-Felt Mountain '011607-10 Whistle
Goldfrapp-Supernature '051305-09 Johnny
Goldfrapp-Utopia Remixes '00710-07 Utopisch
Goldie-Saturnzreturn (Mother-Saturn) '981413-12 Rejoice
Goldie-Timeless '95814-04 Phoenix
Gonzales-Haven't Stop Dancin '791111-11 Der Rabe
Gonzales-Uber Alles '001314-02 Tune in
Goo Goo Dolls-Dizzy up the Girl '981414-05 Carbon 9mm
Gotan Project-La Revancha Del Tango '021206-09 Oogie Taxi
Götz Alsmann-Gestatten '972005-08 Rosensaat
GQ (Good Quality)-Disco Nights '791010-05 not Fair
GQ (Good Quality)-The Best Of1111-08 Sesam Box
Grace Jones-Bulletproof Heart '891414-10 Dumb Girl
Grace Jones-Inside Story '861306-08 Massage
Grace Jones-Nightclubbing '811016-03 Time Out
Grace Jones-Slave to the Rhythm '85814-03 fine now
Grace Jones-Warm Leatherette '801016-03 Hyperchaz
Graham Central Station-Graham Central Station `74913-05 Millie
Grandmaster Melle Mel & Furious Five-19841105-06 Somebody
Grandmaster Melle Mel & the Furious Five-Piano '891011-04 Fast Blaze
Grant Green & Sonny Clark-Complete Quartets CD1 '611009-10 Batmobil
Grant Green & Sonny Clark-Complete Quartets CD2 '61908-01 Duji Trax
Grant Green with Hubert Laws-The Main Attraction '76315-06 Stadtbau
Grant Green-Alive! '70416-03 Geisha
Grant Green-Am I Blue '63505-11 Call Leno
Grant Green-Street Funk & Jazz Grooves '62-721206-01 Superwoman
Grant Green-Street of Dreams '64415-03 Phuture
Grant Lee Buffalo-Jubilee '981407-12 Love Turns
Grauzone-Grauzone (+Sunrise Tapes) '821606-03 Vielfarben
Gregory Isaacs-All I have is Love '761107-07 Hollywood
Gringos-Banzin Banzam '941409-02 HideUself
Groove Armada-Vertigo '991607-11 Domino
Groove Guide House '011205-10 Mondflug
Groove Holmes-I'm in the Mood for Love '76815-01 Pervy Ohm
Grooverider-Mysteries of Funk '981511-10 Respect
Grover Washington jr.-The Best is yet to come '82912-01 Vincent
Grover Washington jr-Live at the Bijou '77813-10 Lose ur Love
Gschmidt-Time tolled EP '04511-08 Polaroid
Günter Kallmann Chor-20 Classic Recordings (Part1)1007-06 Magnum
Günter Kallmann Chor-20 Classic Recordings (Part2)1007-06 Melody
Günter Schickert-Somnambul '951006-03 Elevation
Guru-Jazzmatazz 3 Streetsoul '001613-05 let me go
Guru-Jazzmatazz Vol.1 '931213-05 Nassau
Guru-Jazzmatazz Vol.2 (The New Reality) '952012-03 The Ghetto
Gus Gus-Polydistortion '971511-06 Polyester
Gus Gus-This is Normal '991805-06 Ladyshave
GusGus-Attention '021015-09 Dusty
Gwen McCrae-On My Way '82915-10 Billy Jack
Gwen McCrae-Rockin' Chair '751015-05 Rockin'
Haircut 100-Pelican West '821606-04 Ghettofrau
Hair-OST (CD1)1611-09 yourself Go
Hall & Oates-Gr. Hits Rock 'n Soul Part 1 '73-831507-06 Melody
Hall & Oates-H2O '821312-09 Bustin
Happy Mondays-Greatest Hits1515-02 Schach
Hardstep Upfront Jungle Compilation Vol.11105-12 Choo Choo
Harold Melvin-All Things happen in Time '81815-01 No Good
Harold Melvin-Wake Up Everybody '75808-11 Wake Up
Harry Connick jr.-She '941413-08 Jacko
Harthouse Chapter Vol.4 (Global Virus) '941013-04 love America
Harthouse-Dark Hearts Vol.1 '951211-06 Polyester
Haruomi Hosono-SFX '841011-06 Branded
Headhunters-Return of the Headhunters '981013-06 Ziggy
Headhunters-Survival of the Fittest '75608-04 Warfare
Heather Nova-South '011305-10 Big Noise
Heaven 17-Bigger than America '981414-03 Gloria Joy
Heaven 17-How Men Are '841511-11 Der Rabe
Heaven 17-Penthouse and Pavement '81916-03 Geisha
Heaven 17-Penthousz and Mixes816-03 Geisha
Heaven 17-Pleasure One '861012-01 Vincent
Heaven 17-The Luxury Gap '83913-05 let me go
Heaven 17-The Luxury Gap Maxis1013-05 let me go
Herb Alpert-Best of '62-711106-09 Oogie Taxi
Herbaliser-Blow your Headphones '971805-06 Somebody
Herbaliser-Very Mercenary '991616-03 Geisha
Herbie Hancock-Dis Is Da Drum '941208-08 1000Tränen
Herbie Hancock-Future 2 Future '011106-02 Honigbusch
Herbie Hancock-Head Hunter '74416-03 Strings
Herbie Hancock-Maiden Voyage '65611-10 Respect
Herbie Hancock-Mr. Hands '80608-10 Midnight
Herbie Hancock-Secrets '76707-01 Just Way
Herbie Hancock-Sunlight '77513-12 Rejoice
Herbie Hancock-V.S.O.P. (live) '77912-11 Underwater
Herbie Mann-The Best of Herbie Mann '61-68615-12 No Flowers
Hi-Fidelity Lounge Vol.1 '991106-03 Elevation
High Society Soundtrack '561007-11 Domino
Hildegard Knef-17 Millimeter `991109-07 Moda
Hildegard Knef-aber schön war es doch (Best of+ReWorks)1614-09 Stockwerk
Hildegard Knef-Ich Sing Dein Lied '74-761806-08 Massage
Hildegard Knef-Ich Sing Dein Lied '77-791106-08 Hip Rouge
Hildegard Knef-Und ich dreh' mich nochmal um '721206-07 Austern
Hip Hop meets Classic-The Rapsody Overture '971413-03 Suizid
Hip Hop_Classic Old School Cuts pres. by Lope1014-07 Crazy Kym
Hip-Hip-Classix Vol.2516-01 Obvious
Hip-Hop-Classix Vol.31206-11 Up Egypt
Hip-Hop-Classix Vol.41207-12 Love Turns
Hip-Hop-Classix Vol.5809-11 Disco2Disc
Hipsway-Hipsway '861505-03 Ask Lord
Hipsway-Scratch the Surface '891111-09 Sign O
Hipsway-Scratch the Surface '891213-04 Maude
Hi-Tension -Hi-Tension '78911-12 Tainted
Holger Czukay,Jah Wobble,Laki L.-Full Circle '81606-10 Sabotage
Honeymunch-Demo!907-02 Peaceful
Hooverphonic-A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular '961216-03 Strings
Hooverphonic-Blue Wonder Power Milk '981207-09 Girl need
Horace Silver Quintet-Song for my Father '651114-01 in my Eyes
Horst Jankowski-A Walk in the Black Forest '67907-05 Rising Top
Horst Jankowski-A Walk in the Black Forest '68-691307-05 Heidi
Horst Jankowski-Black Forest Explosion 11012-08 Gurke
Horst Jankowski-Black Forest Explosion907-04 Lisa Light
Hot Chocolate-Cicero Park '741111-05 Allright Emma
Hot Chocolate-Class '80813-06 Endspiel
Hot Chocolate-Every 1's a Winner '78811-09 Promised
Hot Chocolate-Going through the Motions '79814-01 Wunderbar
Hot Chocolate-Hot Chocolate '751111-05 Fade2Grey
Hot Chocolate-Love Shot '831011-07 Mr Lee
Hot Chocolate-Man to Man '761111-08 Nu aber
Hot Chocolate-Mystery '82911-10 Housequake
Hot Ice-Pall Mall Groove '77809-02 HideUself
House AG (Din A1 Records) '961014-01 Dirty Robot
House Hallucinates Vol.1 '881006-05 Jump Reno
House of Hits (Westside Records Box) CD1 '83-851310-05 not Fair
House of Hits (Westside Records Box) CD10-11 '87-881211-02 Metapher
House of Hits (Westside Records Box) CD2 '86-871310-07 Thriller
House of Hits (Westside Records Box) CD3 '85-881610-07 Utopisch
House of Hits (Westside Records Box) CD4 '85-881310-08 Whole Moon
House of Hits (Westside Records Box) CD5 '85-881110-09 Take 5
House of Hits (Westside Records Box) CD6 '85-881310-11 Jesus
House of Hits (Westside Records Box) CD7 '86-881010-12 Erotic
House of Hits (Westside Records Box) CD8+9 '86-881411-01 Basketball
House Sound of Chicago (The Future House Edition) '89915-11 Jericho
House Sound of Chicago (zyx Records) Vol.1 '87806-07 Shot Eric
House Sound of Chicago 03-Early Years816-01 Running
House Sound of Chicago 04-DJ Underground Tracks1116-03 Mange
House Sound of Chicago 05-DJ International1206-06 Mister T
House Sound of Chicago 07-Independents1408-02 dkdent
House Sound of Chicago 08-Anglo-American House908-03 Drowning
House Sound of Chicago 09-Anglo-American House2908-05 Renee
House Sound of Chicago 10-Lost Trax1107-01 Just Way
House Sound of Chicago 10-The Lost Trax907-12 Rock Boat
House Sound of Chicago 11-Remixes1007-05 Erstaunt
House Sound of Chicago 12-International House1206-12 Peacelove
House Sound of Chicago Vol.11006-01 Superwoman
House Sound of Chicago Vol.21007-08 U Fake it
House Sound of Chicago Vol.3 '871005-07 Black Ray
House-Acid Auslese Vol.11107-09 Love Money
Housemartins-Now thats what I called quite good Part11209-02 HideUself
Housemartins-Now thats what I called quite good Part21207-11 Caravan
House-Moderne Auslese Vol.6605-09 Spirit
House-Moderne Auslese Vol.7806-07 Was geht
House-Moderne Auslese Vol.8906-01 Mondwolke
House-Moderne Auslese Vol.9907-03 to Give it
Houston Person-Get out'a my Way '75912-01 Vincent
Houston Person-Houston Express '71707-03 to Give it
Houston Person-Person to Person '70607-03 Skate Roll
Howard Hewett-I Commit to Love '861207-09 Zing Train
Howie B-Turn the Dark off '971005-09 Spirit
HR3 Clubnight by DJ Dag Vol.1.11313-04 Sandstorm
HR3 Clubnight by DJ Dag Vol.1.21313-07 Amboss
Hues Corporation-Freedom for the Stallion '731007-12 Rock Boat
Hugh Masekela-Colonial Man '76607-01 Vasco
Hugh Masekela-Waiting for the Rain '86808-03 Frequenzy
Human League & The Men-Holiday EP '79-81915-01 No Good
Human League (League Unlimited Orch.)-Love and Dancing '82906-03 Vielfarben
Human League-Dare '821406-03 Faden
Human League-Fascination EP '83606-02 Honigbusch
Human League-Reproduction '79906-10 Want ya
Human League-Travelogue '801015-01 Ecstasy
I Start Counting-My Transluscent Hands '861608-05 Renee
Ian Brown-Music of the Spheres ‘011109-10 Batmobil
Ian Brown-Solarized '041015-01 Face it
Icehouse-Primitive Man '821005-07 Schläger
Ich+Ich-Vom selben Stern '071313-05 let me go
Idris Muhammad-Foxhuntin '79613-01 Pleasure Ride
Idris Muhammad-House of the Rising Sun '76814-08 Steppin' Twiggy
Idris Muhammad-My Turn '93913-02 Manoeuver
Idris Muhammad-Power of Soul '74405-12 Infiziert
Idris Muhammad-You ain't no Friend of Mine '78607-04 Lisa Light
Imagination-In the Heat of the Night '82914-06 TV Revolution
Impressions-The Young Mods' Forgotten Story '691013-08 Love Cat
Impressions-This Is My Country '681013-10 Confusion
Incognito-100° and Rising '951414-06 Back Stabb
Incognito-Beneath the Surface '961205-09 Spirit
Incognito-Future Remixed '001005-08 Rosensaat
Incognito-Positivity '931407-08 Shalala
Independents-The first Time we met `72910-11 Jesus
India.arie-Acoustic Soul '011606-02 Underground
Infinite Mass-The Infinite Patio '951614-07 the Rainfall
Infiniti (Juan Atkins Prod.)-Skynet '981005-08 Bullit
INFRAcom (ME-62)1305-07 Getaway
Inner Circle-Everything is Great '79814-02 Regentropfen
Inner Circle-Reggae Thing '761014-04 Fingers
Inner City-Paradise Remixed1106-10 Mabuse
Inner City-The Best of the Good Life '011306-09 Hit and Go
Inner Life-I'm Caught Up (In A One Night Love Affair) '79715-11 The Nile
Innerzone Orchestra-Programmed '991506-10 Want ya
Instant Funk-V '83914-07 Crazy Kym
Instant Funk-Witch Doctor '79713-04 Sandstorm
Into Somethin' (Pfunki) Vol.11113-06 Ziggy
Intruders-Cowboys to Girls '681108-01 Lovele Dae
Intruders-Super Hits '731212-05 Los Ninos
INXS - X '901214-05 So What
INXS-Listen like Thieves '851115-12 No Flowers
INXS-The Swing '841116-03 Time Out
INXS-Underneath the Colours '811014-05 like dat
Irmin Schmidt & Bruno Spoerri-Toy Planet '81716-03 Angel
Irmin Schmidt-Impossible Holiday '91712-03 The Ghetto
Isaac Hayes-Black Moses '71151612 The Crutch
Isaac Hayes-Branded '951111-06 Branded
Isaac Hayes-Chocolate Chip '75709-04 Perfect10
Isaac Hayes-Don't let go '79507-09 Girl need
Isaac Hayes-For the Sake of Love '78607-05 Echo Beach
Isaac Hayes-Hot Buttered Soul '69414-04 Phoenix
Isaac Hayes-Joy '73514-03 Gloria Joy
Isaac Hayes-Live at the Sahara Tahoe '732906-11 Roy's Cafe
Isaac Hayes-Shaft OST '71161706 Shaft
Isaac Hayes-The Isaac Hayes Movement '70507-09 Love Money
Isaac Hayes-Tough Guys '74906-05 BasicDispo
Isaac Hayes-Truck Turner '741715-05 Word Up
Isley Brothers-3+3 '73909-11 Disco2Disc
Isley Brothers-Get into Something '691109-05 Pagan
Isley Brothers-Givin' it back '71808-09 Love Story
Italian Disco Funk Collection Vol.1 '81-851305-10 Big Noise
Izmar-Stuff EP '04414-01 Zeitmaschine
J.B.'s-Doing it to Death '73916-02 Valley
J.M. Silk-Hold on to your Dream '871406-04 TEE Musik
J.R. Bailey-Just me 'n you '741007-09 Love Money
Jack Johnson-In between Dreams '051506-03 Hurt so Bad
Jack Johnson-On and On '031606-04 Caravan
Jack Radics-Affairs of the Heart '961306-04 Ghettofrau
Jack Radics-Love & Laughter '991610-09 Take 5
Jack Trax-The Fifth '88816-04 Waves
Jack Trax-The First CD '871311-03 Stare Jesus
Jack Trax-The Fourth CD '88811-08 Nu aber
Jack Trax-The Seventh CD '891111-03 Dickschädel
Jack Trax-The Sixth CD + Acid House '881211-03 Time now
Jack Trax-The Third CD '871111-03 Mr. T.
Jackie Mittoo-Tribute to (Best of 1) '60-701005-12 Hausbau
Jackie Mittoo-Tribute to (Best of 2) '60-701105-12 Neunzehn
Jackie Mittoo-Tribute to (Best of 3) '60-701005-12 Väthish
Jackie Wilson-The Jackie Wilson Story1406-02 Underground
Jackie Wilson-The Story '58-711406-03 Faden
Jackmaster 1 LP1 '871209-02 HideUself
Jackmaster 1 LP2 '871109-04 Perfect10
Jackmaster 4 (Part 1) '871111-09 unfinished
Jackmaster 4 (Part 2) '891011-09 Sign O
Jackson Five-Get it together '73811-09 Bells toll
Jacksons-Destiny '78907-10 Whistle
Jacob Miller & Inner Circle-Reggae Greats '77-791206-09 Hit and Go
Jade.ell-Promises and Prayers '981207-04 Release me
Jaga Jazzist-What We Must '05716-01 Running
Jah Wobble & Laswell-Radioaxiom '01706-10 Mabuse
Jah Wobble & Temple of Sound-Shout at the Devil '021007-03 to Give it
Jah Wobble-30 Hertz '00907-04 Release me
Jah Wobble-Bedroom Album '831111-03 Stare Jesus
Jah Wobble-Betrayal '801506-05 Seriös
Jah Wobble-The Early Years '81-861311-02 Metapher
Jah Wobble-The Inspiration of William Blake '961306-06 Mister T
Jake Fairley-Touch not the Cat '041005-11 Who is it
Jalal ft. Tariq Nuriddin-On the One '961113-11 Chefinspektor
Jam Nation-Way down below Buffalo Hell '931212-08 Gurke
James Bond Collection2307-02 Peaceful
James Bond-From Russia with Love (OST)1906-04 Caravan
James Brown-Black Caesar '731114-01 Are People
James Brown-Hell '751407-06 Melody
James Brown-Hot On the One (Live) '801305-09 Muttersohn
James Brown-In the Jungle Groove '69-711215-05 Südpol
James Brown-Soul on Top '701305-06 Somebody
James Brown-The Soul Machine (Early Hits)1812-04 like Blood
James Carr-A Man needs a Woman '66-681711-10 Housequake
James Carr-A Man needs a Woman '77-95711-10 Ausland
Jamie Cullum-Catching Tales '051412-04 thankful
Jamie Cullum-The Pursuit '091212-05 Drums speak
Jamiroquai-A Funk Odyssey '011006-05 Sun Mad
Jamiroquai-Emergency on Planet Earth '931505-07 Planet
Jamiroquai-Synkronized '001105-05 Crazy Dia
Jamiroquai-Travelling without Moving '961915-01 Wattstax
Jan Delay-Mercedes Dance '961113-05 get enough
Jan Delay-Searching for the Jan Soul Rebels '031513-04 Maude
Janis Joplin-I got dem old Kozmic Blues again '691106-03 Faden
Japanese Telecom-Virtual Geisha '011105-11 NipponCom
Japan-Gentlemen take Polaroids '801111-08 Polaroid
Japan-Obscure Alternatives '78805-08 Rosensaat
Japan-Oil on Canvas (Live) '821507-09 Zing Train
Japan-Tin Drum '811216-02 Valley
Jasmin Tabatabai-Only Love '021215-01 Ecstasy
Jaz-Word to the Jaz '891414-01 Keep Hope
Jazz Butcher-Fishcotheque '881014-12 Last Tango
Jazz con Bazz-Kickin' Jazz Vol.3 '951305-12 Choo Choo
Jazz House Groooves '961107-03 Skate Roll
Jazz in the House Vol.9 (Fall Collection) '011206-08 Cosmic
JC-001 & D-Zire-Ride the Break '931111-07 pres. Dionne
Jean Carn-Best of (Start the Fire) Part2905-11 Ego Futter
Jean Michel Jarre-Chronologie '93805-11 Who is it
Jean Michel Jarre-Equinoxe '78815-05 Prozent
Jean Michel Jarre-Magnetic Fields '8151706 Shaft
Jean Michel Jarre-Metamorphoses '001406-07 Shot Eric
Jean Michel Jarre-Oxygene 7-13 '97706-03 Faden
Jean Michel Jarre-Oxygene '7761612 The Crutch
Jean Michel Jarre-Rendez-Vous '86705-08 Anansi
Jean Michel Jarre-Revolutions '881014-12 called Johnny
Jean Michel Jarre-Sessions 2000 '02606-08 Cosmic
Jean Michel Jarre-Zoolock '84706-02 CopaSpirit
Jean-Michel Jarre-Geometry of Love '04811-08 Sesam Box
Jeannie Reynolds-Cherries, Bananas & Other '76911-04 Fast Blaze
Jeff Bennett-Puzzling Thoughts '021006-03 Vielfarben
Jeff Wayne-The War of the Worlds '781305-10 War World
Jens Fischer-Aumakau '911007-01 Just Way
Jermaine Jackson-Come into my Life '731011-04 Love is a House
Jerry Butler-Suite for the Single Girl '77905-08 Anansi
Jerry Butler-Sweet Sixteen '741007-11 Domino
Jestofunk-Seventy Miles from Philadelphia '03131612 The Crutch
Jesus & Mary Chain-Stoned & Dethroned '941714-03 Windiges C
Jesus loves you-The Martyr Mantras '901810-11 Jesus
Jim Gilstrap-Swing your Daddy '75913-04 Sandstorm
Jimi Tenor-Beyond the Stars '041413-01 Pleasure Ride
Jimi Tenor-Organism '991213-06 Endspiel
Jimi Tenor-Out of Nowhere '001015-01 Pervy Ohm
Jimmy Bo Horne-Dance Across The Floor '78814-01 Keep Hope
Jimmy Bo Horne-Going Home for Love '79613-10 Spank Kelly
Jimmy Jay presente Les Cool Session '931609-07 Moda
Jimmy McGriff-Electric Funk '69914-05 Thin Line
Jimmy McGriff-Friday the 13th Cook Country Jail '72505-08 UFO's
Jimmy McGriff-Tailgunner '77605-06 Ladyshave
Jimmy McGriff-The Worm '68815-11 The Nile
Jimmy Smith-Back at the Chicken Shack '63516-04 Waves
Jimmy Smith-Home Cookin' '591214-01 Alien Zoo
Jimmy Smith-The Verve Years '62-641006-08 Massage
Jimmy Smith-The Verve Years '65-661006-08 Hip Rouge
Jimmy Smith-The Verve Years '67-73806-08 Cosmic
Jocelyn B. Smith-Blue Light & Nylons '981206-01 Expo
Joe Bataan-Riot '72907-08 Shalala
Joe Claussell-Language '99914-08 Maybe
Joe Cocker-Jamaica say you will '751013-04 Sandstorm
Joe Farrell Quartet-Joe Farrell '70708-06 Pusherman
Joe Jackson-Big World '861507-03 Skate Roll
Joe Jackson-Body and Soul '84907-05 Erstaunt
Joe Jackson-I'm the Man '791013-11 Strangelove
Joe Jackson-Laughter & Lust '911308-05 Winter US
Joe Jackson-Night and Day '82914-08 Steppin' Twiggy
Joe Simon-Drowning in the Sea of Love '721008-03 Drowning
Joe Smooth-Promised Land '881311-09 Promised
Joe Smooth-Rejoice '881413-12 Rejoice
Joe Tex-He who is without Funk cast the first Stone '78808-09 Love Story
Joey Negro-Back in the Box (CD2)1114-05 Pipeline
Johannes Heil-20,000 Leagues under the Skin '031006-03 Hurt so Bad
John Coltrane-Africa Brass Vol 1 & 2 '61613-12 Rucker
John Foxx & Louis Gordon-Pleasures of Electricity '021113-04 Maude
John Foxx-Metamatic+ '801605-08 Fast Foxx
John Foxx-Metamatic+ '801611-04 Love is a House
John Foxx-The Garden '811405-12 Choo Choo
John Foxx-The Golden Section '831016-03 Time Out
John Holt-The Tide Is High (Anthology '62-79) CD11615-03 Phuture
John Holt-The Tide Is High (Anthology '62-79) CD2.11215-03 City Live
Johnny Bristol-Hang On in there Baby '741014-09 Kung Fu
Johnny Guitar Watson-A real Mother for ya '77606-05 Seriös
Johnny Guitar Watson-Ain't that a Bitch '76706-05 BasicDispo
Johnny Guitar Watson-Strike on Computers '86807-01 Vasco
Johnny Guitar Watson-The Blues Soul of Johnny '63813-07 Amboss
Johnny Guitar Watson-What the Hell is this '79712-11 Underwater
Johnny Guitar Watson-What the Hell is this '79806-05 Sun Mad
Johnny Halliday-Derrière l'Amour '761105-09 Muttersohn
Johnny Hammond-Gears '75714-01 Silencio
Joi-One And One Is One '981112-05 Pseudo
Jon Lucien-Mother Nature's Son1405-08 Rosensaat
Jon Lucien-The Man from Paradise '021205-08 UFO's
Jones Girls-The Jones Girls '79812-02 Black Byrd
Jorge Reyes & Zepeda-A la Izquierda del Colibri '86605-10 Mondflug
Jorge Reyes-Bajo el sol Jaguar '911014-04 Babylon
Jorge Reyes-Comala '891014-01 Wunderbar
Jorge Reyes-Mexican Music Prehispanic '901114-01 Green ever
Jose Feliciano-Compartments '731107-10 want Ride
Jose Feliciano-Greatest Hits '64-701713-12 xpress
Josh Wink-A Higher State of Winks Works '96605-11 Ego Futter
Josh Wink-HereHear '981205-11 Afraid
Josh Wink-Profound Sounds '991307-02 Groove Bus
Joss Stone-Mind Body & Soul '041415-10 Time Out
Joy Division-Substance (1977-1980) '881711-09 unfinished
Joyce Sims-Come Into My life '871310-03 come in2
Juan Atkins ft. 3MB (Tresor 009 CD) '93606-11 Up Egypt
Julie Driscoll & Brian Auger-Best of '69-721607-08 Juicy
Jumpin' 2 (Original Disco)1111-10 Respect
Jungle Brothers-Done by the Forces of Nature '891614-05 Some Guys
Jungle Brothers-Done by the Mixes414-05 Some Guys
Jungle Brothers-Straight Out the Jungle '881514-01 Green ever
Jungle Brothers-V.I.P '001208-03 Drowning
Junior Kelly-Love So Nice '011805-11 NipponCom
Junior Parker-Groove Merchant Years (Best of) '57-711107-12 Amnesie
Junior Parker-Groove Merchant Years (Best of) '72-741207-12 Love Turns
Junkie XL-Today '061308-01 Get Busy
K7 Records Compilation '001114-04 Fingers
Karat-Der Blaue Planet '82911-06 Polyester
Karen Ramirez-Distant Dreams '981206-07 Life's Gas
Karl Bartos-Communication '031209-08 Lauren Eye
Kashif-Condition of the Heart '85805-03 Ask Lord
Kashif-Love Changes '871615-10 Time Out
Kate Bush-Aerial CD1 (A Sea of Honey) '05706-02 Honigbusch
Kate Bush-Aerial CD2 (A Sky of Honey) '05906-02 Honigbusch
Kate Bush-Hounds of Love '851806-05 Fake it
Kate Bush-The Kick Inside '781305-08 Treibsand
Kate Bush-The Red Shoes '931211-06 Wonderland
Keane-Hopes and Fears '041015-10 Time Out
Keith LeBlanc-Major Malfunction '861306-08 Massage
Keith Sweat-Best of (Just a Touch) '88-981008-04 Collapse
Keith Sweat-Make It Last Forever '87907-05 Heidi
Kelis-Kaleidoscope '991613-10 Lose ur Love
Kelly Joyce-KJ '001307-02 Peaceful
Kelly Osbourne-Sleeping In The Nothing '051515-05 Rockin'
Keni Burke-Changes '82807-05 Rising Top
Keni Burke-You're the Best '81707-04 Lisa Light
Kenny Jammin Jason-Jam Tracks '85812-03 Jazz Corner
Kenny Larkin & Pod-Art of Dance Exihibits '95605-12 Infiziert
Kenny Larkin-Metaphor '951211-02 Metapher
Kenny Thomas-Voices '911405-08 Treibsand
Kevin Saunderson-Faces & Phases CD2912-11 Underwater
Kevin Saunderson-KS02 '031906-03 Vielfarben
Kevin Yost-One Starry Night '991714-03 Gloria Joy
Kevin Yost-Straight outa the Boon Dox '001314-03 Windiges C
Keziah Jones-African Space Craft '951208-01 Sexual
Killers-Hot Fuss '041114-05 Thin Line
Killing Joke-Night Time '85812-04 like Blood
King Bee-Royal Jelly '901407-06 Guy Jose
King Kamehameha Club Vol.4 '021508-11 Wake Up
King Size Dub Chapter Eight '021405-09 Muttersohn
King Sporty & Friends-(In Miami Bonus) '73-761311-08 Nu aber
King Sporty & the ExTras-Extra Funky ’83615-01 Face it
King Tubby & Roots Radics-Dangerous Dub '811306-07 Austern
Kings of Convenience-Riot on an Empty Street '041215-03 City Live
Kinobe-Soundphiles '001209-12 Slipping
Kitaro-Silver Cloud '84805-12 Hausbau
Klaus Doldinger-Das Boot (OST) '813014-02 Sunshine
Klaus Doldinger-Doldinger in New York '941205-05 Crazy Dia
Klaus Doldinger-Film ab (TV & Film Themes)1708-10 Midnight
Klaus Schulze, Namlook & Laswell-Dark Side of the Moog 6 '97607-10 want Ride
Klaus Schulze-En=Trance '88411-09 Sign O
Klaus Schulze-Timewind '75206-02 Underground
Klaus Schulze-X (CD1) '78411-10 Number 1
Klaus Schulze-X (CD2) '78205-12 Väthish
Kleeer-Seeekret '85708-02 Good Time
Kleeer-Winners '79808-03 Drowning
Klee-Unverwundbar '031507-12 Love Turns
KMFDM-Naive '901105-11 Mother
Kongas-Anikana-O407-10 Wiener
Kool & the Gang-Everybody's Dancin' 78908-01 Get Busy
Kool & the Gang-Good Times '72808-07 One Night
Kool & the Gang-Kool and the Gang '701015-05 Prozent
Kool & the Gang-Light of Worlds '741006-05 Sun Mad
Kool & the Gang-Live at the P.J.'s '71808-01 Duji Trax
Kool & the Gang-Live at the Sex Machine '711106-04 Ecstasy
Kool & the Gang-Love & Understanding '76807-07 Hollywood
Kool & the Gang-Open Sesame '761111-08 Sesam Box
Kool & The Gang-Spirit of the Boogie '75905-09 Spirit
Kool & the Gang-Wild and Peaceful '731007-02 Peaceful
Kool Moe Dee-Kool Moe Dee '87907-05 Erstaunt
Kraftwelt-Deranged In Space '961406-04 Zarathustra
Kraftwerk-Aerodynamik MCD '04411-01 Basketball
Kraftwerk-At the Cirkus (live in Stockholm) CD1 '041012-05 Drums speak
Kraftwerk-At the Cirkus (live in Stockholm) CD2 '04812-05 Pseudo
Kraftwerk-Autobahn '74606-04 Ecstasy
Kraftwerk-Computerwelt '81707-01 Just Way
Kraftwerk-Die Mensch-Maschine '78615-09 Dusty
Kraftwerk-Expo 2000 MCD '99406-01 Expo
Kraftwerk-Kraftwerk v1 '73806-02 Time Out
Kraftwerk-Minimum-Maximum (CD1 German) '051016-03 Mange
Kraftwerk-Minimum-Maximum (CD2 German) '051316-03 Strings
Kraftwerk-Radio Aktivität '751315-01 Pervy Ohm
Kraftwerk-The Mix '911105-09 Muttersohn
Kraftwerk-Tour de France Maxi '83411-03 Stare Jesus
Kraftwerk-Tour de France Soundtracks '031211-01 Basketball
Kraftwerk-Trans Europa Express '77806-04 TEE Musik
Kraftwerk-Trans-Europe Express (English) '77707-04 Viereck
Kruder & Dorfmeister-Conversions '961011-03 Dickschädel
Kruder & Dorfmeister-The K&D Sessions CD1 '981006-05 Nacktfoto
Kurtis Blow-America '851005-11 NipponCom
Kurtis Blow-Back by Popular Demand '881015-06 Stadtbau
Kurtis Blow-Deuce '81705-11 Mother
Kurtis Blow-Ego Trip '84705-11 Call Leno
Kurtis Blow-Kurtis Blow '80812-09 Bustin
Kyle Eastwood-From There to Here '981005-12 Infiziert
Kym Mazelle-Brilliant! '891114-07 the Rainfall
Kym Mazelle-Brilliant!! (UK Remix Compilation) '911314-08 Maybe
Kym Mazelle-Crazy '891614-07 Crazy Kym
Kym Mazelle-Taste & Wait '87-90815-03 Luxury
L.T.D.-Devotion '79905-07 Getaway
La Düsseldorf-Viva '78415-06 Stadtbau
La Haine-Musiques Inspirees du Film '951306-10 Mabuse
LaBelle-Best of Lady Marmalade812-05 Los Ninos
Ladytron-604 '011614-04 Teardrop
Ladytron-Light & Magic '021508-06 Pusherman
Lafayette Afro Rock Band u.a.-Darkest Light (Best of)816-01 Running
Laila France-Orgonon '971112-04 Hyperactiv
Lakeside-Fantastic Voyage '80806-05 Nacktfoto
Lalo Schifrin-Bullit OST '681205-08 Bullit
Lalo Schifrin-Dirty Harry '712205-08 Fast Foxx
Lalo Schifrin-Dirty Harry '712211-04 Love is a House
Lalo Schifrin-Sudden Impact (Dirty Harry OST) '83810-07 Thriller
Lalo Schifrin-Towering Toccata '77808-10 Midnight
Lamont Dozier-Black Bach '74909-04 Perfect10
Large Number-Spray On Sound '041406-03 Can U feel it
Larry Graham with Graham Central Station-Star Walk '79608-05 Renee
Larry Heard-Alien '961010-03 come in2
Larry Heard-Dance 2000 '971105-11 Call Leno
Larry Heard-Genesis '991211-06 Wonderland
Larry Heard-Ice Castles '981311-06 Branded
Larry Heard-Loose Fingers1 (The Duality) '05816-03 Hyperchaz
Larry Heard-Loose Fingers2 (The Double-Play) '05805-10 Hanging
Larry Heard-Love's Arrival '011206-04 Caravan
Larry Heard-Sceneries Not Songs Vol.1 '94914-05 Thin Line
Larry Heard-Where Life Begins '031212-02 Black Byrd
Last Poets & Bernard Purdie-Delights of the Garden ’77614-04 Beyonder
Last Poets-Retro Fit '981207-04 Viereck
Last Poets-This is Madness '711507-05 Erstaunt
Late Night Tales by Jamiroquai1305-12 Choo Choo
Late Night Tales Vol.03 Rae & Christian1506-04 TEE Musik
Latin Quarter-Modern Times '851206-05 BasicDispo
Laurent Garnier-Unreasonable Behaviour '001207-07 Hollywood
Laurie Anderson-Big Science '82911-06 Branded
Laurie Anderson-Home of the Brave '86808-04 Collapse
Laurie Anderson-Life on a String '011207-10 Wiener
Laurie Anderson-Mister Heartbreak '94709-11 Disco2Disc
Laurie Anderson-Strange Angels '891011-07 pres. Dionne
Lauryn Hill-The Miseducation '981614-04 Babylon
Lawrence Hilton Jacobs-LHJ '78907-08 Juicy
Layce Baker-Plays R&B Favorites (Songs that never get old)1409-01 Millionare
LCD Soundsystem-LCD Soundsystem CD1 '051106-01 Expo
LCD Soundsystem-LCD Soundsystem CD2 '05906-01 Superwoman
Le Hammond Inferno-My First Political Dance Album '011206-07 Was geht
Le Pamplemousse-Sweet Magic '78808-01 Lovele Dae
Le Voyage Abstrait (Compiled by Marionneau) '041505-11 Afraid
Lee Dorsey-Diverse1206-05 Fake it
Lee Garrett-Heat for the Feets '76907-05 Heidi
Lee Perry & Mad Prof.-Super Ape Inna Jungle '951006-11 Roy's Cafe
Lee Scratch Perry-Alien Starmna '041511-09 Ripple
Lee Scratch Perry-Arkology Box1 '75-791806-07 Life's Gas
Lee Scratch Perry-Arkology Box2 '75-791706-07 Was geht
Lee Scratch Perry-Arkology Box3 '75-791706-07 Shot Eric
Lee Scratch Perry-History, Mystery & Prophesy '84806-10 Want ya
Lee Scratch Perry-Lord God Muzick '901208-01 Duji Trax
Lee Scratch Perry-Panic in Babylon '041314-12 called Johnny
Lee Scratch Perry-Time Boom X De Devil Dead '871107-09 Love Money
Leela James-A change is gonna come '051507-02 Groove Bus
Leftfield-Leftism '951308-04 Warfare
Lemongrass-Voyage au Centre de la Terre '001308-07 One Night
Lenny Kravitz-5 '981311-09 Promised
Lenny Kravitz-Mama said '911413-12 xpress
Leon Thomas-Anthology '69-791206-04 Ghettofrau
Leon Ware-Musical Massage '761506-08 Massage
Leroy Hutson-Closer to the Source '78805-12 Väthish
Leroy Hutson-Feel the Spirit '76706-02 CopaSpirit
Leroy Hutson-Hutson 2 '76908-07 One Night
Leroy-Hutson-Hutson '75707-04 Release me
Les McCann-Another Beginning '73806-10 Stumpf
Les McCann-Talkin' Verve '62-671706-01 Abstrakt
Les McCann-Tall, Dark & Handsome '79912-10 Trouble
Level 42-A Physical Presence '851007-02 Chant 42
Level 42-Running in the Family '87916-01 Running
Level 42-Running in the Mixes616-01 Running
Level 42-Standing in the Light '831007-03 Skate Roll
Level 42-The Early Tapes '801013-04 Sandstorm
Level 42-World Machine '851509-10 Batmobil
LFO-Sheath '031106-04 Ecstasy
Liaisons Dangereuses-Liaisons Dangereuses '811012-05 Los Ninos
Lidell Townsell & M.T.F-Harmony '921411-08 Nu aber
Lidell Townsell & William Stover Projects '87-921212-04 Hyperactiv
Lidell Townsell-Jack the Hole House '87-881011-08 Sesam Box
Liebesgruesse aus Hollywood '001605-07 Synchron
Lightning Seeds-Cloudcuckooland '901116-03 Angel
Lil Louis & The World-From the Mind of Lil Louis '891415-10 Billy Jack
Lil Louis & the World-I called U (3x12'') '89815-10 Billy Jack
Lil' Louis & The World-Journey with the Lonely '921216-02 Valley
Lily Allen-It's Not Me, It's You '091310-05 not Fair
Linda Clifford-Sings Curtis Mayfield '74-791107-06 Melody
Lionrock-City Delirious '981314-01 Wunderbar
Lions-Jah Jah Works '951007-06 Click Ali
Lisa Carbon-Trio de Janeiro '971314-05 Carbon 9mm
Lisa Ekdahl-Sings Salvadore Poe '001405-05 Crazy Dia
Lisa Stansfield-Affection (Maxis)907-04 Lisa Light
Lisa Stansfield-Affection '891607-04 Lisa Light
Lisa Stansfield-Face up '011311-10 Ausland
Lisa Stansfield-Lisa Stansfield '971913-11 Real Thing
Lisa Stansfield-Real Love '911312-12 born slippy
Lisa Stansfield-Real Woman (Hip Selection) EP712-12 born slippy
Lisa Stansfield-So Natural '931314-05 Pipeline
Little Anthony & The Imperials-Greatest Hits1406-03 Hurt so Bad
Llorca-Newcomer '011210-07 Thriller
Lo Fidelity Allstars-Don't be afraid of Love '011306-01 Mondwolke
Logic Trance Vol.2 (Part1) '94906-02 Shit Radio
Logic Trance Vol.2 (Part2) '941006-04 Caravan
Loleatta Holloway-Greatest Hits (Part1)906-09 Hit and Go
Lonnie Liston Smith-Cosmic Funk '74606-08 Cosmic
Lonnie Liston Smith-Exotic Mysteries '78813-03 Suizid
Lonnie Liston Smith-Love is the Answer '80806-05 BasicDispo
Lonnie Liston Smith-Loveland '78807-06 Click Ali
Lonnie Liston Smith-Make Someone Happy '86813-06 Ziggy
Lonnie Liston Smith-Reflections of a Golden Dream '761005-08 No Stop Us
Lonnie Liston Smith-Song for the Children '80706-07 Austern
Lonnie Smith-Afro-Desia '75406-10 Sabotage
Lonnie Smith-Drives '70515-02 Schach
Lonnie Smith-Keep on Lovin '76616-03 Time Out
Lonnie Smith-Live at Club Mozambique '70814-01 Zeitmaschine
Loose Ends-A little Spice '831206-03 Can U feel it
Loose Ends-So where are you '851206-03 Faden
Loose Ends-Tighten Up Vol.1 '92806-03 Elevation
Lorenzo-Phon '031506-01 Abstrakt
Los Amigos Invisibles-New Sound of Venezuelan '982007-05 Erstaunt
Lou Donaldson-Everything I Play is Funky '69606-02 Time Out
Lou Donaldson-Mr. Shing-a-Ling '67514-03 fine now
Lou Rawls & Les McCann-Stormy Monday '621213-05 get enough
Lou Rawls-Unmistakably Lou '771212-03 Jazz Corner
Love and Money-Strange kind of Love '881107-12 Rock Boat
Love Inc.-Life's a Gas '961106-07 Life's Gas
Love Unlimited-Love is Back '79716-01 Running
Love Unlimited-Under the Influence of... '73809-01 Millionare
Love, Peace & Happiness-Love is Stronger '71909-10 Batmobil
Low Life Extensions-Eye Q '971007-10 want Ride
LRD-Les Rythmes Digatales810-11 Jesus
LTJ Bukem-Earth Vol.2 '971009-05 Pagan
Luka Bloom-The Acoustic Motorbike '921207-03 to Give it
Luka Bloom-Turf '941313-04 love America
Luke Vibert & BJ Cole-Stop the Panic '001312-05 Los Ninos
Luke Vibert-Big Soup '971314-01 in my Eyes
Luke Vibert-YosepH '031414-04 Beyonder
Lumukanda-Araglin '94816-01 Obvious
Luxury House Vacation on San Andrés '011312-04 Reese Shit
Lyambiko-Lyambiko '051406-03 Vielfarben
Lyn Collins-Check me Out, If you don't know me '751808-02 dkdent
M.I.A.-Arular '051405-07 Black Ray
Mac Machine-Mutherfunken '911008-09 Love Story
Maceo Parker-Life on Planet Groove '92812-08 Gurke
Maceo Parker-Us '74707-12 Rock Boat
Macy Gray-Big '071207-12 Amnesie
Macy Gray-The ID '011408-09 Love Story
Macy Gray-The Trouble with being Myself '031205-12 Choo Choo
Mad on House Vol.1+Megamix 2 (House Story so far... )715-02 Schach
Madness-Absolutely '801514-12 Last Tango
Madness-Complete Madness (Early Singles)1713-05 Galaxy
Madness-Keep Moving '841414-05 So What
Madness-One Step Beyond '791614-05 like dat
Madness-Seven '811314-04 Beyonder
Madness-The Madness '881414-07 Crazy Kym
Madness-The Rise & Fall '821514-05 Some Guys
Madness-Wonderful '991107-02 Peaceful
Madonna-Confessions On a Dance Floor '051206-01 Abstrakt
Madonna-Music '001208-11 Wake Up
Madonna-Ray of Light '981408-06 Pusherman
Madrugada-Grit '021207-10 Wiener
Magnum-Fully Loaded '74707-06 Magnum
Makai-Millenium '981006-02 Underground
Malcolm McLaren-Paris '941305-08 Anansi
Manchild-Feel the Phuff '781012-02 Black Byrd
Manchild-Power and Love '77812-04 thankful
Mandrill-Composite Truth '73907-02 Chant 42
Mandrill-Just Outside of Town '73907-01 Vasco
Mandrill-Mandrill (Peace and Love) '701006-12 Peacelove
Mandrill-Mandrill is '721107-01 Just Way
Manfred Krug-Das war nur ein Moment '711514-02 Tune in
Manfred Krug-Du bist heute wie neu '76914-01 Love Cost
Manfred Krug-Ein Hauch Von Frühling '721014-01 be Tough
Manfred Krug-Greens '741114-01 Green ever
Mangelsdorff & Dauner-Two is a Company '82406-02 Underground
Manhattan Transfer-Very Best '75-871614-03 Gloria Joy
Manhattans-Kiss And Say Goodbye (Best Of)1907-10 want Ride
Mano Negra-Casa Babylon '941606-10 Want ya
Mano Negra-Patchanka '921806-10 Stumpf
Mano Negra-Puta's Fever '891406-07 Life's Gas
Mantronix-In Full Effect '88914-01 Keep Hope
Mantronix-Music Madness '86905-11 Who is it
Mantronix-The Album '85705-11 Ego Futter
Mantronix-The Incredible Sound Machine '911306-12 Peacelove
Manu Chao-Clandestino '981607-02 Groove Bus
Manu Chao-Proxima Estacion-Esperanza '011713-05 get enough
Manu Dibango-Afrovision '76605-10 Forest
Manu Dibango-Electric Africa '85416-03 Mange
Manuel Göttsching-E2-E4 '84115-02 Schach
Marcy Playground-Sex & Candy '981213-10 Spank Kelly
Marillion-Best of & B'sides Themselves1513-06 Ziggy
Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis jr.-I Hope We Get To Love In Time '761015-04 King Crown
Marine Girls-Lazy Ways '831408-01 Duji Trax
Mark Radice-Ain't Nothing but a Party '76605-11 Ego Futter
Mark Rae-Into the Depths '041114-06 Zwiebel
Markus Guentner-Audio Island '02905-11 Mother
Marla Glen-Friends '031214-08 Maybe
Marla Glen-This is Marla Glen '93907-07 Brainwash
Marlena Shaw-Anthology1506-05 Jump Reno
Marlena Shaw-Out of Different Bags '671606-04 Caravan
Marlena Shaw-Spice Of Life '691506-04 Ghettofrau
Maroon 5-Overexposed '121313-04 Maude
Martha & the Muffins-Metro Music '801107-05 Echo Beach
Martin Böttcher-Winnetou Melodien1515-01 Face it
Martin L. Gore-Counterfeit2 '031107-10 Face it
Martin Taylor-Nitelife '011005-07 Black Ray
Martini Mood '011206-06 Beng Beng
Marvin Gaye-At the Copa '671707-11 Caravan
Marvin Gaye-Best of '60ies813-04 Da Funk
Marvin Gaye-Here, My Dear '781406-11 Up Egypt
Marvin Gaye-I Want You '761106-10 Want ya
Marvin Gaye-In Our Lifetime `79-81907-06 Guy Jose
Marvin Gaye-Let's get it on '73908-08 1000Tränen
Marvin Gaye-Live at Kennedy Center '721206-04 Paper Doll
Marvin Gaye-Live at the London Palladium '771207-03 to Give it
Marvin Gaye-Love Starved Heart '66-691808-06 Pusherman
Marvin Gaye-Midnight Love '82808-01 Sexual
Marvin Gaye-Night Life '64-661313-04 Sandstorm
Marvin Gaye-Romantically Yours1105-10 Mondflug
Marvin Gaye-Sexual Healing Sessions '821408-01 Sexual
Marvin Gaye-The House Mixes Vol.1 '04610-08 Whole Moon
Marvin Gaye-Trouble Man (ST) '721306-06 Mister T
Marvin Gaye-What's Going On (Detroit Mix) '71906-06 Beng Beng
Marvin Gaye-What's Going On '711306-07 Was geht
Mary J. Blige-No More Drama '011713-02 Manoeuver
Mary Lorson & Billy Cote-Piano Creeps '021208-11 Wake Up
Massive Attack & Mad Professor-No Protection '95813-04 Maude
Massive Attack-100th Window '031007-05 Future
Massive Attack-Blue Lines '911211-09 unfinished
Massive Attack-Mezzanine '981414-04 Teardrop
Massive Attack-Protection '941314-04 Fingers
Master C & J ft. Liz Torres-Can't get enough '85-881215-01 Face it
Master C & J ft. Liz Torres-Trax Classix 11107-10 Face it
Master C&J ft. Liz Torres-Trax Classix 21107-11 Domino
Mastercuts Classic 80's Groove Vol.31014-01 Keep Hope
MasterCuts Classic G-Funk Vol.1 '93-961205-11 Mother
MasterCuts Classic Jazz Funk Vol.6 (Japan)1215-03 Luxury
MasterCuts Classic Jazz-Funk Vol.1-31315-12 No Flowers
MasterCuts-Classic Jazz Funk Vol.2+31005-11 Ego Futter
Masters at Work-10th Anniversary (Part II) CD1 '96-00814-06 Back Stabb
Masters at Work-10th Anniversary '90-95 (CD1 Vocals)714-03 Key Life
Masters at Work-10th Anniversary '90-95 (CD2 Dubs & MAW Vocals)814-04 Phoenix
Masters at Work-10th Anniversary '90-95 (CD3 Beats+Loops)814-02 Regentropfen
Masters at Work-10th Anniversary '90-95 (CD4 Tools & Grooves)914-06 Speak Shout
Maththias Thurow-Cornucopia '87706-10 Stumpf
Matt Bianco-Matt Bianco '861013-01 Pleasure Ride
Matt Bianco-Whose Side are you on '841012-05 Los Ninos
Maxwell-Embrya ‘981209-07 Moda
Maxwell-MTV Unplugged '97805-11 Mother
Maxwell-Now '011215-09 Dusty
Maze ft. Frankie Beverly-Live in Los Angeles '861306-09 Oogie Taxi
Maze ft. Frankie Beverly-Live in New Orleans '81614-01 be Tough
Maze ft. Frankie Beverly-Maze '77714-05 Pipeline
Mazzy Star-So tonight that I might see '931013-12 xpress
MC 900 ft. Jesus-One Step Ahead of the Spider '941011-03 Stare Jesus
MC Classic Hip Hop Vol.11213-05 let me go
MC Duke-Organised Rhyme '892115-07 Klagelied
MC Shy D-Greatest Hits (Part 1)1114-01 be Tough
MC Shy D-Greatest Hits (Part 2)1114-01 Green ever
MC Solaar-Cinquième As '012114-01 Are People
MC Solaar-Mach 6 '031611-08 Polaroid
MC Solaar-MC Solaar '981107-10 Acid Trax
MC Solaar-Paradisiaque '971706-02 Shit Radio
MC Solaar-Qui seme le vent Recolte le Tempo '911814-03 Caroline
MC Tunes-The North at its Heights '901007-06 Magnum
McFadden & Whitehead-I heard it in a Love Song '80913-10 Lose ur Love
McFadden & Whitehead-Same '791105-08 No Stop Us
Meat Beat Manifesto-Ruok '021205-07 Schläger
Meat Beat Manifesto-Subliminal Sandwich CD1 '961805-08 UFO's
Meat Beat Manifesto-Subliminal Sandwich CD2 '961005-08 Treibsand
Medeski Martin & Wood-Combustication '981211-03 Dickschädel
Mel Tormé-Scenes '571206-05 Seriös
Melba Moore-I'm in Love '881006-04 Zarathustra
Melba Moore-Never Say Never '83906-03 Sanctuary
Melba Moore-The Other Side of the Rainbow '82806-03 Vielfarben
Melissa Etheridge-Never enough '921007-08 U Fake it
Members of the House-Keep Believin' '87815-06 Stadtbau
Men at Work-Best of '82-851313-08 Jacko
Me'Shell NdegéOcello-Bitter '991209-12 Slipping
Me'Shell NdegéOcello-Peace Beyond Passion '961316-01 Obvious
Me'shell NdegeOcello-Plantation Lullabies '931707-05 Erstaunt
Messer Chups-Monster & Monster, Miss Libido '001306-05 Jump Reno
Messer Chups-Vamp Babes (Upgrade Version '04)1306-05 Nacktfoto
Meters & JB Horns-Live at the Moonwalker (2nd Helping) '91914-10 Dumb Girl
Meters & JB Horns-Live at the Moonwalker Vol.1 '911015-03 City Live
Meters-Fire on the Bayou '751214-05 Thin Line
Meters-Look-ka Py Py '701414-05 like dat
Meters-New Directions '77811-03 Time now
Meters-Rejuvenation '74911-09 Sign O
Meters-Struttin' 701415-03 Phuture
Meters-The Meters '691414-02 Tune in
Meters-Trick Bag '761714-08 Steppin' Twiggy
Mfalme-Let your Soul fly '76908-01 Get Busy
MFSB-MFSB '73706-05 Fake it
MFSB-Philadelphia Freedom '751106-04 TEE Musik
Mia-Stille Post '041113-04 Sandstorm
Mica-Jetsetmusic '021406-05 Fake it
Michael Buble-It's Time '051506-05 Nacktfoto
Michael Franti & Spearhead-Filmore 1 (live) '051105-09 Johnny
Michael Franti & Spearhead-Stay Human '011613-05 Galaxy
Michael Jackson-History '951909-04 Perfect10
Michael Jackson-Off the Wall '791107-01 Vasco
Michael Jackson-Old Motown1413-05 Earth Boot
Michael Jackson-Thriller '821110-07 Thriller
Michael Wycoff-Come to my World '801008-01 Lovele Dae
Michele-Magic Love (West End Rec.) '77511-10 Ausland
Midnight Express 1 (Mix by David Alvarado) '991307-06 Click Ali
Midnight Star-Headlines '861511-07 pres. Dionne
Mighty Clouds of Joy-Best of (Memory Lane) '60-931005-12 Scratch
Mighty Ryeders-Help us spread the Message '781008-03 Drowning
Mike Dunn-Free your Mind '901014-05 like dat
Milch & Bar-Lounge Beatz1614-04 Beyonder
Miles Davis & Freddie Hubbard-Super Horns808-04 Collapse
Miles Davis-Doo Bop '921314-01 Wunderbar
Miles Davis-Kind of Blue '59614-05 So What
Miles Davis-On the Corner '72405-11 Afraid
Miles Jaye-Miles '87814-09 Kung Fu
Miles Jaye-Strong '911008-01 Duji Trax
Millie Jackson & Isaac Hayes-Royal Rappin '79915-11 Jericho
Millie Jackson-Millie Jackson '721013-03 Suizid
Millie Scott-Love Me Right '871513-05 Millie
Milt Jackson & Ray Brown-Montreux '77608-02 dkdent
Milt Jackson-Sunflower '73710-11 Jesus
Ministry Of Sound-House Classics CD21805-03 Ask Lord
Ministry-With Sympathy '831214-01 Love Cost
Minnie Riperton-Perfect Angel ‘741109-01 Millionare
Mint Royale-On the Ropes '991307-09 Girl need
Miracles-City of Angels '751006-09 Hit and Go
Miracles-Do it Baby '741005-11 Afraid
Miracles-Don't cha love it '751006-03 Can U feel it
Miriam Makeba-Pata Pata '671211-06 Branded
Miss Ann-Margret-The Vivacious One '621206-01 Expo
Mo Boma-Jijimuge (Interdiffusion of Particles) '94814-01 Dirty Robot
Mo Boma-Myths of the Near Future '961013-12 Rucker
Mo Boma-Myths of the Near Future Vol.2 '951214-08 Put Asunder
Moa-Universal '981111-09 Promised
Moby-18 '021805-05 Crazy Dia
Moby-Play '011811-08 Sesam Box
Moby-Play more ('98-01)1011-09 yourself Go
Moby-Rare (Collected B-Sides) '89-931006-10 Sabotage
Moby-Rare Go-The Collected Mixes1406-09 Hit and Go
Model 500 & Martian-Journey to Martian Polar Cap '95405-08 Treibsand
Model 500-Classics (Part1)805-08 UFO's
Model 500-Classics (Part2)805-08 Fast Foxx
Model 500-Classics (Part3)705-09 Muttersohn
Modjo-Modjo '011512-04 like Blood
Mojo Club Vol.3-Work to do1210-09 Take 5
Moloko-Do you like my Tight Sweater '951906-01 Fun 4 Iko
Moloko-I am not a Doctor '981706-06 Mister T
Moloko-Statues '021007-06 Click Ali
Moloko-Things to make and do '002011-03 Time now
Monday Michiru-Delicious Poison '961206-02 Time Out
Mondo Grosso etc '931012-12 born slippy
Mono-Formica Blues '971205-06 Ladyshave
Monoide-Crumbed (Remixes) '051115-05 Südpol
Moody Blues-Days of Future Passed '67705-10 Big Noise
Mo'Plen 4000 (Glamorous Boogie Grooves)1707-10 Acid Trax
Morcheeba-Big Calm '981506-07 Austern
Morcheeba-Charango '021305-09 Muttersohn
Morcheeba-Fragments of Freedom '001214-01 in my Eyes
Morcheeba-The Antidote '051008-03 Frequenzy
Morcheeba-Who can you trust '961315-10 Billy Jack
Morrissey-Ringleader of the Tormentors '061211-05 Allright Emma
Morrissey-You are the Quarry '041206-04 TEE Musik
Mory Kante-Akwaba Beach '87813-05 Nassau
Mory Kante-Tatebola '961015-06 Stadtbau
Mother Earth-The People Tree '931507-06 Guy Jose
Mother Earth-You've been Watching+ '951907-09 Love Money
Mouse On Mars-Radical Connector '04906-04 Paper Doll
Mousse T.-Gourmet de Funk '021614-05 Some Guys
Mr Oizo-Analog Worms Attack '991505-07 Black Ray
Mr. Fingers-Amnesia '891207-12 Amnesie
Mr. Fingers-Back to Love '941415-05 Rockin'
Mr. Fingers-Can you feel it, Washing Machine1106-03 Can U feel it
Mr. Fingers-Introduction '921312-03 Jazz Corner
Mr. Lee-Acid Fantaslee (Best of Part1)1411-07 Mr Lee
Mr. Lee-I can't forget (div.)811-12 Tainted
Mr. Oizo-Last Night a DJ killed my Dog EP '00613-10 Confusion
Mtume-Juicy Fruit '83907-08 Juicy
Mutant Disco (ZE Records) CD11305-12 Infiziert
Mutant Disco (ZE Records) CD21406-01 Grasgrün
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult-Sexplosion '911115-05 Prozent
Nana Mouskouri-An Evening with Harry Belafonte '661007-10 Whistle
Nana Mouskouri-Nana in New York '621506-02 Honigbusch
Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood-Fairytales and Fantasies1511-09 yourself Go
Nat King Cole-Love is the Thing '571506-10 Want ya
Natalie Merchant-House Carpenter's Daughter '031114-04 Teardrop
Natcha Atlas-Somthing Dangerous '031408-08 1000Tränen
Natural Four-Heaven Right here on Earth '75806-04 Paper Doll
Naughty by Nature-Gr. Hits (Naughty's Nicest)1709-04 Perfect10
Neil Arthur-Suitcase '941008-01 Lovele Dae
Neil Diamond-Serenade '74811-08 Polaroid
Neil Diamond-The Essential '66-721614-02 Tune in
Neil Diamond-The Essential '76-011514-06 Back Stabb
Nelly Furtado-Folklore '031406-01 Fun 4 Iko
Nelly Furtado-Loose '061306-12 Peacelove
Nelly Furtado-Whoa Nelly '021706-02 Shit Radio
Neneh Cherry-Homebrew '921709-08 Lauren Eye
Neon Electronics-System Rivièra '021416-01 Running
Neon Judgement-At Devil's Fork '951405-08 No Stop Us
Neon Judgement-First Judgements '81-841105-08 Rosensaat
Neon Judgement-Horny as Hell `871015-05 Word Up
Neon Judgement-Mafu Cage '861215-11 Jericho
Neon Judgement-MBIH! '85705-10 Mondflug
Neon Judgement-The Insult '901014-08 Maybe
Neu!-Neu '75714-02 Regentropfen
Neville Brothers-Family Groove '921405-08 Anansi
New Birth-Behold the Mighty Army '77907-02 Peaceful
New Order-Krafty MCD '0541612 The Crutch
New Order-Power, Corruption & Lies '83808-02 Good Time
New Order-Substance 1987 (CD2)1207-10 want Ride
New Order-Waiting for the Sirens Call '05111612 The Crutch
New Radicals-Maybe you've been Brainwashed '981207-07 Brainwash
New Testament of Funk '981405-10 Hanging
New York City-I'm doin' fine now '73914-03 fine now
New York City-Soulful Road '741016-03 Angel
Newcleus-Jam On This! (Best of) '83-861315-03 Luxury
N-Factor-Paradigmashift '921107-12 Amnesie
Nic Endo-Cold Metal Perfection '021111-11 Der Rabe
Nick Heyward-North of a Miracle '831707-03 Skate Roll
Nicole Russo-Through my Eyes '021312-04 like Blood
Night Trains-Loaded (Acid Jazz) '921008-07 One Night
Nighthawks-As the Sun Sets '041015-03 Phuture
Nils Landgren Funk Unit-Paint It Blue '961210-05 not Fair
Nils Landgren-Fonk da World '011306-07 Was geht
Nina Hagen-Sternenmädchen '74-951811-03 Dickschädel
Nina Simone-Best of '57-63 (Part1)1005-09 Muttersohn
Nina Simone-I put a spell on you '65131706 Shaft
Nina Simone-Let it all out '661213-04 love America
Nina Simone-Pastel Blues '651107-03 Skate Roll
Ninja Cuts-Flexistentialism '961211-05 Fade2Grey
Ninja Cuts-FunKungFusion '981607-06 Melody
Ninja-TripHop Vol.21108-08 1000Tränen
Nitzer Ebb-Body of Work (Best of) CD1.1 '06907-03 to Give it
Nitzer Ebb-Body of Work (Best of) CD1.2 '061007-04 Viereck
Nitzer Ebb-Body of Work (Remixe) CD2 '061307-12 Rock Boat
Nitzer Ebb-That Total Age '871414-01 Green ever
Noir Desir-Des Visages des Figures '011205-12 Choo Choo
Norma Jean Wright-Norma Jean '78915-10 Time Out
Norman Connors-Passion '881107-10 Face it
Norman Connors-Slewfoot '74608-01 Sexual
Norman Feels-Where or When (just Sunshine) '741007-08 Shalala
Northern Soul (Kent 013) Moving On Up1212-05 Pseudo
Northern Soul (Kent 017) Footstompers1607-08 U Fake it
Northern Soul (Kent 034) Soul Uprising1106-03 Can U feel it
Northern Soul Deep Beats Vol.1 '66-752106-02 Beat goes
Northern Soul Deep Beats Vol.2 '64-741906-02 Underground
Northern Soul-For Millionaires Only Vol.22007-10 Wiener
Notwist-Neon Golden '021006-11 Up Egypt
Nu Cool Vol.1 CD1 '981114-04 Babylon
Nu Soul Classics Vol.1 (Best of Hott Rec.) '951212-05 Drums speak
Nylon-Die Liebe kommt '041213-12 xpress
Nylon-Eine kleine Sehnsucht1007-05 Rising Top
O.V. Wright-The Hi Records Masters '76-781515-01 Ecstasy
O'Donel Levy-Breeding of Mind '721111-08 Sesam Box
O'Donel Levy-Everything I gonna do be Funky '73811-07 Mr Lee
O'Donel Levy-Simba '74713-05 Millie
O'Donel Levy-Time Has Changed '77611-06 Branded
Ohio Players-Angel '77816-03 Angel
Ohio Players-Ecstasy '731015-01 Ecstasy
Ohio Players-Honey '75716-01 Running
Ohio Players-Pain '71605-10 Hanging
Ohio Players-Skin Tight '74616-03 Geisha
Ohm Square-Ohmophonica '981114-03 Key Life
Oi Va Voi-Laughter through Tears '041206-04 Ecstasy
O'Jays-Back Stabbers '72914-06 Back Stabb
O'Jays-Family Reunion '75714-09 Stockwerk
O'Jays-Ship Ahoy '72807-09 Love Money
Ojos De Brujo-Bari (Remixes) '03606-05 Fake it
Ojos De Brujo-Bari '021306-04 Caravan
Old Skool Jams (B-Boy Classics & Essential Hip Hop)1206-04 Paper Doll
Oleta Adams-Circle of One '901112-04 Reese Shit
Oliver Lake-Again and Again '90816-03 Hyperchaz
Oliver Onions-Best of Bud Spencer & T.Hill Vol.21406-03 Vielfarben
Olive-Trickle '001305-09 Spirit
Omar-Sing (if you want it) '061607-05 Echo Beach
OMD-Architecture & Morality '811608-04 Warfare
OMD-Dazzle Ships '831514-03 Windiges C
OMD-Glasgow Apollo (Live Bootleg) '831411-02 Metapher
OMD-Junk Culture '841712-03 Jazz Corner
OMD-Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark '801013-02 Manoeuver
OMD-Orchestral Manoeuvrez Bonus '79-801213-02 Manoeuver
OMD-Organisation '80912-05 Drums speak
OMD-Organisations (Bonus+Peel Sessions)1312-05 Drums speak
OMD-The Pacific Age '861515-05 Word Up
Omni Trio-Volume 1993-2003 (CD1)1205-12 Renegade
Omni Trio-Volume 1993-2003 (Mix CD2)2205-12 Neunzehn
On the House (Curtis McClain)-Best Pleasure '86-88813-01 Pleasure Ride
One Giant Leap-One Giant Leap '011206-04 Paper Doll
One World One Voice '902207-07 Hollywood
Oneness of Juju-African Rhythms '751207-05 Future
Oran Juice Jones-Juice '861007-05 Future
Oran Juice Jones-To Be Immortal '891213-02 Manoeuver
Orbital-Middle of Nowhere '961114-01 Love Cost
Orbital-Snivilisation '941207-06 Melody
Orb-Orblivion '971312-05 Los Ninos
Orb-Pomme Fritz '94607-01 Just Way
Originals-Communique '761007-06 Click Ali
Osibisa-Black Magic Night (Live) '771213-05 Earth Boot
Osibisa-Ojah Awake '761011-09 Bells toll
Osibisa-Welcome Home '75813-05 get enough
Otis Redding-Live in Europe '671008-07 One Night
Outkast-Aquemini '981613-05 Nassau
Palais Schaumburg-Palais Schaumburg '811115-06 Stadtbau
Palo Palo Vol. 5 (Groove Out Your Funky Soul) '031214-10 Dumb Girl
Palomino-Electric Silvergrass '041113-10 Confusion
Panacea-Low Profile Darkness '971205-08 Bullit
Paragons (John Holt)-The Tide Is High '62-791214-05 like dat
Parliament-Chocolate City '751215-05 Prozent
Parliament-Greatest Hits '74-79916-03 Time Out
Party Keller Vol.1 (Compost Rec.) '041407-04 Lisa Light
Passengers-Original Soundtracks 1 '951408-07 One Night
Passport-Anthology (Spirit of Continuity) CD21013-07 Amboss
Patrice Rushen-Before the Dawn '75512-03 The Ghetto
Patrice Rushen-Patrice '781013-10 Spank Kelly
Patrice Rushen-Shout it Out '77812-10 Trouble
Patrice Rushen-Straight from the Heart '821114-03 Caroline
Patrick Juvet-I Love America '78513-04 love America
Patti Labelle-Best of Lady Marmalade1012-08 Gurke
Paul Hardcastle-19-Paul Hardcastle '851305-12 Neunzehn
Paul Hardcastle-Best of CD1 '83-031106-01 Expo
Paul Hardcastle-Best of CD2 '83-031606-01 Abstrakt
Paul Oakenfold-Bunkka '021106-02 Shit Radio
Paul Simon-Graceland '861508-03 Frequenzy
Paula-Ruhig Blut '051208-01 Sexual
Paulinho Da Costa-Happy People '79912-12 born slippy
Paulinho da Costa-Sunrise '84813-03 Suizid
People's Choice-Boogie Down USA '751115-03 Luxury
People's Choice-We got the Rhythm '76715-02 Schach
Peopletree ft. Milla Jovovich-New Electronic Folk '021806-01 Grasgrün
Per Cussion-Beatwave '851111-10 Number 1
Perez Prado-King of Mambo (Part2)1511-09 Bells toll
Perez Prado-King of Mambo Part11813-01 Pleasure Ride
Perry & Sanlin-For those who love '80907-10 Wiener
Perry Rhodan (SOS aus dem Weltall) OST2705-07 Schläger
Persuaders-Best Thing that ever happened to me '74914-05 Some Guys
Persuaders-The Persuaders '731015-01 Face it
Persuaders-Thin Line Between Love And Hate '721014-05 Thin Line
Pertinax nord-Bell '99609-10 Batmobil
Pet Shop Boys-Actually '871210-05 not Fair
Pet Shop Boys-Please '861505-07 Synchron
Pete Rock-Soul Survivor '991711-10 Number 1
Peter Gabriel-Ovo '001212-03 Jazz Corner
Peter Gabriel-So '861106-04 Ecstasy
Peter Gabriel-Up '021006-02 Beat goes
Peter Thomas-Filmmusik Edgar Wallace '673111-10 Respect
Peter Thomas-Filmmusik Jerry Cotton '671511-09 Sign O
Peter Thomas-Moonflowers & Miniskirts 11006-07 Life's Gas
Peter Thomas-Moonflowers & Miniskirts 21409-11 Disco2Disc
Peter Thomas-Peter Scores (The Erotic World) '67-721605-06 Ladyshave
Peven Everett-Studio Confessions '021115-03 City Live
Pharoah Sander-Black Unity '71105-06 Ladyshave
Pharoah Sanders & Leon Thomas-Shukuru '85706-04 TEE Musik
Pharoah Sanders-Message from Home '95611-12 Tainted
Pharoah Sanders-Tauhid '67606-11 Up Egypt
Pharoah Sanders-Thembi '71610-09 Take 5
Phials of Acid Jazz '961114-01 Are People
Phuture (DJ Pierre)-Trax Classix Vol.2907-11 Caravan
Phuture (DJ Pierre)-Trax Classix Vol.31208-06 Pusherman
Phuture (DJ Pierre)-Trax Classix1207-10 Acid Trax
Phuture 303-Alpha & Omega '961206-03 Faden
Phuture-Acid Tracks and more915-03 Phuture
Pink Floyd-A Saucerful of Secrets '68706-03 Hurt so Bad
Pink Floyd-Animals '77505-12 Renegade
Pink Floyd-Atom Heart Mother '70506-04 Zarathustra
Pink Floyd-Dark Side of the Moon '73905-10 Hanging
Pink Floyd-Meddle '71614-01 Zeitmaschine
Pink Floyd-Momentary Lapse of Reason '871006-07 Life's Gas
Pink Floyd-Obscured by Clouds1005-12 Choo Choo
Pink Floyd-Wish you were here '75705-05 Crazy Dia
Pizzicato Five-Antique 96 ‘86-951709-07 Moda
Pizzicato Five-Bellissima! '881014-01 Alien Zoo
Pizzicato Five-Bossa Nova 2001 '931714-01 Are People
Pizzicato Five-By her Majestys request '891714-04 Teardrop
Pizzicato Five-Ca et la du Japon '011614-04 Babylon
Pizzicato Five-Combinaison Spaciale EP '96614-04 Fingers
Pizzicato Five-Great White Wonder '90-962013-06 TCB
Pizzicato Five-Happy End of the World '971314-03 fine now
Pizzicato Five-Happy End of you (Remix Album) '981314-03 Caroline
Pizzicato Five-Hi Guys let me teach you '911414-03 Windiges C
Pizzicato Five-London-Paris-Tokio EP '91614-05 So What
Pizzicato Five-Overdose '941514-02 Sunshine
Pizzicato Five-Pizzicatomania '87814-06 Speak Shout
Pizzicato Five-Playboy & Playgirl '981614-05 Some Guys
Pizzicato Five-Romantique 96 '951814-05 Carbon 9mm
Pizzicato Five-Shibuya on Air (Live) '911215-03 Phuture
Pizzicato Five-Soft Landing on the Moon '901914-01 in my Eyes
Pizzicato Five-Sweet Pizzicato Five '921114-06 Back Stabb
Pizzicato Five-The 5th Release from Matador '001414-01 Zeitmaschine
Pizzicato Five-This Year's Girl '911714-08 Steppin' Twiggy
Pizzicato Five-This Year's Model EP '91514-02 Tune in
PJ Harvey-Is this Desire '981205-07 Planet
Planete Ska-The Best of Ska1116-03 Mange
Plant Life-The Return of Jack Splash '04191706 Shaft
Plastikman-Closer '031015-10 Time Out
Plastikman-Musik '941215-05 Rockin'
Platters-Best of2006-07 Was geht
Players Association-Players Association '77611-07 pres. Dionne
Pleasure-The Greatest of Pleasure1513-05 Nassau
PM Dawn-Jesus Wept '951506-01 Grasgrün
PM Dawn-Of the heart, of the Soul & Cross (Utopian Exp.) '912106-04 Paper Doll
Police-Outlandos d`Amour '781012-05 Drums speak
Police-Synchronicity '831012-09 Bustin
Pop 2000 Elektronik CD1 '72-991106-01 Mondwolke
Pop 2000 Kitsch & Kult CD81505-11 NipponCom
Pop 2000 Rock2 CD71805-12 Neunzehn
Pop 2000-Das gibts nur Einmal '991510-07 Utopisch
Pop Shopping Vol. 2 (60er)705-07 Synchron
Pop Shopping Vol. 2 (70er)1605-07 Getaway
Pop Shopping Vol.1 (60er)1507-10 Whistle
Pop Shopping Vol.1 (70er)1508-01 Lovele Dae
Popshopping Vol.2 '62-701512-04 Reese Shit
Popshopping Vol.2 '71-771212-04 thankful
Portishead-Dummy '941106-01 Nobody Luv
Portishead-Portishead '971706-10 Want ya
Portishead-Roseland NYC Live '981106-05 Sun Mad
Positive Black Soul-Salaam '961107-02 Groove Bus
Positive Express (-Force)-Changin' Times '82905-08 Treibsand
Positive Force-We got the Funk '79705-08 No Stop Us
Prelude Records-Best of '77-841007-09 Girl need
Pressure Drop-Elusive '971614-01 Green ever
Pressure Drop-My Friend+Silently Bad Minded '97914-01 Green ever
Pressure Drop-Tread '011606-05 Seriös
Pressure Drop-Upset (Bonus)805-10 Big Noise
Pressure Drop-Upset '921305-10 Big Noise
Prince & the N.P.G-Diamonds & Pearls '911311-08 Nu aber
Prince Charles & City Beat Band-Gr. Hits '81-841205-07 Planet
Prince-Black Album '87806-02 Underground
Prince-Musicology '041207-10 Acid Trax
Prince-News '03407-10 Face it
Prince-Sign 'O' the Times '871811-09 Sign O
Prince-Sign 'O' the Times Maxis '87-88811-10 Housequake
Princess Superstar-Is '051606-02 CopaSpirit
Princess Superstar-My Machine '052506-02 Honigbusch
Prince-The Beautiful Experience '94811-05 Allright Emma
Prince-The Songbook-Symbolism '83-951614-09 Stockwerk
Prodigy-Best Beat (Part 1)1011-04 Love is a House
Prodigy-Best Beat 21114-01 Alien Zoo
Propaganda-A Secret Wish '851306-10 Mabuse
Pseudo Echo-Autumnal Park '841012-05 Pseudo
Pseudo Echo-Autumnal Parkz (12'', Bonus & Demos) '841912-05 Pseudo
Pseudo Echo-Love an Adventure '851308-06 Pusherman
Public Enemy-Best of '87-941708-11 Wake Up
Pucho & the Latin Soul Brothers-Heat ‘68909-10 Batmobil
Pucho & the Latin Soul Brothers-Jungle Fire '69506-10 Stumpf
Pucho & the Latin Soul Brothers-Saffron and Soul '66908-02 Good Time
Pucho & the Latin Soul Brothers-Tough! '66908-02 dkdent
Pulp Fusion Vol.1-2 The Tough Side1306-05 Seriös
Pulp Fusion Vol.3-4 Ghetto Grooves1606-07 Austern
Pulp Fusion Vol.6-7 Magum, The Harder they come1407-05 Echo Beach
Putamayo pres. Samba Bossa Nova '021106-03 Can U feel it
Quadro Nuevo-Mocca Flor '051416-03 Mange
Quantic Soul Orchestra-Stampede '031015-11 The Nile
Quantic-Mishaps Happening '041214-07 the Rainfall
Quazar-21 Hours '991408-03 Drowning
Quincy Jones-Back on the Block '891406-04 Paper Doll
Quincy Jones-Big Band Soul Bossa Nova '631113-08 Jacko
Quincy Jones-Body Heat '74905-07 Black Ray
Quincy Jones-The Dude '81911-03 Dickschädel
R.E.M.-New Adventures in HiFi '961407-10 Acid Trax
R.E.M.-Reveal '011206-05 Jump Reno
R.E.M.-Reveal REM.ix1006-05 Jump Reno
R.E.M.-The Best of (Early Years) '82-871506-01 Fun 4 Iko
R.E.M.-Up '981407-06 Guy Jose
Radio 4-Stealing of a Nation '041214-09 Stockwerk
Radiohead-Hail to the Thief '031407-12 Rock Boat
Rae & Christian-Northern Sulphuric Soul '981411-01 Basketball
Rae & Christian-Sleepwalking '011113-12 xpress
Rah Band-Greatest Hits '78-871114-05 Carbon 9mm
Rah Band-Mystery '85906-01 Mondwolke
Rainbirds-Call Me Easy, Say I'm Strong '891507-03 to Give it
RAMP (Roy Ayers Music Proj.)-Come into Knowledge '77914-08 Steppin' Twiggy
Ramsey Lewis-Sun Goddess '74812-03 Jazz Corner
Ramsey Lewis-Tequila Mockingbird '77812-09 Bustin
Ramsey Lewis-This is Jazz 11106-10 Want ya
Rance Allen Group-The Best of1207-09 Love Money
Randy Crawford-Secret Combination '811016-03 Angel
Rare Earth-Midnight Lady+Ma '76805-10 Mondflug
Ras Command-In Dub Vol.II '01908-03 Frequenzy
Ray Barretto-My Summertime '951013-10 Lose ur Love
Ray Charles-Genius Loves Company '041315-05 Rockin'
Ray Charles-Unvergessliche Songs (Part1)1215-03 Luxury
Ray Charles-Unvergessliche Songs 21105-07 Planet
Ray Conniff & the Singers-Mary Poppins u.a. '651207-02 Chant 42
Rebekka Bakken-Is that you '051105-07 Schläger
Rebekka Bakken-The Art of How to fall '031114-02 Sunshine
Rebel Music (Anthology of Reggae) '68-721607-05 Rising Top
Rebel Music (Anthology of Reggae) '73-761307-05 Future
Red Hot & Rhapsody (Gershwin Groove) '981811-03 Mr. T.
Red Hot Chili Peppers-By the Way '021607-04 Release me
Red Hot Chilli Peppers-Californication '991513-06 TCB
Red Snapper-Making Bones '981006-03 Can U feel it
Reese & Santonio-The Sound of '87-891312-04 Reese Shit
Reese (Kevin Saunderson)-Without a Doubt1212-04 like Blood
Reinhard Lakomy-Aer '911111-10 Ausland
Reinhard Lakomy-Der Traum von Asgard '82505-07 Black Ray
Reinhard Lakomy-Die Jahre '72-76 Part11013-04 Da Funk
Reinhard Lakomy-Die Jahre '72-76 Part21013-05 Galaxy
Remy Shand-The Way I Feel '021106-09 Oogie Taxi
Renato Carosone-Best of1006-04 Caravan
Respect Vol.3-A Night at the Playboy Mansion '011306-09 Hit and Go
Return to Forever-Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy '73716-01 Obvious
Reuben Wilson-Organ Donor '98810-07 Thriller
Rheingold-Rheingold '801114-06 Zwiebel
Rhythim is Rhythim-Nude Strings (Best of) '87-901216-03 Strings
Rhythim is Rhythim-Strings (Best of)916-03 Geisha
Rhythm & Sound-The Versions '03805-10 War World
Rhythm of Saliva-Jetlag-The Soundtrack '962313-12 Rucker
Richard Davis-Details '051105-07 Synchron
Richie Havens-Stonehenge '701008-02 Good Time
Riechmann-Wunderbar '78614-01 Wunderbar
Rimshots-Down to Earth '761007-02 Groove Bus
Rimshots-Soul Train (Introduction) '721216-03 Hyperchaz
Rinôçérôse-Music Kills Me '021212-08 Gurke
Ripple-Ripple '731111-09 Ripple
Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock-It take Two '881407-05 Heidi
Robbie Williams-Sing when you're Winning '001211-09 yourself Go
Robbie Williams-Swing when you're winning '001614-01 in my Eyes
Robert Owens-Love will find it's Way (Best of) CD11314-12 Last Tango
Robert Owens-Rhythms in me `901409-07 Moda
Robert Palmer-Pride '831011-03 Time now
Roberta Flack-Blue Lights in the Basement '771012-01 Vincent
Rockers HiFi-Music is Immortal '96806-11 Up Egypt
Rockers Hi-Fi-Times Up '991007-05 Echo Beach
Rodney Hunter-Hunter Files '041315-03 City Live
Roger & The Human Body-Introducing Roger '76807-09 Zing Train
Roger Hamilton Spotts-Tongue OST '75606-03 Elevation
Roisin Murphy-Ruby Blue '051216-03 Angel
Roland Kirk-Blacknuss '711106-03 Faden
Roland Kirk-Here comes the Whistleman (live) '67706-03 Hurt so Bad
Romanthony-R.hide in Plain Site '001110-03 come in2
Ron Holloway-Struttin' 95907-10 Whistle
Roni Size Reprazent-In the Mode '001605-10 Forest
Ronny Jordan Meets D.J. Krush-Bad Brothers '94813-04 love America
Roots Manuva-Awfully Deep '051405-08 UFO's
Roots-Phrenology '021514-05 So What
Rose Royce-Rainbow Connection IV '79809-12 Slipping
Roy Ayers & Wayne Henderson-Prime Time '80812-04 thankful
Roy Ayers & Wayne Henderson-Prime Time '80814-01 Zeitmaschine
Roy Ayers ft. Bonita Brisker-Spoken Word '981111-04 Fast Blaze
Roy Ayers pres. Ubiquity-Starbooty '78814-01 Alien Zoo
Roy Ayers Ubiquity-A Tear to a Smile '751007-10 want Ride
Roy Ayers Ubiquity-Change up the Groove '74814-03 fine now
Roy Ayers Ubiquity-Everybody loves the Sunshine '761014-02 Sunshine
Roy Ayers Ubiquity-He's coming '711014-01 Wunderbar
Roy Ayers Ubiquity-Lifeline '771111-10 Respect
Roy Ayers Ubiquity-Live at the Montreux Jazz Festival '72912-04 Hyperactiv
Roy Ayers Ubiquity-Mystic Voyage '751006-10 Mabuse
Roy Ayers Ubiquity-Red Black & Green '73714-04 Teardrop
Roy Ayers Ubiquity-Vibrations1107-05 Rising Top
Roy Ayers West Coast Vibes '631007-06 Magnum
Roy Ayers-Center of the World '81807-05 Erstaunt
Roy Ayers-Coffy '731406-11 Roy's Cafe
Roy Ayers-Daddy Bug '69806-09 Hit and Go
Roy Ayers-Drive '88807-08 Juicy
Roy Ayers-Fever '79811-07 Mr Lee
Roy Ayers-Mahogany Vibe '041415-01 Pervy Ohm
Roy Ayers-No Stranger to Love '80711-10 Ausland
Roy Ayers-Stoned Soul Picnic '68612-05 Los Ninos
Roy Ayers-Ubiquity '71814-04 Fingers
Roy Ayers-Virgo Vibes '67507-10 Wiener
Roy Ayers-You send me '78812-05 Drums speak
Roy Davis Jr-Traxx from the Nile '001006-08 Cosmic
Roy Haynes-Thank you, thank you '77514-07 the Rainfall
Royal Crown Revue-The Contender '001208-01 Sexual
Royal House-Can You Party (Club Mixes) '88811-06 Polyester
Royal House-Can You Party '891011-06 Wonderland
Röyksopp-Melody A.M.+ '021405-11 Call Leno
Röyksopp-The Understanding '051105-10 Mondflug
Ruby-Salt Peter '951107-05 Echo Beach
Ruby-Salt Peter '951113-10 Spank Kelly
Ruby-Salt Peter Remixed '961407-05 Heidi
Rufus Thomas-Did you heard me '721011-09 unfinished
Rufus Thomas-Do the Funky Chicken '691506-10 Sabotage
Rufus Troutman-No Compromise '011507-04 Viereck
Run DMC-King of Rock '85914-02 Tune in
Run DMC-Raising Hell '861214-10 Dumb Girl
Ryuichi Sakamoto-B-2 Unit '80811-10 Ausland
Ryuichi Sakamoto-Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence OST1905-12 Väthish
Ryuichi Sakamoto-Neo Geo '87806-02 Shit Radio
Ryuichi Sakamoto-Sweet Revenge '941113-04 Maude
Ryuichi Sakamoto-Wild Palms '931305-06 Ladyshave
S.O.U.L.-Can you feel it '72812-02 Black Byrd
S.O.U.L-What Is It '71711-10 Ausland
Sadao Watanabe-Maisha '851006-07 Handle it
Sade-Diamond Life '851113-02 Manoeuver
Sade-Love Deluxe '92911-10 Number 1
Sade-Lovers Live '021314-07 the Rainfall
Sade-Lovers Rock '011106-04 Ghettofrau
Sade-Promise '851109-11 Disco2Disc
Safri Duo-Episode II '01912-10 Trouble
Saint Etienne-Finisterre '021706-07 Shot Eric
Saint Etienne-Good Humor '981114-10 Dumb Girl
Saint Etienne-So Tough '931514-05 Thin Line
Saint Etienne-Sound of Water '001014-10 Chosen
Saint Etienne-Soundz of Mixes714-10 Chosen
Saint Etienne-Tiger Bay (US Release) '941114-05 like dat
Saint Etienne-You need a Mess of Help '90-931112-09 Bustin
Salomé de Bahia-Cabaret '021109-04 Perfect10
Salsoul Orchestra & Charo-Cuchi Cuchi '771105-08 Rosensaat
Salsoul Orchestra-Best of905-07 Getaway
Salsoul Orchestra-The Salsoul Orch. '75805-08 UFO's
Sam Fan Thomas-The Best of1206-12 Peacelove
Sampled Part2 (The Originals)1105-06 Ladyshave
Sampled Part3 (The Originals)1705-06 Somebody
Sampled Vol.2 Digging Deeper1615-09 Dusty
Santana-Shaman '021614-01 Are People
Schiller-Weltreise '011907-05 Future
Scots Fusion Exp.-Roots, Reels & Rhythm '001606-04 Zarathustra
Seal-Human Being '981213-06 Ziggy
Secret Weapon ft. Jerome Prister-Must be the Music '811205-09 Johnny
Seeed-Music Monks '031206-10 Want ya
Seeed-New Dubby Conquerors '011211-08 Nu aber
Selecter-Greatest Hits161706 Shaft
Señor Coconut-El Baile Aleman (Kraftwerk) '001011-12 Tainted
Sens Unik-Les Portes du Temps '921511-07 pres. Dionne
Sensorama-Projektor '001415-06 Stadtbau
Sepiatone-In Sepiatone '011107-12 Amnesie
Serge Blenner-Libération '921511-03 Stare Jesus
Serge Gainsbourg-Best of '58-641015-05 Rockin'
Serge Gainsbourg-Best of '71-871905-09 Johnny
Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66-Easy Loungin' (Part 1)1315-01 Wattstax
Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66-Easy Loungin' (Part 2)1015-01 Pervy Ohm
Serve Chilled Vol.1 Part2 '991106-04 Ghettofrau
Served Chilled Vol.21505-08 Bullit
Shadz 'o' Blak-Serengeti Groove '001216-03 Geisha
Shake Sauvage-French Movie Soundtracks '68-731712-05 Pseudo
Shalamar-Big Fun '801108-01 Get Busy
Shalamar-Friends '821307-12 Rock Boat
Shalamar-Go For It '81908-01 Sexual
Shanhai Lounge Divas (Remixe) '031206-06 Beng Beng
Sharon Redd-Essentials (Deep Beats) '80-831206-07 Handle it
Shazz-Beautiful '041206-12 Peacelove
Shea Seger-The May Street Project '001315-07 Klagelied
Shirley Bassey-Yesterdays '781308-05 Renee
Shivaree-I oughtta give you a Shot '001209-08 Lauren Eye
Shivaree-Rough Dreams '021205-03 Ask Lord
Shock Electronik '021206-10 Mabuse
Side Effect-Best of Fantasy Years '77-78906-08 Cosmic
Side Effect-Side Effect '75906-08 Massage
Side Effect-What you need '76906-08 Hip Rouge
Silent Poets-Words and Silence '941007-05 Rising Top
Silent Running-Deep '891008-10 Midnight
Silent Running-Shades of Liberty '841108-04 Warfare
Silent Running-Walk On Fire '87808-05 Renee
Silje Nergaard-Port of Call '001314-05 Pipeline
Silk and Skip present Chicago's Finest CD21507-11 Domino
Silke Bischoff-Northern Lights '961107-06 Click Ali
Silke Bischoff-The Man on the Wooden Cross ‘931309-05 Pagan
Simple Minds-Empires and Dance '801206-05 Seriös
Simple Minds-Life in a Day '791013-05 get enough
Simple Minds-New Gold Dream '821213-10 Spank Kelly
Simple Minds-Once Upon a Time '851115-09 Dusty
Simple Minds-Real to Real Cacophony '791211-09 Bells toll
Simple Minds-Sister Feelings Call '81916-01 Running
Simple Minds-Sons and Fascination '81916-01 Obvious
Simple Minds-Sparkle in the Rain '831615-01 Face it
Simple Minds-Street Fighting Years '891114-02 Sunshine
Simply Red-Blue '981305-08 No Stop Us
Simply Red-Home '031111-06 Wonderland
Simply Red-Picture Book '851015-11 Jericho
Simply Red-Picture Bookz (Maxis+B-Sides)1215-11 Jericho
Simply Red-Stars '911211-07 pres. Dionne
Sinead O' Connor-The Lion and the Cobra '87913-06 Ziggy
Sinead O'Connor-Throw down your Arms (Dub Version) '051306-01 Grasgrün
Sinead O'Connor-Throw down your Arms '051206-01 Expo
Siouxie & the Banshees-Peep Show '881006-01 Abstrakt
Siouxsie & the Banshees-Downside Up (B-Sides) CD1 '78-821706-03 Elevation
Siouxsie & the Banshees-Downside Up (B-Sides) CD21706-04 Zarathustra
Siouxsie & the Banshees-Downside Up (B-Sides) CD31706-04 TEE Musik
Siouxsie & the Banshees-Juju '81906-01 Fun 4 Iko
Siouxsie & the Banshees-Tinderbox '861308-02 Good Time
Sister Sledge-We Are Family '791011-06 Polyester
Sisters Love-Give me your Love1607-11 Caravan
Sisters of Mercy-Some Girls wander '80-832112-04 Reese Shit
Skinny Puppy-The Singles Collect ('99)1310-08 Whole Moon
Skinny Puppy-Too Dark Park '901005-11 NipponCom
Skull Snaps-Skull Snaps ‘73909-05 Pagan
Slagerij van Kampen-Door '97911-07 Mr Lee
Slave-Just a Touch of Love '79707-09 Love Money
Slave-Show Time '81807-11 Domino
Sly & Robbie-Rhythm Killers '87605-07 Black Ray
Sly & Robbie-The Summit '88813-08 Love Cat
Sly & the Family Stone-There's a Riot Goin' On '711214-12 called Johnny
Smash Mouth-Astro Lounge '991506-11 Up Egypt
Smashing Pumpkins-Singles Collection1507-08 Shalala
Smiths-Strangeways, here we come '871013-04 love America
Smiths-The World won't Listen '871613-04 Da Funk
Smoke City-Flying Away '971412-11 Underwater
Smoke City-Heroes of Nature '011307-02 Groove Bus
Smokey Robinson & the Miracles-Away We A Go-Go '661406-03 Sanctuary
Smokey Robinson & the Miracles-Going to a Go-Go '651306-03 Faden
Smokey Robinson-Old Motown1413-05 let me go
Snowpony-The Slow Motion World of '981109-02 HideUself
Sofa Surfers-Transit '971714-09 Stockwerk
Soft Cell-12'' B-Sides '82-90705-08 Treibsand
Soft Cell-Cruelty without Beauty '021213-04 love America
Soft Cell-Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret '811211-12 Tainted
Soft Cell-The Art of Falling Apart '83814-01 Zeitmaschine
Soft Cell-The Art of Maxis '82-831014-01 Zeitmaschine
Soft Cell-This Last Night in Sodom '841314-05 Thin Line
Somersault-Paper Walls '061307-06 Click Ali
Son, Ambulance-Key '041314-05 like dat
Sonar 2001 (Sonar by Day) CD11405-11 Who is it
Sonar 2001 (Sonar by Night) CD21005-12 Scratch
Sonic Youth-Goo '901214-01 Love Cost
Sonic Youth-Washing Machine '951108-10 Midnight
Sonny Rollins-The Sound of Sonny '571007-12 Rock Boat
Sono-Off '051406-08 Massage
Sono-Solid State '021416-04 Waves
Soon E MC-Atout...Point de Vue '931806-02 Honigbusch
Sophia-The Infinite Circle '981005-08 Bullit
Sorted! (Madchester Baggy Anthems) CD1 '86-951006-03 Hurt so Bad
Sorted! (Madchester Baggy Anthems) CD2 '88-921306-02 CopaSpirit
SOS Band-III '82906-05 Seriös
SOS Band-Just the way you like it '84806-07 Life's Gas
SOS Band-On the Rise '8391706 Shaft
SOS Band-S.O.S. '80906-05 Jump Reno
SOS Band-Sands of Time '861206-05 Nacktfoto
SOS Band-Too '81906-06 Mister T
Soul Bossa Trio-Dancing in the Street '941106-01 Mondwolke
Soul Family Sensation-New Wave 1991171706 Shaft
Soul Groove (16 Rare Classics) '74-841411-10 Ausland
Soul II Soul-Vol II (1990 A New Decade)1105-11 Afraid
Soul Togetherness 2002 '75-021408-04 Collapse
Soul Train Gang-Soul Train '75805-10 Forest
Sound Experience-The Soulville Collection '70s1415-10 Time Out
Sound of the City - Hamburg '991107-04 Release me
South-From here on in '031614-01 Green ever
Southport Weekender Vol.2 mixed by Joe Claussell '041415-01 Pervy Ohm
Space Cadets-Da Bomb '811305-10 War World
Space Night Vol.4 New Frontiers (Part1)1406-01 Abstrakt
Space Night Vol.6.21313-08 Love Cat
Spacek-Vintage Hi.Tech '03911-08 Nu aber
Space-Magic Fly '77705-08 No Stop Us
Space-Magic Fly '831005-08 Treibsand
Spacemonkeyz vs. Gorillaz-Laika Come Home '021306-01 Nobody Luv
Spearhead ft. Michael Franti-Home '941307-08 U Fake it
Spearhead-Chocolate Supa Highway '971508-02 Good Time
Speech-Speech '961907-04 Viereck
Spinners-8 '77915-05 Südpol
Spinners-The Best of (Atlantic I) '72-761106-01 Expo
Spliff-85555 '82907-10 Wiener
Spooks-S.I.O.S.O.S. Vol.1 '001607-01 Just Way
St Germain-Boulevard '95810-12 Erotic
St Germain-Tourist '001006-08 Hip Rouge
Stakka Bo-Supermarket '931013-05 Galaxy
Stanley Turrentine-Don't mess with Mr.T '73611-03 Mr. T.
Stanley Turrentine-Tender Togetherness '81909-05 Pagan
Staple Singers-Let's do it again '75814-01 Silencio
Stephan Eicher-Careassonne '931507-02 Chant 42
Stephanie Mills-What'cha Gonna Do With My Lovin' '791016-02 Valley
Stereo MC's-33-45-78 '891708-04 Warfare
Stereo MC's-Supernatural '901611-05 Fade2Grey
Stereo Total-Do the Bambi '051905-06 Somebody
Stereo Total-Juke Box Alarm '981613-11 Strangelove
Stereo Total-Monokini '971513-12 Rucker
Stereo Total-Musique Automatique '011607-04 Viereck
Stereo Total-Oh Ah '951905-07 Synchron
Stereolab-Cobra & Phases Group Play Voltage '991506-07 Was geht
Sterling Void-It's All Right '891411-05 Allright Emma
Stern Combo Meissen-Hits '74-891014-09 Kung Fu
Stern Combo Meissen-Stern Combo Meissen '77515-05 Südpol
Stetsasonic-In Full Gear '882007-08 Juicy
Steve Poindexter-Chaotic Nation71612 The Crutch
Stevie Wonder-First Hits Vol.11808-03 Frequenzy
Stevie Wonder-Fulfillingsness 1st Finale '741014-02 Regentropfen
Stevie Wonder-In Square Circle '851106-03 Elevation
Stevie Wonder-Innervisions '73915-03 City Live
Stevie Wonder-Original Musiquarium I, Vol.I+II '84711-01 Basketball
Stevie Wonder-Signed, Sealed & Delivered '701207-10 Wiener
Stevie Wonder-Songs in the Key of Life CD1 '761214-03 Key Life
Stevie Wonder-Songs in the Key of Life CD2 '76914-03 Key Life
Stevie Wonder-Where I'm Coming From '71914-04 Babylon
Stina Nordenstam-The World Is Saved '041107-01 Just Way
Sting-Nothing like the Sun '871406-05 Jump Reno
Stolen moments-Red hot + Cool '941306-08 Hip Rouge
Stomu Yamashta-Go too '77815-04 King Crown
Stomu Yamashta-Raindog '75608-11 Wake Up
Stranglers-Feline '821006-07 Shot Eric
Strawpeople-Vicarious '981011-03 Stare Jesus
Street Sounds Edition 01 '82911-04 Love is a House
Street Sounds Edition 02-03 '82-831211-04 Fast Blaze
Street Sounds Edition 04 '83911-05 Allright Emma
Street Sounds Edition 05 '83711-05 Fade2Grey
Street Sounds Edition 06-07 '831511-07 Mr Lee
Street Sounds Edition 08 '841011-06 Wonderland
Street Sounds Edition 09 '84811-09 Promised
Street Sounds Edition 10 '84812-03 The Ghetto
Street Sounds Edition 11 '84912-10 Trouble
Street Sounds Edition 12 '85813-05 Galaxy
Street Sounds Edition 13 '851212-03 Jazz Corner
Street Sounds Edition 14 '851013-12 Rucker
Street Sounds Edition 16 '86813-07 Amboss
Street Sounds Edition 17 '861012-04 Hyperactiv
Street Sounds Edition 18 '86613-12 Rejoice
Street Sounds Edition 19 '86713-10 Lose ur Love
Street Sounds Edition 20 '87614-02 Tune in
Streets-Original Pirate Material '021914-01 be Tough
Strokes-Room on Fire '031108-03 Drowning
Studio One Funk-The Original 451816-04 Waves
Stuff-Stuff it! '791011-10 Ausland
Style Council-Café Bleu '841705-10 Mondflug
Style Council-Here's some that got away806-02 Underground
Style Council-Here's some that prev. Unreleased814-01 Wunderbar
Style Council-Home & Abroad (live) '861214-04 Fingers
Style Council-Our favourite Shop '851905-06 Somebody
Style Council-The Cost of Loving '871314-01 Love Cost
Stylistics-Let's put it all together '741008-04 Collapse
Sudio-Current Trends In Neural Science '04414-03 Caroline
Sugababes-One Touch '001207-07 Hollywood
Sugar Minott-Ghetto-Ology '791005-05 Crazy Dia
Sugar Minott-Ghetto-Ology Dub (King Tubby) '831005-05 Crazy Dia
Sugar Minott-Jamming in the Street '861215-11 Jericho
Sugar Minott-Live Loving '77910-07 Utopisch
Sugar Minott-Wicked ago Feel it '84907-10 Face it
Suicide-The Second Album '801305-08 Anansi
Sun City by Artists United Against Apartheid '85812-01 Vincent
Supercool-MPS Records (Part I)911-03 Time now
Supergrass-Supergrass '991206-04 Ecstasy
Supermax-World of Today '77811-10 Number 1
Supermen Lovers-The Player '021406-09 Hit and Go
Supertramp-Even in the quietest Moments '77705-06 Ladyshave
Supertramp-Slow Motion '02916-03 Strings
Supertramp-The Very Best of (Part2) '74-821111-09 Ripple
Surface-2nd Wave '891307-12 Love Turns
Sushi 3003 (Nippon Easy Listening) '961414-06 Zwiebel
Sutra Records (Best of Classic Dancefloor) '821205-12 Hausbau
Sven Grünberg-Prana Symphony '951014-02 Sunshine
Sven Vaeth-Fusion '981205-12 Väthish
Sven Väth & B Zet-Der Kalte Finger OST '961514-02 Regentropfen
Sven Väth-Accident in Paradise '931108-02 dkdent
Swing Out Sister-Get In Touch With Yourself '921710-07 Utopisch
Swing Out Sister-It's Better to Travel '871608-01 Lovele Dae
Swing Out Sister-Kaleidoscope World '891608-05 Winter US
Swing Out Sister-Shapes and Patterns '971513-04 Sandstorm
Swing Out Sister-Somewhere deep in the Night '011411-02 Metapher
Swingle Singers-The Best (Part1)1505-10 Forest
Swingle Singers-The Best2515-05 Südpol
Swiss Toasted Slices '011406-03 Sanctuary
Sybil-Good And Ready '931808-03 Frequenzy
Sybil-Let yourself go '87911-09 yourself Go
Sybil-Let yourself Mix711-09 yourself Go
Sylvers-Sylvers III '741013-06 TCB
Sylvester-Call Me '841305-11 Ego Futter
Sylvester-Living Proof (Live) '791005-12 Scratch
Sylvester-Rock the Box '921205-12 Neunzehn
Sylvester-Step II '78905-11 Afraid
Sylvester-Sylvester '77805-12 Infiziert
Sylvester-Too Hot Too Sleep '811105-12 Choo Choo
Sylvia-Best of (Pillow Talk) '72-751408-08 1000Tränen
Syreeta & G.C.Cameron-Rich Love, Poor Love '77805-09 Spirit
System 7 (Derrick May)-Mysterious Traveller '021106-04 Ghettofrau
T.C. Curtis-Step By Step '861313-08 Jacko
T.C. Curtis-Stepz Maxis913-08 Jacko
T.Ski Valley-In the 80's '84916-02 Valley
T.Ski Valley-In the Mixes716-02 Valley
Tab Two-Belle Affaire '961306-01 Superwoman
Tab Two-Sonic Tools '971216-04 Waves
Tabla Beat Science-Live in SF at Stern Grove '021005-12 Scratch
Tabou Combo-A la Canne a Sucre '72805-07 Planet
Tabou Combo-Anthology Vol.5605-07 Synchron
Tabou Combo-New York City '75715-09 Dusty
Tabou Combo-Taboulogy '051305-07 Getaway
Taj Mahal-Brothers '76907-04 Release me
Taja Sevelle-Toys of Vanity '971213-04 Sandstorm
Talk Talk-It's my Life '841208-05 Renee
Talk Talk-It's my Life xxl (Maxis)808-05 Renee
Talk Talk-Laughing Stock '91610-07 Thriller
Talk Talk-The Colour of Spring '861509-08 Lauren Eye
Talking Heads-Stop Making Sense ST '841611-10 Respect
Tangerine Dream-Mota Atma '031005-11 Mother
Tarika Blue-Best of '76-77814-06 TV Revolution
T-Connection-Everything is Cool '81715-12 No Flowers
T-Connection-Magic '77816-03 Mange
T-Connection-Totally Connected '79705-10 War World
Team Eimsbush-Team Eimsbush Vol. 1 '031514-10 Chosen
Tears for Fears-Elemental '931005-08 No Stop Us
Tears for Fears-Everybody loves a Happy Ending '041214-04 Teardrop
Tears for Fears-Songs from the Big Chair '841508-07 One Night
Tears for Fears-Songs from the Big Mixes1408-06 Pusherman
Tears for Fears-The Hurting '831415-10 Billy Jack
Tears for Fears-The Hurtingz Maxis815-10 Billy Jack
Tears for Fears-The Seeds of Love '89912-05 Pseudo
Techno Auslese Vol.1 (Yennek)1007-08 Juicy
Teddy Pendergrass -A Little More Magic '931213-07 Amboss
Teddy Pendergrass-Teddy Pendergrass '77909-02 HideUself
Teddy Pendergrass-You and I '971006-01 Fun 4 Iko
Teddy Riley-Black Rock '05707-03 Skate Roll
Temptations-Cloud Nine '691013-10 Spank Kelly
Temptations-Gettin' Ready '661211-06 Branded
Temptations-In a Mellow Mood '671211-04 Fast Blaze
Temptations-Live in Tokyo '751205-12 Renegade
Temptations-Meet the Temptations '641211-05 Fade2Grey
Temptations-Psychedelic Shack '70912-03 The Ghetto
Temptations-Puzzle People '691108-02 dkdent
Temptations-Sky's The Limit '71911-03 Dickschädel
Temptations-Wish It Would Rain '681211-09 Sign O
Ten City-Foundation '891305-11 Who is it
Terry Callier-Time Peace '981205-10 Mondflug
Texas-Mothers Heaven '911106-01 Nobody Luv
The Beat goes on-Compilation ('98)1615-05 Prozent
The It-On Top of the World '901614-01 Silencio
The Miami Bass Wars '88908-03 Drowning
The Million Dollar Hotel OST '001605-12 Hausbau
The The-Infected '861605-12 Infiziert
The The-Mind Bomb '89910-07 Utopisch
The The-Soul Mining '831108-10 Midnight
The Urge (Rare Groove around the World) '71-861608-08 1000Tränen
Thelma Houston & Jerry Butler-Thelma & Jerry '77913-04 Da Funk
Thievery Corp.-The Richest Man in Babylon '021507-03 Skate Roll
Thievery Corportion pres Departures1211-10 Housequake
Third Wave-Here and now '701007-07 Hollywood
This is Garage (Cooltempo) '89916-01 Obvious
This is Other Side Records (Marshall Jefferson) '941011-11 Der Rabe
Thomas Dolby-Aliens ate my Buick '88814-01 Alien Zoo
Thomas Dolby-Astronauts & Heretics '92916-02 Valley
Thomas Dolby-The Flat Earth '84812-04 Hyperactiv
Thomas Dolby-The Golden Age of Wireless `821209-07 Moda
Three Degrees-International (With Love) '751010-08 Whole Moon
Three Degrees-Maybe '701114-08 Maybe
Three Degrees-So much Love '751314-10 Chosen
Three Degrees-The Roulette Years1114-08 Steppin' Twiggy
Three Sounds-Black Orchid '621506-01 Grasgrün
Throbbing Gristle-20 Jazz Funk Greats '791305-12 Renegade
Timo Maas-Loud '011407-11 Caravan
Tocotronic-Diverse1007-07 Brainwash
Todd Terry Project-To the Batmobile '881709-10 Batmobil
Toktok vs. Soffy O-Toktok vs. Soffy O '021207-05 Future
Tokyos Coolest Combo-TCC In Tokyo '951107-04 Lisa Light
Tom Brock-I love you more and more '74808-03 Frequenzy
Tom Browne-Browne Sugar '79807-07 Hollywood
Tom Jones-Greatest Hits '67-681306-01 Grasgrün
Tom Jones-Reload '991808-01 Duji Trax
Tomita-Firebird '76611-09 Ripple
Tomita-Kosmos (Space Fantasy) '78612-04 Reese Shit
Tomita-Snowflakes are Dancing-Debussy '741006-01 Mondwolke
Tomita-The Planets-Gustav Holst '76711-03 Dickschädel
Tomita-The Ravel Album '79811-12 Tainted
Ton Steine Scherben-Das Beste 21006-07 Handle it
Ton, Steine, Scherben-Das Beste 1907-06 Guy Jose
Toni Braxton-Secrets '961308-09 Love Story
Tony Christie-Very Best of 1st1116-03 Time Out
Tony Cook & the Party People-Cookin' '921007-10 Acid Trax
Tony Cook-Trunk`o Funk EP '92607-10 want Ride
Tony Humphries Compilation (Fabric 04) '021505-10 Forest
Tool-Undertow '931007-10 Face it
Toots & the Maytals-Time Tough (Anthology) CD2.21115-01 Ecstasy
Toots & the Maytals-Time Tough (Anthology) CD21215-01 Face it
Toots & the Maytals-Time Tough (Anthology) Part 11213-04 Maude
Toots & the Maytals-Time Tough (Anthology) Part 21113-04 Da Funk
Tori Amos-Little Earthquakes '921706-05 Seriös
Tori Amos-Strange Little Girls '011211-03 Stare Jesus
Tori Amos-Tales of a Librarian (Best 93-03)1408-01 Sexual
Tori Amos-Under the Pink '941512-12 born slippy
Tortured Soul-Introducing Tortured Soul ‘061210-03 come in2
Tosca-Dehli 9 CD1 '031006-09 Oogie Taxi
Totally Wired-The Best of1113-04 Sandstorm
Towa Tei-Future Listening! '951106-02 Beat goes
Towa Tei-Last Century Modern '001211-09 Ripple
T'Pau-Very Best of '87-911213-05 Earth Boot
Tracy Chapman-Across the Line '881113-10 Lose ur Love
Tracy Chapman-Collection '89-991215-01 Ecstasy
Trammps-The Legendary Zing Album '75807-09 Zing Train
Trammps-The Trammps '751306-01 Nobody Luv
Trans Slovenia Express (Kraftwerk Tribut) '941516-03 Angel
Trax Records Classix-Acid Classics808-04 Warfare
Tricky-Pre Millennium Tension '961113-11 Real Thing
Trimmy (Andreas Dorau)-Trimm Dich International '021306-08 Hip Rouge
Trini Lopez-Live at PJ's '631014-01 Keep Hope
Trio Globo-Trio Globo '941011-05 Allright Emma
Trojan 12 Inch Box Set CD11114-06 Zwiebel
Trojan 12 Inch Box Set CD21114-06 Back Stabb
Trojan 12 Inch Box Set CD31114-05 Some Guys
Trojan British Reggae Box Set CD11714-02 Tune in
Trojan British Reggae Box Set CD21714-03 Gloria Joy
Trojan British Reggae Box Set CD31614-03 Key Life
Trojan Rare Groove Box Set CD1 '68-701714-05 So What
Trojan Rare Groove Box Set CD2 '70-721614-06 TV Revolution
Trojan Rare Groove Box Set CD3 '731714-05 Thin Line
Trojan Ska Box Set Vol.2 CD11714-07 Crazy Kym
Trojan Ska Box Set Vol.2 CD21614-06 Speak Shout
Trojan Ska Box Set Vol.2 CD31614-05 Carbon 9mm
Trojan Skinhead Reggae Box CD11714-01 Love Cost
Trojan Skinhead Reggae Box CD31514-01 Wunderbar
Trojan Soulful Reggae Box Set CD11214-04 Babylon
Trojan Soulful Reggae Box Set CD21114-01 be Tough
Trojan Soulful Reggae Box Set CD31214-04 Phoenix
Trouble Funk-The Bomb has dropped807-11 Domino
Trouble Funk-Trouble over here '871106-04 Ghettofrau
Tyde-Twice '031108-09 Love Story
Tymes-The Trustmaker '7491612 The Crutch
Tymes-Turning Point '761005-08 Fast Foxx
Tymes-Turning Point '761011-04 Love is a House
Tymes-Tymes up '76805-08 Treibsand
Tyree-Nation Of Hip House '89912-12 born slippy
Tyrone Davis-Timeless Soul Collection1708-10 Midnight
U.F.O.-Bon Voyage '991112-02 Black Byrd
U.F.O-United Future Organization '93906-09 Oogie Taxi
U2-All that You can't leave behind '001114-01 Silencio
U2-Best of '80-901414-01 Keep Hope
U2-How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb '041115-06 Stadtbau
U2-Zooropa '931114-01 Alien Zoo
Udo Lindenberg-Alles klar auf der Andrea Doria '731007-07 Hollywood
Ulla Meinecke-Die Tänzerin (Best of)1612-04 like Blood
Ultimate Trax Vol.1 '861013-05 Millie
Ultimate Trax Vol.2 '871213-06 Endspiel
Ultimate Trax Vol.3 '871113-04 Maude
Ultravox (John Foxx)- Ha! Ha! Ha! '77814-04 Babylon
Ultravox-Lament '84815-07 Klagelied
Ultravox-Lamentz Mixes1215-07 Klagelied
Ultravox-Quartet '82910-03 come in2
Ultravox-Quartet Maxis + B-Sides1010-03 come in2
Ultravox-Rage in Eden '811411-06 Branded
Ultravox-Vienna '801007-10 Wiener
Underworld-A Hundred Days off '021107-06 Click Ali
Underworld-Dubnobasswithmyheadman '93906-01 Superwoman
Underworld-Everything Everything (Live) '00806-01 Mondwolke
Underworld-Second toughest in the Infants '961312-12 born slippy
Undisputed Truth-Best of (Part1)1005-08 Bullit
Undisputed Truth-Face to Face with the Truth '71707-05 Erstaunt
United Frequencies of Trance Vol.4 '93513-05 let me go
Universal Funk (P. Hardcastle)-Zero One '85805-12 Väthish
Universal Robot Band-Dance and Shake your Tambourine '77707-03 to Give it
Unkle-Psyence Fiction '981215-05 Südpol
Up, Bustle & Out-Light 'Em Up, Blow 'Em Out '971606-01 Abstrakt
Up, Bustle & Out-One Colour just Reflects Another '951616-03 Hyperchaz
Up, Bustle & Out-Urban Evacuation '031213-06 TCB
UpFront 1 '861211-08 Sesam Box
UpFront 10 '881013-04 Da Funk
UpFront 11 '88813-03 Suizid
UpFront 2 '861511-10 Housequake
UpFront 3 '861312-01 Vincent
UpFront 4 '871011-07 pres. Dionne
UpFront 6 '87811-09 yourself Go
UpFront 7 (Chilled In Heaven) '87912-08 Gurke
UpFront 8 (Solid State) '871212-09 Bustin
UpFront 89 '89913-05 Earth Boot
UpFront 9 (A Sign of the Times) '871113-02 Manoeuver
Urban Classics Vol.1+21015-06 Stadtbau
Urban Species-Listen '94151612 The Crutch
U-Roy-Superboss (Treasure Isle Collection) (Part1)1207-11 Domino
U-Roy-Superboss (Treasure Isle Collection) (Part2)1507-11 Caravan
Ursula 1000-Kinda' Kinky '021514-10 Chosen
Ursula 1000-Now Sound of Ursula 1000 '991515-03 City Live
Ursula Rucker-Silver or Lead '031313-12 Rucker
Ursula Rucker-Supa Sista '011305-11 NipponCom
Us3-An Ordinary Day in an Unusual Place '011514-08 Put Asunder
Us3-Broadway & 52nd '971913-03 Suizid
Ute Lemper-But one Day '021406-05 Fake it
Ute Lemper-Punishing Kiss '001206-04 Caravan
Van der Graaf Generator-H to He who am the Only One '70706-01 Fun 4 Iko
Van der Graaf Generator-The least we can do '70605-12 Infiziert
Van Morrison-Down the Road '021414-04 Beyonder
Vanessa Paradis-Bliss '001613-03 Suizid
Vangelis & Jon Anderson-Best of '79-83915-11 Jericho
Vangelis & Jon-Page of Life '911205-08 No Stop Us
Vangelis-Alexander '041906-01 Expo
Vangelis-Antarctica '83807-02 Peaceful
Vangelis-Beauborg '78211-03 Mr. T.
Vangelis-Blade Runner1206-06 Beng Beng
Vangelis-Chariots of Fire '81714-01 Alien Zoo
Vangelis-China '79913-05 Galaxy
Vangelis-Direct '881205-12 Scratch
Vangelis-Earth '731014-06 Speak Shout
Vangelis-El Greco '981005-08 Bullit
Vangelis-Fais que ton reve soit '71413-12 xpress
Vangelis-Hypothesis '71212-05 Drums speak
Vangelis-Invisible Connections '85315-07 Klagelied
Vangelis-La Fete Sauvage (Pn Edit) '76805-10 Forest
Vangelis-L'Apocalypse des Animaux '73709-01 Millionare
Vangelis-Mask '85607-08 Juicy
Vangelis-Oceanic '96913-11 Strangelove
Vangelis-See You Later '80611-08 Nu aber
Vangelis-Sex Power OST '701111-08 Polaroid
Vangelis-Soil Festivities '8451706 Shaft
Vangelis-Spiral '77506-02 CopaSpirit
Vangelis-The City (+In London) '901005-11 Call Leno
Vangelis-Voices '95913-11 Real Thing
Vaughan Mason in the House '871412-02 Black Byrd
Vaughan Mason-12'' Essentials1107-03 Skate Roll
Vega-Vega '991306-10 Sabotage
Velure-Songbox EP '04511-09 Bells toll
Viktoria Tolstoy-Shining On You '041214-10 Dumb Girl
Viktoria Tolstoy-White Russian '981306-07 Shot Eric
Vince Guaraldi Trio-Black Orpheus (Jazz Impressions) '62806-06 Mister T
Vincent Lawrence-Virgo Trax Again EP '86812-01 Vincent
Virginia Jetzt!-Anfänger '041106-07 Handle it
Virgo-Virgo '89912-10 Trouble
Visage-The Anvil '82913-07 Amboss
Visage-The Anvil Maxis613-07 Amboss
Visage-Visage '801811-05 Fade2Grey
Vorsprung durch Technik-Plankalkül '981107-02 Groove Bus
Wagon Christ-Sorry, I make you Lush '041014-05 Some Guys
Wagon Christ-Tally Ho! '981314-03 Windiges C
Waldeck-Balance of the Force '981006-08 Massage
Wally Badarou-Echoes '841113-11 Chefinspektor
Wally Badarou-Words of a Mountain '89905-10 Big Noise
Wally Jump jr. & Criminal Element-Don't Push your Luck '881606-05 Jump Reno
Walter Heath-You know you're Wrong don't ya Brother '741007-06 Guy Jose
War-Colleccion Latina1514-08 Maybe
Warehouse Raves Vol. 1+21208-05 Winter US
War-Eric Burdon declares War '70605-10 War World
War-Galaxy '77613-07 Amboss
War-Platinum Jazz '771206-07 Handle it
Warren G.-Regulate-G Funk Area '941206-11 Up Egypt
Waterboys-Dream Harder '931208-08 1000Tränen
Waterboys-The Waterboys '831614-12 called Johnny
Waterboys-This is the Sea '85910-08 Whole Moon
Waterboys-This is the Sea CD2 (Additional Rec.)1410-08 Whole Moon
Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band-In the Jungle, Babe '691013-11 Real Thing
WattStax-The Living Word (live) CD1 '721215-01 Wattstax
WattStax-The Living Word (live) CD2 '72814-07 Crazy Kym
Wax Tailor-Lost the Way EP '04506-04 Zarathustra
Wax Tailor-Tales of the forgotten Melodies1806-03 Elevation
Wayne Shorter-Speak No Evil '64605-12 Renegade
Wayne Shorter-Wayning Moments '621514-04 Phoenix
Weather Report-Weather Report '82805-07 Planet
Weathermen-Global 8511206-02 Time Out
Wendy & Lisa-Eroica '901105-07 Schläger
Westbound Records (A Sweet Taste of) '72-801314-10 Chosen
Whirlpool Productions-Dense Music '961209-11 Disco2Disc
Whirpool Productions-qqq '981309-12 Slipping
Whispers-the Whispers '79806-02 Beat goes
Whodini-Funky Beat (Best of 2)907-05 Future
Whodini-Funky Beat (Best of) '83-861107-05 Echo Beach
Will Downing-Come Together As One '891105-11 Mother
William DeVaughn-Be thankful for what you got '741012-04 thankful
Williams Fairey Brass Band-Acid Brass '971006-05 BasicDispo
Willie Hutch-The Mack (OST) '731014-06 Zwiebel
Wilson Pickett-I want you '79711-08 Polaroid
Wilton Felder-Inherit the Wind '80611-09 Promised
Wimme-Bárru '031306-04 TEE Musik
Windy City-Love, Power, Unity (Love Record) '051405-08 Fast Foxx
Windy City-Love, Power, Unity (Love Record) '051411-04 Love is a House
Winston Groovy-Best of '69-741505-08 Bullit
Winston Groovy-Best of '75-851005-08 Anansi
Wir sind Helden-Die Reklamation '031307-08 U Fake it
Wir sind Helden-Von hier an blind '051316-02 Valley
Wired (New Directions in Dance) Part1 '971207-02 Chant 42
Womack & Womack-Love Wars '831110-12 Erotic
Woodentops-Giant (Deluxe) '861810-05 not Fair
Working Week-Black & Gold '911410-09 Take 5
Woven Hand-Blush Music '031006-07 Austern
Xaver Fischer Trio-II '001107-10 Face it
Xaver Fischer Trio-II '001115-04 King Crown
Xaver Fischer Trio-Songs for you '021014-10 Dumb Girl
Xaver Fischer Trio-Xaver Fischer Trio '99914-05 like dat
Yazoo-Upstairs at Eric's '821107-09 Girl need
Yazoo-Upstairs Mixes (Situation, Don't go)1007-09 Girl need
Yazz-Wanted '881110-05 not Fair
Yellow Fever-Listen here '981214-05 Pipeline
Yellow Magic Orchestra-Technodon '931212-01 Vincent
Yello-You gotta say yes to another '831411-04 Fast Blaze
Yes-Big Generator '87806-01 Grasgrün
Yes-Yesterdays '74805-06 Somebody
YMO-After Service (Live) '841914-04 Phoenix
YMO-BGM (Background Music) ’811014-02 Regentropfen
YMO-Naughty Boys (Instrumental) '831015-01 No Good
YMO-Naughty Boys '831014-04 Beyonder
YMO-Public Pressure (live) '80914-03 Caroline
YMO-Solid State Survivor '79814-01 Are People
YMO-Technodelic '811014-06 TV Revolution
YMO-Technodon (Remastered) `931207-07 Brainwash
YMO-Xoo Multiplies (US-Version) '80812-03 The Ghetto
YMO-Xoo Multiplies (Zoshoku) '801211-09 unfinished
YMO-Yellow Magic Orchestra (USA) '79914-01 Silencio
Yo Mama's Disco 3000 (Is this the Future) '951006-05 BasicDispo
Yoshinori Sunahara-PAN AM The Sound of 70s '99907-08 Shalala
Yvonne Fair-The Bitch is black '761008-01 Lovele Dae
z-Dieter Nuhr-Nuhr am Nörgeln `961607-05 Future
z-Dieter Nuhr-Nuhr weiter so '971206-07 Life's Gas
z-Dieter '023306-02 Time Out
Zero 7-Simple Things '011214-01 Love Cost
Z-Factor - Dance Party Album '841412-04 thankful
Zingara-Zingara '81907-09 Zing Train
Zion Train-Siren '941114-01 be Tough
Zoe Keating-One Cello X 16 '04506-11 Roy's Cafe
Zoot Woman-Living in a Magazine '011007-04 Viereck
z-Pertinax nord-§1 '03807-06 Guy Jose
z-Pertinax nord-06 Variant '051605-10 Hanging
z-Pertinax nord-09 REAct '05705-12 Väthish
z-Pertinax nord-10 Du Darfst '05805-12 Neunzehn
z-Pertinax nord-13 The Rhythm '051106-01 Mondwolke
z-Pertinax nord-14 Is Egal '051306-01 Superwoman
z-Pertinax nord-15 SK50D '051106-01 Abstrakt
z-Pertinax nord-16 Analogie '06506-02 CopaSpirit
z-Pertinax nord-19 Decay '061006-11 Roy's Cafe
z-Pertinax nord-20 Sustain '061406-11 Up Egypt
z-Pertinax nord-21 Release '061406-12 Peacelove
z-Pertinax nord-22 Digi '06807-01 Vasco
z-Pertinax nord-23 Germany in HiFi '071007-04 Release me
z-Pertinax nord-Chapter 03 '991011-03 Dickschädel
z-Pertinax nord-Chapter 051011-05 Fade2Grey
z-Pertinax nord-Chapter 19 '02908-02 dkdent
z-Pertinax nord-Festhalten '061206-10 Mabuse
z-Pertinax nord-It '051605-03 Ask Lord
z-Pertinax nord-Live Tracks 5 '02906-04 TEE Musik
z-Pertinax nord-Live Tracks 6 '02806-04 Ecstasy
z-Pertinax nord-Live Tracks 7 '03906-04 Ghettofrau
z-Pertinax nord-Live Tracks 8 '03906-09 Hit and Go
z-Pertinax nord-Live Tracks Minus '031306-10 Stumpf
z-Pertinax nord-Live Tracks Omega '03906-08 Hip Rouge
z-Pertinax nord-Live Tracks u '03807-06 Magnum
z-Pertinax Nord-Logic Vol.01 '031010-09 Take 5
z-Pertinax Nord-Logic Vol.02 `031209-07 Moda
z-Pertinax Nord-Logic Vol.03 '03909-08 Lauren Eye
z-PERTINAX nord-Logic Vol.041411-03 Time now
z-Pertinax nord-Retro 03605-10 Mondflug
z-Quartett '67-Hüsch,Neuss CD11306-02 Underground
Zucchero-Miserere '921213-10 Confusion
ZZ Hill-The Brand New ZZ Hill '711005-12 Choo Choo
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